Hi everyone! Sorry this post took a while, but hey… better late than never, right?

So here it is! Medavita’s 50th Anniversary gala dinner and hairshow 2013.


As the party was themed ‘Heritage from Black to White’, here’s my ensemble for the night.

Jessicat wears:

Dress: Fashion bazaar in Singapore | Chained clutch: Tony Bianco Australia


It could have been just another usual weekday for me, but when Winnie dear invited me to attend this gala event, I just couldn’t refuse when I heard that she would be performing a live hair demonstration alongside famed Italian hair maestros!

And thus begins my Thursday night. 


Arriving Sunway Hotel & Spa’s Grand Ballroom cocktail section


Bumped into buddy Leonard at the cocktail reception


Picture moments with the rest of the buddies – KouJee, Dennis, Jessicat, Tzia and Leo


With Edmund!


The gala didn’t start till later, so Tzia and I spent some time taking some selfies 😛

I know, how girly of us! Haha.


Entered the grand ballroom


The red carpet was fringed with display shelves of Medavita’s wide range of products.


I loved its neon, dewy lighting illuminating the product boxes!


Take a look at a few from the range of Medavita’s products:


I love their brushes! I’ve always used wooden brushes to brush my hair

and Medavita’s ones looked and felt great to touch. 


Managed to spend a little time with Winnie dear who was busy preparing for her hair performance!

Thanks for inviting me, gorgeous! 


With the man of the night, Stewart himself! Loved his demeanor; he was so sweet,

patient and down-to-earth despite being so busy taking care of the show!


Sat down at my table and mingled with the other lovely guests.


We had an 8 course Chinese banquet meal that night. This was the first!


The event began with Stewart kick-starting the function; giving us all a heart-warming speech.

He also shared with us what to expect from tonight.


Then we had more big guns from Medavita’s global team to give us a warm welcome.


The night elevated to a two live hair demonstrations by our very own Malaysian hair stylists.

As the event was themed ‘Heritage from Black to White’, it was only apt that the models came fully dressed in black and white as well! Throughout the live hair demonstration, a bevy of models with beautiful hairdos paraded the stage simultaneously.

Take a look at the first demo:



And here’s the second demo:



The second part of the show featured more live demonstrations.

This time, featuring golden touches straight from the land of Michelangelo. 

Urban Nation, comprising Italian duos Antonio Squatnito and Mario Anicito respectively showed us a very intricate hair styling method using whirls of hair made into spheres. Take a look for yourself:



Really one-of-a-kind if I say so myself. It isn’t every day you see the making of bizarre hair updos like this!

I took the chance to really scrutinize how they did it. 


Another live hair performance was next in line.

This time, Urban Nation showed the crowd a complete hair makeover from scratch!


None of those elaborate props were required anymore. They went back to basics with only their deft fingers, all the experience they had under their belt, and a pair of scizzors.



I particularly took a liking for their ‘chopping’ technique. This is when they part a section of the model’s hair, twist it tightly and began chopping at the hair twist profusely with their scizzors while twisting/rotating it.

It might sound complicated but I was so impressed by how they did it! I’m quite the fan of choppy, rugged and rough-around-the-edges hairstyles.  There will be a video at the end of this post, so don’t worry!


The whole team of models and  hairstylists with Urban Nation on stage.


There was a short break in between the performances so I took the chance to continue eating my dinner.

I was so engrossed in the show that I hardly touched my food!


We were entertained by Dennis Lau on his electric violin!

Look at him go.


He played a fantastic medley of classic and contemporary numbers.


Our next entertainer was Jimmy Sax, and my oh my,

I haven’t heard a saxophone playing live in a long time!


What was performed before us was indeed more than superb dinner entertainment for all.

A collaboration two musical instruments, the electric violin and the saxophone, by two talented people playing back-to-back hits from the yesteryears as well as catchy tunes of today?
It was divine. 


While having dinner. Selfies of Tzia and I at the table.


We dragged Leo into the picture as well haha!


Stewart and I had a chat during dinner as well!

