Happy Sunday lovelies!

My past seven days were likened to a happy breeze kicking up colourful leaves on an Autumn evening

I was back in form. Cheerful &  brimming with smiles, compared to last week's dreadful crawl of a week



Out and about on a sunny afternoon!



Oh and to my fellow Malaysian people, HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY!

Yup, for you non-Malaysian readers, today is Malaysia's birthday and we are 49 years old. 


———-TRIVIA ———


Malaysia Day is NOT to be confused with our National/Independence Day,

which was celebrated some two weeks ago on the 31st August.


Today, 49 years ago, the formation of four independent nations : 

Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak & Singapore gave rise to a new nation….

and that new nation was Malaysia.


16th September 1963 was the very day we became a country of our own! 




Anyway, what made my week this time round?

We'll see :



Headed to The Pool KL in Ampang for a food review of their Japanese restaurant, Kyoto Lab

Being a Japanese food enthusiast, the excellent quality, taste & choice of meals exceeded my expectations!

Full blogpost coming soon!



Slowly regained my appetite again and indulged in some comfort food

Traditional American Pancake Stack by Paddington's House of Pancakes @ The Curve


For some reason, those pancakes that I had above tasted like cardboard & had a rubbery texture. 

What happened to the soft, fluffy, melt-in-your mouth pancakes I always used to have?  This makes the avid pancake-fan in me, sad :/



Had some retail therapy to make me happy.

Hey, who doesn't love pretty things in pretty boxes? :D:D



Char Tang Hoon in SS2 Pasar Malam (night market)

Only RM3.50 and was superb! 



Dinnertimes with the magician boys Andrew & JB :D

We hung out at Delicious @ Mid Valley Megamall and I'd fully recommend the…..


Pumpkin Soup with chopped almonds! 

It's a new item in the menu. It was flavourful, not too creamy & just the right texture 



Party time at NSFW presents : 12th Planet all the way from Los Angeles, USA!

I jumped right onto the podium (and made bestie Pam join me up there!) and I shooked 12th Planet's hand! 

Thanks for the photo Pam xx


The heavy dubstep-DnB artist shot our faces to full colour once he took control of the party



Song of the week! I love Zedd, 'nuff said 

This was the song that 12th Planet boomed and catapulted me to rave on the podium!



Just a lil SELCA again

Headed out for dinner with my suede grey fedora & a buttoned American flag blouse!



Made some dinner. Inspired by popular Arabic dish, Shakshouka

Baked eggs, tomatoes, onions, black pepper and cumin!



Got a little SELCA crazy whilst stuck in a jam. How narcissistic, I know 



Found something extremely relevant whilst I was caught on the LDP traffic jam

Why that highway is congested even at 3PM is beyond me. But that's something to think about, no? :P



Spent my entire Saturday with theboyfie in Borders-Starbucks, The Curve.

He was reading the new book he bought, The Great Mortality by John Kelly,

while I was working away on some of my blogging & photo editing. 



Attended another one of the Arthur's Day celebrations in Sid's Pub @ TTDI today

Gee, I love the month-long celebrations! So much merriment 


To Arthur! 



Dinner at TGI Friday's @ Sunway Pyramid! 

For the non-health conscious, I'd recommend the Deep Fried Mac & Cheese balls 


Should you prefer a healthier meal, I'd recommend the Stuffed Mushrooms with ground beef!

It's served with bruschetta toppings and pretty damn delicious too 



Dennis & I :) Just came back from Youth Jam, held in Sunway Pyramid!

I was the judge for the blogging competition by Youth Jam-SONY's National Blogger Festival

So happy to be able to lend my support to the movement and youth empowerment 



And that wraps up my seven days this time round.

It was a pretty average week, with some good news (still a secret at the moment!) to share very soon!


Just a little secret (well, not so secret anymore!) I'm pursuing magic & aim to learn a new language.

A while back, I promised a certain French magician that when I go to Paris one day, I'm going to impress him with my magic performance and a particular mentalism/illusion trick. And I will. 


That being said, have an awesome seven days ahead dearies.

And to my Malaysian readers, enjoy tomorrow's public holiday thanks to Malaysia Day! :D:D



Much love,





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