Check out thy latest addition into my arsenal of shoes!

I’ve been posting about my new adidas BOOST running shoes so often but never got a chance to sit down to actually answer all your questions and properly introduce you to it.


 So here it is, finally! No surprises for guessing what’s in the bag! 😀 😀


So a while back, I got invited by adidas Malaysia to spend my afternoon in Pavilion KL to attend a very exciting launch. Being an adidas girl myself, I wasted no time in making my way there that sunny arvo.

With fellow social media influencers and the adidas Malaysia team.

 Shawn and I waiting for the excitement to unfold.

Before we knew it, dancers in a multitude of colours showcased a unique stretching/warm-up and running themed flash mob for the launch of the brand’s latest running breakthrough Energy BOOST™.

With the sudden burst of energetic workout movements by several dancers, onlookers were surprised to see a group emerge to kick off the flash mob.



From the outdoor concourse, the flash mob crew began leading the crowd in joining them to BOOST their run.
They ran in slow-motion, beckoned all the on-lookers to follow them into the mall and cheered “BOOST YOUR RUN! with every step.


Shoppers were treated to mystery gift vouchers by the dancers

while trailing the mall with cheers of “BOOST your run!”


Here’s a video of the exciting day out! 😀

Watch it, it’s super fun and I bet you would feel the rush too!



The crowd was intrigued by the commotion and followed the colourful flash mob crew’s lead.

It was a hive of activity and a roar of cheers and noises alike!


 Upstairs we go!

 Decked in full adidas gear, I too decided follow suit to run in slow-motion and yell



We arrived at the entrance of the adidas store.

Really, where else did you think they would be taking you, huh? 😀


 They then continued their energetic dance moves as I looked on.

(and took a selfie in the process!)

Throwing a fantastic conclusion, they paved way for the crowd to enter adidas’ premises.

It’s shopping time! And here’s the main star of it all…

 The all-new range of Energy BOOST running shoes by adidas.

The new Energy Boost collection comes in eight new exciting colourways, four for women and four for men, respectively. This is just the general colour inclination though! I like “boy” colours too, you know. LOL!

Take a look at some of the colours on display:



Gorgeous babies!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my sneakers, I’m all for the eye-catching, attention-grabbing, coffee-spilling, trip over your treadmill while admirin’ my shoes kind of colours. Haha!


Here’s my box! Guess what color adidas picked out for me?

At that point I was really crossing my fingers hoping it wasn’t a dull or a boring colour.

 I was thrilled when I opened the box! Looks like the folks at adidas Malaysia really know me well.

Thanks guys! Much love.


Allow me to introduce and show you what these ground-breaking kicks are all about.

But first, let’s put it to test!


 I began the run at a speed of 7 and a 0 inclination on the treadmill in the adidas store


Based on an innovative process developed by adidas’ partner BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, solid granular material (TPU) is literally blown up and turned into small energy capsules which make up the shoe’s distinctive midsole.

The energy return is provided by energy capsules in the midsole which store and release energy so efficiently that runners feel the difference from the first moment they put the shoes on.



The shoe’s upper features adidas Techfit technology with highly durable and elastic polyurethane, providing optimal comfort and support to the entire foot while in motion.

A stretch, breathable mesh material offers the fit of a sock, while engineered powerbands across the upper provide targeted support and stabilise the foot where needed when moving. The revolutionary cushioning material also maintains its performance in almost any conditions, at unparalleled levels and over hundreds of kilometres



Additional adidas technology featured in the Energy Boost includes a special mid-foot support frame which cradles the foot in place, an extended TORSION® system from heel to toe which helps to minimise roll for more stability; an adiwear outsole which reduces wear in key sole areas and extends the life of the shoe; and an external heel counter which maximises the heel fit and comfort during  the run.


Increased the speed to about a level 10 and an incline of 3.

I could definitely feel the obvious springy bounce!

It sure made me take a wider and bigger stride with each step I take whilst running. I experienced the remarkable boost that the Energy BOOST tech prides itself on. After several times using it to date, can testify that they really did more than walk to talk. They ran! 😛




When tested at extreme temperatures from +40 to -20 degrees Celsius, BOOST™ foam performs more consistently and does not lose its cushioning properties like standard EVA. BOOST™ also maintains its key characteristics better over its lifetime than the comparable EVA midsole.


 There was even an experiment area for us to test the technology out first-hand.


Previously, I used to train barefoot or with my adidas’ flexible lightweight shoes

– the Adipure 360 which I’ve previously blogged about.


They used to be my favorites! But now I’ve got a new favorite.


My bright pink Energy BOOST of course! 😀

However, both have their mighty strengths for differing routines.  I use the

Adipure 360 mainly for circuits, crossfits, TRX and strength training.


 While I run and sprint more with the Energy BOOST.

Even during circuit trainings, I loved how the Energy BOOST pushed me to push even harder.

Imagine having rocket launchpads at your feet. You catch my drift.


To me, the Energy BOOST is really versatile!

Also, as a runner myself, the BOOST™ foam material and brilliant cushioning technology really stole my heart.

I’m an overnight roadrunner now!



The new colourful Energy Boost collection retails at RM550 and is available nationwide at all adidas Sport Performance as well as concept stores in Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, The Gardens, Empire Mall Subang and Paradigm Mall.

BOOST™ cushioning is also available in previous versions of running shoes – adistar and adizero running footwear.


Get yours to boost your run now – on your mark, get set, GO! 😀