I told him how much I’m enjoying the night so far.

It was brilliant and I couldn’t wait for the night to continue unfolding.


With Crystal and Marcus, along with Dennis who has just finished performing!


Medavita’s Artistic Director and the star of the show, Mauro Lulli was up next in demonstrating his trade to us.

Having styled many well-known icons and the likes of Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few, we were all looking forward to what the legendary Mauro Lulli has hidden up his sleeve tonight. 


The Italian powerhouse perfectly illustrated a fusion of both European and English hair styles on Asian hair, using Medavita’s hair gels, wax, colours and hair sprays on Japanese models.

What I was looking forward to the most was the duet live performance of both Mauro Lulli and Winnie Loo on stage! They will be showcasing their techniques in the making of a hair-styling routine for us.


Mauro Lulli and Winnie Loo in the midst of their performance.


Mauro backcombing a model’s straight hair.


After achieving the volume he desired, Mauro began pinning her wavy hair back into rolls.


Winnie was literally illustrating a hair-raising performance for us!

Such a classy, meticulous updo.


If you’d think it’s impossible to get a beehive hair this high and this big, think again.


Twisting, pinning and hairspraying.


With a strong base, Winnie has practically completed it in what felt like only 15 minutes!

Well done dear! That’s why she’s my favorite hair artist of all time.


Many of you wanted to see the return of my red hair. Guess who was the master behind it?

Winnie, of course!  *hugs*

Her golden touches to my new red hair will be coming soon in a full blog post.


Models sashaying down the runway while the performance was in motion.


More models with even more interesting hairdos.


Such stunning looks. Their extraordinary hairdos complements their ballgowns amazingly well.

I’ve said this before in several blog posts: hair can really make a vast difference to oneself!


Mauro and Winnie having a chat on stage after all their effort,

while their models catwalked the fruits of their labour.


Hairstyle by Mauro.


Hairstyle by Winnie.


The final performance wowed us  not only with hair-styling, but with a gist of fashion styling/direction by hair maestro Mauro Lulli himself. He styled an evening bridal look which surprisingly, was very quick, simple, yet elegant!

Let’s start with the wavy updo. Lots and lots of hairspray and bobby pins were used to create this hairstyle.



After completing the hair do with the last finishing touches of perfection, he unveiled the black cloak to reveal a magnificent silvery-white ballgown. 

That wasn’t all! The talented Mauro Lulli then whipped out a white translucent mesh sash and began to fold and tug at it. I couldn’t really see what he was doing exactly (blame my poor eyesight!) but here’s what he did.



Are you ready to see the results?

It’s beautiful! 


I would never have thought of that. Doesn’t it look every bit of an exquisite wedding gown now?

It’s no wonder the closing demonstration drew a loud applause from the crowd and even a standing ovation!

Crystal and I spent some time chit-chatting after the show!

She’s adorable, no? 


When everything came to an end, all the models and hair artists took to the stage once last time.

I was so glad to see them again, as I didn’t really get enough of the demonstration earlier! One by one, the models strutted their stuff and graced the catwalk with their perfectly-executed hair art, as I’d like to call it.


Check out the short video I made of the night.

If your imagination of everything I described didn’t quite cut it, you can finally put motion to my words.


[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWvsbOeG4UQ&feature=youtu.be” ]

Watch this video to see how these hair professionals work their mighty scizzors.

I left the event feeling very honoured to have watched many talented individuals in the hair industry perform such an art, which is more often than not, undercelebrated.

Generally, the public often only appreciates the results of the trade – the final hair cut or hair style.

But what actually comes into the making of it? From what I’ve seen in tonight’s hair demonstrations, it is no less than true passion, skills, experience, creativity, and a good eye for trends. 


Thank you, Medavita for showing us what an art hairdressing can be tonight.

And heartiest congratulations on achieving the 50 year milestone!


Last but not least, thank you, Winnie for extending me the invitation.

You were brilliant on stage!  And I had a great time that night.



For more information on Medavita or how you can check out their products:

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