Upon receiving an invitation from The Eatertainment Group to attend the media launch of Circus KL held a day before its official launch to the public, one thought immediately came to mind :



Well, then I can't wait to be captivated and entertained at this brand new, quintessential hotspot!


Was served my favourite champagne, Moët & Chandon, at the entrance upon arriving! 



A sister venture of its predecessors Al-Amar Lebanese Fine Cuisine & Al-Amar Express setting the bar for high-quality food, I knew Circus KL was the one place to spend my Wednesday night.

So I dolled up for a swanky, stylish yet casual evening and was ready to go!



Jessicat wears : Halter-neck bareback top in purple by Wh | Slacks in black by MNG | 

Raspberry Sorbet tote bag in red by Burberry | Hermes-inspired skinny belt |

all accessories from a local bazaar | Criss-cross strappy heels in dark blue by Charles & Keith |


The moment I entered Circus KL, I was wowed by their extensive, artistic and very chic interior! 

I stood before a spacious bistro & cocktail lounge; wonderfully furnished & well-decorated with modern influences.


Look to the left!


If you're a fan of modern art, avant-garde & artsy-fartsy aesthetics, their decor will definitely hit the spot!

These are just a couple of them! The quotes are really inspiring too 


Now, look to the right!


Their bar set-up immediately caught my eye. 

Boasting a wide array of liquor bottle collection, they were placed very creatively on shelves of mass hexagonal cells – very much like the honeycomb in nests built by honeybees! :D


How creative can you get? 


The other end of the bar! Check out those unique statues & decorations 


We just HAD to take a photo with it 


Hey, it's not everyday you chill at a bar with honeycomb-inspired fittings!


Some of the choices of draught beer right from the taps!

My favorite from this range is undeniably the Kronenbourg 1664


If you ain't too fond of beers, Circus KL's variety of exotic cocktails might tickle your fancy like it did mine


Bartenders carefully mixing our choice of over 60 different cocktails!


Another range of drinks they have on the menu is the exquisite range of champagnes, particularly Moët & Chandon as well as Dom Pérignon. We were served the former that evening.


My one & only favorite champagne! 


We were lucky to be served so much champagne that evening!


The waiters saw how I never stopped taking swig after swig from my glasses of Moët & Chandon.

They were sweet enough to ask me if I'd like more & refilled my glass after I sheepishly nodded. *hic*


More champagne, if you please? 


Before we knew it, we were given a warm welcome by Joseph!

He introduced the concept of Circus KL – where everyone can wine, dine & mingle in an appealing & stylish ambience in the heart of the city as well as being able to fuse an outstanding culinary experience with stellar entertainment. :D



We also learned that it took so much hard work & planning for several months on end to complete Circus KL!

From the planning, designing, conceptualizing, construction, decoration & finally, its execution & launch. I'd say it's a job well done. Congrats! 


Oh but wait, there's something more.

He then directed our attention to the…. CEILING. What's up, doc?


Oh wow! Video montages & other videos flashed across the huge LCD screen placed above us


That was certainly something we all did not expect! Pretty cool, I must say 


Four out of the many people who made Circus KL happen!


MD of The Eatertainment Group. Joseph Afaki & I!

He's really friendly in person! Was nice to know that he remembers me from Al-Amar Express' cocktail party :)


Manager of Circus itself, Joshua & I :D


More pictures!  With Executive Chef Spaniard David Caral & Joseph


I spotted the chefs preparing food!


It was time for some mouth-watering favorites from all around the world.

We were served various delectable canapés from their international cuisine menu, which we could never get enough of! 


Those bite-sized pieces made to complement cocktail hours really gets you wanting more 


It's tough to choose, really. I was spoilt for choice!

I ended up taking at least one of everything. Okay, make that three…. :P


The waiters were busy buzzing around the entire Circus outlet making sure us guests were satiated :)

I shall introduce you to some of my favourites – of which are all samples from their menu, by the way!


Ahi Tuna Tatare


Beef Stroganoff with Rice


Mini Pizzas (Should totally check out their gourmet hand-crafted pizzas!)


We were also served plenty of others, such as Mushroom Ravioli, Jumbo Lump Chilli Crab Cakes and Beef Pie!

It was THAT good. Can't wait to go back to dine again :D



While we guests were busy gathering, relaxing, mixing, mingling, flirting (!), eating and drinking, there was a DJ playing LIVE for us.

Circus KL also has a podium & a set-up for live band performances too :D


Here are some partyphotos of the evening! 




The flow of savoury, delicious canapés soon came to a halt, and paved the way for tantalizing desserts

Here they are!


My faves are (obviously) the chocolate and also the kiwi ones! 


No doubt, Circus KL is a casual, cosmopolitan eatery by day, but as the dinner tables are cleared, the music is pumped up and the bar comes alive.


More mingling, mixing, relaxing & drinking with my buddies!

So if you're up for a charming & exciting date or an outing in style that involves food, drinks, entertainment (and even cigars!)  you know where to go now! *winks* ;)



Interesting, ain't it, how the word 'Circus' is used to give us the idea of morphing into a decadent world of fun, glamour & excitement.

I sure had a fabulous time… and I'm sure you will too 


How can you not fall in love with the delightful & eclectic interior? :D


Thank you Circus KL for a lovely evening!

Looking forward to take some time off to chill at KL's latest dining & drinking hotspot again 


For more information, head on to:

Circus KL's official Facebook page

Circus KL's official Twitter page