Have you ever been put under duress to only use four out of your five basic human senses while eating?

I have… last Tuesday, albeit not at gunpoint LOL. My dinner experience will never be the same again!


My plus one for the dinner function 


We're both absolute cheese lovers and was more than up for this! 

Thanks to Pizza Hut Malaysia for inviting me to the Sneak Preview Media Launch of their Cheesy 7 pizza



Cheesy 7 pizza? Sounds familiar, you say? 


Yup, that's because it is.

The all-time favorite Cheesy 7 is coming right back at us… on our plates and into our stomachs! YAY!



Jessicat wears: Off-shoulder top in teal by G2000 Blu | Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue by GUESS |

Metal Owl neckpiece from a local bazaar | Superman Shield Belt by DC |

Raspberry Sorbet Tote Bag in Red by Burberry | Suede Peep-toe wedges in Dark Grey by Vincci |


So I dolled up, brought my appetite & empty stomach with me and I made my way to…


Pizza Hut @ Kota Damansara




Looking around made me soon realize that I haven't stepped into Pizza Hut for quite a while.

Today's entry will be quite a nostalgic one. The interior of the Pizza Hut outlet brought me fond memories of all the Pizza Huts I've dined in when I was growing up 




My gang of homies and I would often infuse our dishes with copious amounts of cheese. (As above)

Even that is an understatement! We'd pour the entire cheese-shaker into our pizzas, soup & all the side-dishes and giggled to ourselves when the Pizza Hut waitress jawdropped in disbelief when she brought another FULL cheese-shaker to our table.

Heh. heh. heh. The joys of being obnoxious teenagers. :P


Now we don't have to do it anymore because I heard Pizza Hut's Cheesy 7 is making its comeback!


Ready for another blast from the past? :D

Yeah, you can also derive pleasure in laughing at old photos of the young Jessicat.



(Haha I was chubby & goodness gracious, the hair! I must be emo)


After college lessons, my classmates and I used to head to the nearest Pizza Hut for lunch!

We spoke of silly things, did ridiculous stuff with our pizza & crafted pretty ingenious ways of eating it LOL




My family and I often patronize Pizza Hut for both occasions and non-occasions Family dinner/reunions with thefockers always keeps all our stomachs happy! :D

Granny loves the cheese Uncle Mike loves the crust, Mom & I love the topping, Aunty Queenie loves the salad, Goddy loves the side-dishes (especially the buffalo wings) & the couzzies just munch down everything! So.. where else but Pizza Hut?




Pizza Hut loved me enough to invite me to a food review of their new Crunchy Cheesy Bites back in 2009

Blogpost – here;)


As you can see throughout the years, Pizza Hut saw me growing up. 

They loved me. But I loved them more 


A little mouse dropped this into my mailbox last week  :P


And today…….




We were given a welcoming speech by April Yim before everything began.

She gave us a breakdown of the agenda for the evening 


She then announced a Twitter contest!


The person who gets the most RTs of "Dear @PizzaHutMsia , bring back the #cheesy7 pizza!" will win!

So all of us spammed our timeline coaxing our dear friends at Pizza Hut Malaysia to bring back what we love


Haha! Just a small part of our whole night efforts of convincing :P


LOL boyfieKon snapped a photo of me tweeting all night


Mr. Yusof Ishak, Marketing Manager of Pizza Hut, also gave a few words and expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to us who came for tonight's Cheesy 7 Sneak Preview Red Carpet Media Launch party :)


Pleasure's all ours, actually! ;)


We were told that we were going to be sampling four new types/toppings of Pizza Hut's Cheesy 7.

I was all fine & dandy until… I found out that we were going to be blindfolded. Wha–WHAAADDDD??? 


BUT BUT BUT I need my eyes to appreciate how yummy the pizza looks like!

What am I going to see with now? 



I soon found that it was precisely their point. You don't need your eyes to taste food, yo.

With one sense down, I was able to solely focus my sense of smell & taste on the flavours of the pizza


Evelyn helped me take photos of me while I helped her take photos of her. 

Any better ideas? Heck, we were blindfolded & happened to be sitting in front of each other!


Before our pizza arrived, I stole a few self shots & peeked at what was going on around me. :P


They might've stripped me away of my sense of sight, but I still have very powerful sense of smell & sense of taste!

Okay now I risk sounding like a hunting bloodhound 


CAN'T SEE? NO PROBLEM. Let my tastebuds be the judge 


Generation X & Y these days can never seem to get off their gadgets – even to eat in peace.

