Hi folks!

It’s the eve of Merdeka right now and I’m just about to start getting ready to head out. 

But before that, here’s a quick update before I get totally smashed on the rooftop tonight.




Tomorrow marks the 57th independence day for Malaysia, since the fateful day the Union Jack was replaced by hoisting our very own Jalur Gemilang, on the 31st of August 1957.

So what’s up this Merdeka 2014? I’ll be celebrating my countdown with moo and his buddies at a rooftop bar in KL tonight. 


Anyway, here’s a little throwback on what went down during last year’s Merdeka!

I realized I didn’t get round to blogging about that till now so, what other better time to share this but now?


With some buddies from the JUICE team


We were all at an event called the ‘Silent Disco’ held at Acme Bar and Coffee in Troika KL.


Fellow media mate, Richard and I

I must say that fireworks has always been close to my heart.

That being said, take me to anywhere to watch fireworks and I’ll be a very happy girl for at least a week!








After the countdown, my buddies and I then adjourned to the Butter Factory

for Asahi Superdry’s All Stars Tour Merdeka party


My non-Malaysian buddies joined the fun and festivity too!


Woot woot!


Bringing the Aussie spirit right into the heart of Kuala Lumpur!

Just like every year, I was really feelin’ it!


This year, I’ve got something more exciting in store. You know what else is even more fun? In collaboration with Celcom’s ESCAPE, I’m actually in the midst of making a short tribute video to commemorate Merdeka 2014. 

It was actually supposed to be ready today but yeah, time wasn’t on my side. Will get it up by say, Malaysia Day? 😀


Here are some behind the scenes on what I was up to last week shooting for my video!


Filmed a little at Istana Budaya


Then we proceeded to Merdeka Square

It was really a beautiful sight. Everything was being set up already, and practices were in motion!


Moo and I. Haha! Just had to share this candid photo of us.

Clearly we were trying to take a selfie with Dataran Merdeka in the background.


Yippeee! We did it! Thanks so much for helping out in my video! xoxo


We even filmed a panning footage of KLCC and KL Tower from the elevated highway.

This is a still shot from the video!


Alright, I have to go now. It’s getting real late! 

We’re heading out shortly. More pictures to follow on LIVE my Instagram page @imthejessicat and on my Facebook page facebook.com/thejessicatdotcom Cool


Happy 57th Independence Day, my beautiful homeland Malaysia.

Tanah tumpahnya darahku.