Hello hello! It's Sunday again & I'm feeling so energized!

All pumped up from today's gym session but my legs feel like complete jelly at the moment. 


I'm a work in progress. 


Well I guess that's whatchu get from insane, merciless core trainings & floor workouts of crunches burpees, front planks, leg-lifts, push-ups, lunges, sit-ups, squats yesterday and straight on to today's high-intensity Body Combat session as well as more crunches & planking. 

I think I over-exert myself sometimes 


Which is why I only drink Horley's Sculpt protein shakes to restore the protein I need from all those mad workouts

Today's choice of gym shoes: Adidas Adipure 360 for Body Combat & floor workouts! Thanks Adidas Malaysia 


I need a massage to relieve my tired muscles. Pronto! ;(

Oh and I think I've said this before, I eat like a pig but I train like a hunting dog.


I can never say no to mamak food. Oh the delicious curry, tandoori chicken, spices & thosai


We all gotta reward ourselves sometimes. Heh. heh. heh.

My treats include chocolate, milkshakes & cheese cakes. 

So if you're feeling kind or want to fatten me up with anything like how the 'Hansel & Gretel' witch tried to do to Hansel, you can make me a happy girl 


Which was exactly what the wonderful peeps at Pizza Hut Malaysia did last Tuesday.


I was invited to the Pizza Hut Cheesy 7 Red Carpet party!

They blindfolded me while I sampled the Cheesy 7 pizza – which was a much-speculated comeback.

(Full blogpost coming soon!)


What I wore for the night! 


After sinfully good food, I always I burn off what I eat – if not at least half of the consumed calories.

Let's kick some arse.



And the gym has always my second home since 2007 

Yes, I'm emphasizing the year I became a gym rat, because lately, I've had many people asking me "So what made you so into fitness & gym all of a sudden?"

  You asked the question five years too late, baby. 

My answer would be – NOTHING. Because I've always been into health & fitness.


Throughout all these years as a fitness junkie, I've never shared my routines nor workout photos before. (I think the most obvious is my constant tweeting and Foursquare check-ins into various gyms and parks).

So, I hope you guys don't ask me the same question anymore pretty please T__T


Here's a Thai restaurant I'd like to recommend – Restoran Aroma Thai @ Damansara Perdana

Tom Yam Seafood soup, Pineapple Rice, Thai-style Curry Beef, Pandan Chicken & Cashewnut Prawns

They all tasted authentic and each were reasonably priced around the range of RM8 – RM20


Attended the Topshop Members Day party on a Thursday night

Major love for polaroids! Always wanted a polaroid camera 


My Thursday was quite eventful. It was spent undergoing a very special procedure for my hair.

It is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment  This is only available at A Cut Above hair salons!


I daresay it was the best & most professionally done treatment for my recently-damaged hair

(Full blogpost coming soon!)


The gorgeous & talented Winnie Loo also gave my hair a magical touch with her expertise at haircuts

She gave me a very bold & edgy new asymmetrical hairstyle – just the way I like it


Can't wait to blog about the entire experience at A Cut Above!

I had so much fun with dearest Winnie experimenting new & unconventional looks for me.


Dinner Thursdate with boyfieKon at Chilis Bar & Grill @ Mid Valley Megamall right after

He had the Jalapeno Steak Quesadillas while I had the Chicken Club Tacos 


More healthy homemade goodness when I stormed my kitchen as usual.

Take a look!


Fresh garden salad & Thousand Island dressing


Fluffy omelette with Old El Paso salsa & lots of ground pepper!


Friday's breakfast!

Cornflakes with fat-free yoghurt & apple slices


It's Friday night! Off to shimmey down & usher in the weekend with some electronic music at Zouk Club KL!

Feeling a lil punkass tonight ;)


KLCC hey hey!


I don't know about my fellow Malaysians but even after living in this country all my life, I never fail to be amazed at our very own iconic KLCC Petronas Twin-Towers, which was once the world's tallest building! 


Partied my Friday night away at Sidney Samson LIVE in Malaysia at Mainroom, Zouk Club KL



Had so much fun with the buddies 


Sidney Samson dropped beats from Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, David Guetta, Zedd, Steve Aoki apart from his very own original tracks. Heck, he even surprised us with several old skool, hip-hop/rap music!

On second thought, it's pretty obvious that he's a fan. He even had a Snoop Dogg T-Shirt on :D


Oh did you know (or even bother to know) that every Saturday is NO PLASTIC BAG DAY at Tesco?


Well, now you do… and you better be prepared!

The last thing you'd wanna do is to lug all your groceries by hand, all the way to your car LOL. For the first time, I actually remembered and brought along two large non-woven environmental friendly bags with me :D


Spent my Saturday night being Bob the Builder with bestiePam

Was busy fixing a new shoe rack for our my collection of shoes!


Hey, they need a nice pedestal to sit prettily too 

Let me introduce to you my (now) neatly displayed, happy family of 55 pairs of my favorite footwear!


High-heels, wedges, stilettos, flats, peep-toes, slingbacks, boots,

sneakers, high-tops, runners, gym shoes & flip-flops! 


Will be sharing a panorama photo of both mine and bestiePam's shoe collection soon!


I know, don't freak out.

Some girls collect handbags, make up, perfume, stuffed animals, soap bars… and the list goes on.

I told you I'm a caterpillar. I have too many feet & all of them want a pair of shoes to wear :P




Song of the week that came just in time! That's some epic dubstep right there

BoyfieKon is blasting it in our living room right this very moment & totally got me hooked 


Another thing I did this week that I just have to share is…




You know how people follow/tailgate ambulances because every vehicle will make way for them?

Well, I've seen lotsa motorists do it, and since I've always wanted to take advantage of the ambulance's emergency lane, I did. It was cool how everyone gave way to me too :P (It works. I arrived my destination in half the usual time)



That's all for this week. G'night, dearies. Dream of unicorns and rainbows tonight, aight? ;)

Make sure you're well-rested to tackle your next seven days with gusto!


Much love,




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