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Before I begin, I'd like to warn all partygoers that Carlsberg's 'Where's the Party?' (WTP) is certainly not for the faint hearted, tired-after-one-hour, wallflower or the I-need-my-sleep kind of reveller.

Question: Have you got your battery packs all recharged yet?

Premised on the unknown, Carlsberg's 'Where's the Party?' is for those who are bold enough to take on a party of epic proportions because long hours of suspense and surprises beckons this Saturday!

Trust me, the wait is worth it.


Jessicat at last year's Carlsberg 'Where's the Party?'


2013 marks Carlsberg's forth installment since the first Where's the Party and we can only expect another bigger and bolder party this year. cool

I remember how I was taken for a long, mysterious ride with 1200 other invited guests from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore for hours down the highway, up the mountains, around the winding roads just to experience Carlsberg's beachfront extravaganza!



The mystery was unraveled as we finally arrived and stepped into the famed Hard Rock Hotel on the shores of Penang island as the the party ground for Carlsberg's first ever tri-nation 'Where's the Party?'! 

Wrote a bit about it last year! Read it – here.


And today, my doorbell rang. Guess what it was?

My invitation to this year's Carlsberg 'Where's the Party?'! wink


I know what this entails. Racking my brains for the answer, oh yes.

My being clueless on the venue and every other aspect, yet completely hyped about the endless possibilities that the unknown holds as the journey progresses.


Konzy and I tired after the long travels but energized once again

as we imprinted our feet onto the sandy partyground!


Ready for a flashback on last year's Carlsberg 'Where's the Party?' wink

I definitely don't need to be reminded of how terrific is was; but for memories sake, let the good times roll!


Water rides at night!


We had Kelis of 'Milkshake' fame right in the same room as us!


Internationally acclaimed acts and local powerhouses on stage

during the press conference with the top guns of Carlsberg.


A wide spread of a buffet dinner for us!


Konzy / Jessicat


Bok / Kon / Jessicat / Simon


Becky / Jessicat


Shawn Lee beatboxing up close and personal.


Watch him go!


Our hosts for the night, Patricia Knudsen and Joey G!


Mad August




With former MD Soren. I wish you all the best in your Carlsberg endeavours in China!


Jessicat / Kim


K-Pop girl band Love Cubic


And again… for the lads wink


Oooooooooooooh bubbles!


Konzy and I at hanging out with some new friends after shooting some darts at the iDarts booth!


Twilight Action Girl spun the night!


Don't stop the music!


Jessicat / Ashley


With my party peeps for the night!


 Jane / Jessicat / Nana

We girls we going nuts where the music took us!


So did we! heart


Kelis' milkshake will bring all the boys to her yard, no doubt!


Such a diva and star-studded performer!


Ben / Shin Yee / Jessicat / Leonard


Kon / Jessicat / Ash / Ash (LOL. Sorry I had to LOL at this) cheeky


To top it all off, ice-cold Carlsberg flowed all night long. Who could ask for more?




French DJ Norman Doray took the night by storm with his house and progressive-house tracks!


Beach raves! Oh how I love! heart


By the end of the night, we found ourselves likened to beached whales on the shore.


My vision became exactly this after all that hard partying and madness. LOL


After a year-long break, I'm more than ready to take on this year's Carlsberg 'Where's the Party?'. 

Are you? cool


Remember, what happens at WTP, stays at WTP!


While Carlsberg's lips remain tightly sealed, I only know that 'Where's the Party?' will take off on the 6th of July 2013, which makes it this Saturday. Only three more sleeps to Asia's most unique and raved about party!

Aside from that, I can also tell you that Henrik Juel Andersen Henrik Juel Andersen, new Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia, and Carlsberg Malaysia's Marketing Director, Juliet Yap, will play host to the epic party together with an array of international artists and DJs.


Last year's shower of Carlsberg balloons.


Who will be our entertainment of the night?

It's expected to be worldly this time around, with stars from the local and global party stage congregating under one roof. I trust their taste in music and performers, as Carlsberg always delivers on its promise of making it an epic experience. It better not dissapoint! wink


But the main question remains a mystery… where will it be this 2013? We shall see.



For more information on Carlsberg Where's the Party 2013, you can:

Log on to the official website at: www.Carlsberg.com.my

LIKE them on Facebook at: facebook.com/Carlsberg