I'm back from Penang! Yes, again. LOL

And no, I don't travel back and forth every week. It just so happens that I did again this weekend.


My Superman says hello.


Also, I'm so thankful that the haze epidemic has finally subsided!

It was beginning to take a toll on everyone (especially Singaporeans) and I even experienced a little shortage of breathing.


Woke up one Sunday morning to this.


Konzy bought a mask for us just in case. Made a Keek video about the haze too!


Jun 24, 2013 | The #haze in KL #Malaysia is getting from bad to worse! I'm smelling #smoke, dust and ashes even indoors! by imthejessicat on Keek.com


I don't know what got into us, but we decided to go to Port Klang to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

For those not in the know, Port Klang was officially the suburb with the worst haze condition, according to the Air Pollutant Index (API). Couzzie Colin returned from New Zealand and was adamant on having Klang seafood no mater what LOL. surprise

Oh well. *shrugs*


No matter, at least I got to reunite with couzzie Colin whom I've not seen since I was a kid of nine.

Briefly meeting each other when we were both drop dead drunk two years ago does not count as a reunion!


And ultimately, we got to eat delicious, fresh seafood too. 

Klang is touted as THE MUST-GO PLACE for seafood here. It was my first time that night! 


Don't even get me started on what we ordered at Restoran Ah Lee! 

Ok, fine, I'll try.


I think, to my best memory, we had two different types of giant crabs (marmite and spicy), hot Grouper fish soup, prawns, two different types of clams (garlic and marmite), yam and dried chili frogs (also known as "spring chicken' to the Chinese).


Came home to see my furkid perched on the kitchen counter.

That ass, son. That ass.


Saturday saw me attending the finale of the UBER DJ competition by UBER.MEN at Zouk Club KL.


The final four contestants!

I was so blown away by DJ Marshall (left).  He had the talent, the attitude and versatility to boot!


After the event was over (DJ Marshall and DJ Wicked proceeded to the grand finals!), I realized that I was so glad to be invited that night. smiley

Half expecting to watch a bunch of newbies work the turntables with mediocre skills, I was proven so, so wrong. Attending tonight's event made me see that there was really so much more to DJing than just standing there "posing with headphones", "pressing some buttons" and "looking cool".



So many technicalities, sequencing, effects, mixing, vibe and actual skills were required to emerge as tonight's winner. I learnt about techniques like beat balancing and scratching.

The term "anybody can be a DJ" coined by people who don't know the field of expertise any better must be exiled! LOL


Allow me to digress.

Likewise, the similar verbal diarrhoea by the uninformed saying "anybody can be a photographer", "anybody can be a blogger" and "anybody can be a model". Why don't you try think of it in a strictly professional sense, put it into practice and see how you fare?blush

Anybody can be a janitor? No, I absolutely cannot. Can you?

With your logic, it's just like saying aybody can be an astronaut. What? All they have to do is to put on a funny suit with a fishbowl on their heads and walk on foreign planets, float around the milkyway and probably say hello to aliens. What? Sounds easy, doesn't it?


Call me a spaceman then. 


So, no. Not simply "anybody" can be "anything". There's always more to a profession that is unbeknownst to people outside of a given industry and there are always people who are bad at the job and others who are thriving in the career ladder; superceding others.

My thoughts and seriousness aside, here are some photos of my friends and I at the event! laugh


Jessicat / Belle / Mei Sze / Sarah



With Khoo Hoong aka Mr. Nasty, one of the judges for tonight's competition.


Kim / Jessicat / Rachel


Us again. Girls' night out! 



Bought new sunglasses. Loved them to bits! heartheart



Isn't it pretty? But guess what? I lost them over the weekend in Penang. BUMMER.

Potong stim, tau? Dahlah beli spek baru mahal sangat, manatau, belum sempat nak gunakan puas2 hilang pulak.




Time for another party! Samsung Malaysia and Manoah threw a splendid dinner party at The Pool KL.

I was glad to be invited, and did not hesitate to join in the fun! smiley




Greeted to such a lovely table setting!


There was this really cool instant photobooth by InstaMedia 


Check out all the awesome photos it printed out for me! heart

I loved them so much.


A closer look laugh


Everyone was busy mingling around and catching up over the delicious buffet spread! 

It was lovely to meet up with most of my blogger and social media buddies again.


Isaac / Bok / Anna / Jessicat


Jessicat / Kahmon


Ashley / Jessicat


Bryan / Jessicat / Feeq



Gym face Wednesday.


With Ash at the gym on Thursday! Nail that T-Bar row.


Extra hours of TRX suspension training this week!


Ready for some post-workout meals? laugh

Tuna chunks and scrambled egg with onions, garden peas, thyme and coarse black pepper on wholemeal toast.


Garden pasta: Organice centellini, flax, brocolli, scrambled eggs, beans and cauliflower


My adapted version of Ronnie Coleman's breakfast


Scrambled eggs (whites to yolk ratio 3:1) with chia seeds, flax,

organic tofu and tuna fish with a dash of balsamic vinegar!

​Lunch to-go! Brought tuna mashed with kidney beans, cabbage, grapefruit and wholemeal bread.


Simple quick fix one afternoon – Garden peas, scrambled eggs, flax, quinoa, onions, black pepper and tuna


This doesn't qualify but I thought it looked funny cheeky


Attended Club Asahi Miami in Soju Room, Penang Times Square too.

Full blog coverage – here!


I took some time to soak up the sun by the pool in my hotel at Northam All-Suites Penang.


And had delicious, Penang food!

I've always been so proud of my little island and its gastronomic pleasures!


We're in the second half of the year now, are you halfway achieving your new year resolutions that you made with such raging spirit at the beginning of the year? If not, this is your wake up call! cheeky

Oh and, it's my birthday tomorrow wheee!


Much love,



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