Let's celebrate the legacy of Arthur once again… all month long!

GUINNESS Arthur's Day 2012,  themed 'A Celebration Made of More', makes it comeback for Guinness fans and music lovers nationwide.


I was glad to be part of it too! 


Inspired by Arthur Guinness' bold legacies, this year's series of month-long Guinness parties pays tribute to the founder of Guinness, a man who dared to make bold choices in his time.



What exactly did he do, you wonder? 

Well, while other brewers boiled their barley back in the day, Arthur Guinness made the bold decision to roast his, creating a brew with more flavour, more taste and more look, which we now fondly know as the iconic black brew – Guinness.


Uh-huh! That's the one right there 


I was invited to usher in the Arthur's Day series of month-long parties at the official launch party.

Hey, ho… let's go! :D:D


Made my way to the party!


It was held at Studio Lounge @ Tropicana City Mall


Yup, there you have it… the remarkable man made of more!

Hello there, Arthur Guinness 



Jessicat wears : Tribal motif dress by Miss Selfridge | Hippie plait headband by Diva |

Brass Guitar Pick necklace by Hard Rock | Audrey Hepburn tote bag from a bazaar in Singapore | 

Cream diamante wedges by Vincci + |


MC Serena C hyping up the party and giving us a warm welcome!


The party saw a delightful spread of a buffet dinner for all its guests. 

I helped myself to their rendang chicken, satay, carved beef and so much more 


Enjoying dinner with some friends!


The many faces of Jessicat X Guinness 




And the party kicks off with a bang!


Quite literally, as confetti exploded everywhere!

The lounge was filled with shimmery streaks and glitter :D


Local pop-rock band, Underheadlights, were amongst the band performing for us


A few local bands & artists vying for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity happening at the end of the month!

They are Underheadlights, Car Crash Hearts, Once Upon a Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob, Rhythm Nation, SonaOne and Busco.



Yup, they will be battling it out for a chance to be the opening act for Creed at the Arthur's Day concert in Indonesia!

All the best! May the best band win 


Need another pint for good luck? :D


No party is complete without its photographic evidence, yes?

Well… here they are! 



Soon after, theboyfie and I decided to check out the much-talked about Arthur's Lounge.

It looks like a huge container/caravan thingy from a  distance. 


Let's enter and find out….


Guinness draught stations were all lined up for guests to learn how to make their own pints!


One of the Guinness boys taught me how


I've always wondered how they made a pint so smooth, frothy and foamy! 

Finally, my question was answered as I was taught how to make my own pint of Guinness.


Success! My very own frothy Guinness and I 


Theboyfie had a hands-on experience too!


Both our perfectly made pints of Guinness!


Thanks Guinness, for imparting the art of making one of your draughts

Here's to a successful series of celebrations throughout the whole September.


To Arthur! :D


Speaking of which, my Sunday afternoon (Malaysia Day) was spent at Sid's Pub @ TTDI.

Headed there to attend one of the series of Arthur's Day month-long parties! :D



Jessicat wears : Black Camisole by GUESS | Cream High-Waisted Shorts by PDI |

Accessories by Hard Rock | Hermes inspired skinny belt |

Raspberry Nova Tote Bag by Burberry | Black Strappy Wedges by Vincci


There was so much going on, Guinness revellers buzzing all over the pub vicinity :D

Local bands served as our entertainment for the afternoon as well.


Just as I was entering Sid's Pub


Warm & cosy pub setting. Perfect for an afternoon of mingling over deep dark Guinness 


Love their bar! I bet with the amount of alcohol stash they have, it could feed all alcoholics for a year!


The bartenders were such a friendly bunch 


Pretty Guinness usherettes were present too


Decided to have lunch there too soon after. 

We had an assortment of Chicken, Tuna & Cheese double-stacked sandwiches, Chicken & Pork Hotdogs


They were pretty damn good! :D

Thanks for the photo, Wilson


Really? Allow me to have another sip then 


Good food & good company!


Serena & I enjoying our pints! 


The more the merrier!


A perfect frothy pint of your favorite black brew for a perfect sunny afternoon 


Wanna have just as much fun as I did? Don't miss the next ones then 

There are 5 more Arthur's Day music parties being held :


Dirty Nelly's @ KL Live : 21st September 2012

Backyard Pub @ Sri Hartamas : 27th September 2012

Beer Factory @ Sunway Giza : 28th September 2012

SOULed OUT @ Sri Hartamas : 28th September 2012

Laundry @ The Curve : 28th September 2012


You can always make your way down to any of those outlets to enjoy pints of Guinness at special discounts all throughout this month! :D:D



Thank you Guinness for a fun Sunday afternoon!

Perhaps it was love after all *winks* ;);)