Being blindfolded would mean we were not able to tweet, take photos, share nor do anything except EAT and appreciate our food. It was a terrific move, I must say! 


The first pizza!

Muahahahha since I wasn't able to see how it looks like, YOU WON'T TOO :P:P


As I sank my teeth into the first slice, it had me at the first bite. 

The first pizza tasted amazing and was very cheesy (duh)! I reckon it had chicken chunks, chicken meatloaf & chicken sausages in it… also tasted some onions (and capsicums I think?), a yummy tomato base and needless to say bursting with 7 amazing cheese flavours.


Here's an unglamorous photo of me ravaging my favorite one outta the four pizzas…

of which I THINK could be the Chicken Supreme?


As the second pizza came, the Pizza Hut staff helped us to our plates and passed us our pizzas directly into our hands as we obviously couldn't see where the pizza was placed.  

We didn't even know where the plates were if we didn't feel it in front of us!


The second pizza! 


The second pizza had a completely different taste to the first one altogether. This one, apart from also being very cheesy, was juicier and the seafood smell was a giveaway :) I could taste the Thousand Island sauce in it. I then bit into what tasted like tuna and crabmeat slices!

I speculate this to be the Island Supreme?


The third pizza! *sniff sniff*


I didn't fancy this one too much – perhaps I was almost getting full? 

This one had very meaty, beefy taste to it & I somehow found it a tad overwhelming for me. But I don't exactly fancy beef too much so you can't take my word for it. This would undeniably be a meat lovers' dream though:)


It was served piping hot! Had to blow on it first, lest I burn my lips! :)


I could taste (and you can see LOL)  chunks of beef, ground beef & beef pepperoni that rised above the strong taste of cheese

I reckon it COULD be the Super Supreme or the Pepperoni Delight?


The fourth (and last!) Pizza!


This, to my best experience throughout all the years of pizza-eating, is undeniably Hawaiian Supreme!

I could definitely distinguish the chicken meatloaf & zesty pineapple chunks :D I liked this one too




After I finished all four different Cheesy 7 pizzas, I was full to the brim but decided against unbuckling my belt or unbuttoning my jeans.

We were individually asked to share what we thought of the four pizzas to the rest at the table.


Thanks for the photo, Evelyn!


With my favorite being the first and the second pizza, I recounted my (blindfolded) experience while eating them & put my opinions forward.

The first pizza wins hands down! I can't wait to eat it again when Cheesy 7 finally decides to return to Pizza Hut :D


As we speak, it returns TOMORROW!! 


Realizing that I can't be glued to my chair forever, I just had to walk off my extremely full stomach.

So here are some photos of my buddies and I during our Pizza Hut moments



So many happy faces! Clearly, we all enjoyed our Cheesy 7 experience. :D:D

Just when we thought that was all, *poof* appeared Pizza Hut's signature side-dishes on our table!


Favorites Platter

A delightful platter of all-time favourites. A combo of Toasted Chicken & Cheese Rolls, Criss-cut fries

and New Orleans Drumettes that's lip smacking tasty complete with carrots and cucumber sticks with Cool Lime Dip.

The rolls are awesome, no joke right there!


Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Succulent prawns and roasted Shitake mushrooms tossed with red capsicums, fried garlic and roasted onions.

Garnished wish fresh parsley and chilli flakes.

I'm always a fan of Aglio Olio pasta so yes, I approve of this! 


Meatballs Bolognaise Spaghetti

Meatballs, minced meat and roasted onions simmered in tomato sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

BoyfieKon sure liked this one!

Oooooooooohhhh.. what's that, Yusof?


Tempura Prawn Garlic Rice

Aromatic garlic rice served with roasted onions, fried garlic, chicken loaf, crabsticks, silced mushrooms,

diced red capsicums and tempura king prawns.

The tempura prawns were gone within a split of a second. What? Don't look at me! *whistles* ;)


Hehe thank youuuuuu Pizza Hut for feeding us so well & making sure our tummies are happy 

My Tuesday dinner has never been better. Good times, good food & good company!


EAT. LAUGH. SHARE. That was certainly what we all did – because that's what we're good at! 


One thing made me a notch happier that night.

Remember the Twitter contest I mentioned at the start of this blogpost?


 I was one of the winners! :D:D Now I have free Pizza Hut vouchers aplenty!


Which means, more cheesy pizza for boyfieKon and I! 

So much to go around… can't wait to give my family a Pizza Hut treat too 


We returned home stuffed and happy… and cheesed!


In the meantime…



Thank you Pizza Hut Malaysia for an amazing time!

Till next time! You'll see me and my loved ones at your outlets again very soon