As of late, I came across this video of a girl who recorded herself speaking, entitled : Are YOU the guy that girls (like ME) want?

I'm not one to judge but I found it a tad ludicrous in many ways.




As far as I understand from the video, her opinion on the qualities a man should have is :

1) No beer belly

2) Big arms

3) Brave (particularly against cockroaces LOL!)

4) Brains

5) Talent (particularly tying cherry stems into a knot with your tongue)


That video then blew a major uproar on Facebook and somehow got everyone talking about her personal life.

Guys and girls alike were also chastising her for her "bimbotic" video and questioning her integrity etc etc.



Anyway, when I was asked my personal opinion on what I felt the qualities of a man ought to be, I was stumped.

Simply because there are just too many amazing qualities our male counterparts can have!


I gave it a thorough thought & decided to write this based on the guys I've dated (serious or casual!) before.

Ergo, what you are about to read is my VERY personal opinion and preferences in men *wink*

You may agree or disagree if you like, but here's what I've managed to churn out from my thoughts, ideal expectations and past experiences.



In no particular order, this is my version of the Top 5 qualities men should have:


1. Class & Style

While personality & character is equally as important, the first thing that attracts me in a man is how well they put their best foot forward.

How they carry themselves, how well they groom themselves, their behaviour, their sharp fashion sense, what image they portray & what I gather from their demeanour.

Now, I'm not talking about a guy dressed in luxury attire from top-to-toe. Not at all!

It really doesn't matter what brand he adorns, but rather the classiness a man exudes and the style he resonates.




2. Intelligence & Wisdom

No, you don't have to be a nerd, a science geek, nor one with strings of A's (I can show you mine if you want LOL!)

A guy with intelligence is a total turn-on in my books. 

One whom I am able to hold a proper, intellectual conversation with for hours and not get the least bit tired of it at all. 

One who speaks his mind, keeps me interested his views and principles in life & always thinks 2 steps ahead.



3. Health & Fitness

Let's face it. We all love looking fit, trim, toned and yes… sexy.

I most certainly do. Being a gym junkie & a health/fitness advocate for the past 5 years made me realize that I find a man most sexy when he is as athletic, as active and just as very much into sports as I am.

It can be anything, be it climbing mountains, bench-pressing it hard at the gym, running marathons or even playing any forms of sport in their local courts.


P/S : A confident man, is a sexy man. Dead serious ;)



4. Goal-oriented & Focused

I find a man who knows exactly what he wants in life, works hard at his passions to achieve his goals, very charming.

With a man like that, I am inspired and motivated to scale greater heights and be the best that I can be, to be on par with him.

One who is keen, determined and strives to be the best.

One who is the alpha male.

One who commands respect with his dedication towards his life-long journey to succeed.




5. Spontaneous & Romantic

Enough serious talk. It's time to have some fun!

All work & play makes Jack a dull boy. Likewise, Jessicat loves to frolic with her ball of fun.

If you like to have a good time, think of something out of the ordinary.

If you want to show me a good time, surprise me. Randomity at its best! 

Spontaneity in a man makes spending time with him a more enjoyable one, no?

Exciting, sweet, passionate romance then comes hand-in-hand with this. 



So there you have it! The Top 5 qualities a man should have – according to me!

What about you? What do you think? Any other qualities you think I missed out? :D