September has come around again, which means, it’s mom & dad’s birthday!

It’s the month where I annually surprise them with a trip back home – but wait a sec – If I return home every year for their birthday without fail, guess that’s not so much of a surprise anymore, eh?



Anyway. I booked a trip back a few days ago but guess what? I missed my flight.

Yep. Don’t ask why or how. Meh. Yell


I began racking my brains on how to go back on such a short notice. I didn’t want to miss being home for mom & dad’s birthday for the world!

Being the Malaysia Day long weekend + school holidays, I can bet my bottom dollar that the highways will be full if I decide to get on a bus. Thankfully, buddyEdwin & his brother was scheduled to visit Penang the next day at 2am (to avoid the traffic I suppose?).

I immediately hopped on for a ride. Phew. At least I didn’t need to waste the flight back to KL. Thanks Ed! Laughing


Throughout the long journey, I was prepping this blog post for the birthday celebration – only to realize I haven’t shared the pictures FROM THEIR BIRTHDAY LAST YEAR! SurprisedSurprisedSurprised




Drats. Yes yes, just so you know, I have at least 2 years of backlog for this blog. Forgive me, time isn’t a luxury for me at all  🙁

Anyway, speaking of which, here’s what went down during their birthday in 2013!


 I took them to Flamingo Hotel in Batu Fehringgi for a Seafood Buffet.


Flanked by mom & dad. From this picture. I can safely guess what’s going on in your mind.

Yes, I am tall. I know.


But… believe me, being a tall Asian girl in an Asian country really sucks. Frown

One day, if time permits a lengthy rant of a blog article, I will tell you why.

But that’s another story…


Back to the birthday last year. It’s us – and dearest kakak in tow!


The hospitality of the waiting staff was commendable, while the restaurant was large, brightly-lit and spacious.


Just one of our favorite meals at the seafood buffet spread!

Cheese-baked mussels and scallops.


 Daddy was a very happy boy that night.

Judging by the amount of prawns, crabs, and shrimps he took, I think I’m pretty sure he was. He also went back for seconds and thirds! Hurrah! Mission accomplished 😛


My beautiful parents – say hi to mom & dad!


 And of course, yours truly.


 The buffet spread was so extensive that they even had more choices at the patio by the swimming pool, which mostly consisted of barbequed choices and roasts.


 So glad kakak enjoyed herself too – she stuffed herself silly! Hahaha.


 Momsie and I always have room for dessert…

 Then again, don’t we all? Big Smile


 Birthday cakes do count as dessert too! 😀 Happy birthday dearest mom & dad!


Big hugs! Love you to the moon and back mom!


After dinner, we decided to unbuckle our belts and unwind with a short stroll around the vicinity of the hotel.

The al-fresco and poolside area was looking pretty magnificent at night, so why not?


 All lit-up at night.


 The trio by the poolside bench.


Too fantastic a night-light scene not to take a selfie!


Can’t deny how serene and breathtaking the ambiance was.


Seeing that typical ‘official’ and rigid family photoshoots taken in studios with a wallpaper of meadows and bookshelves as the portrait background with results so overly contrasted and flawlessly airbrushed, isn’t my thing at all, I came up with a random idea.

It’s time for some fun, unofficial and an impromptu family photoshoot! Ha Ha


 Which reminds me, I actually want to get these printed,

blown up into an 8R and framed in my room.


 Take two!


One last shot for Instagram and for the road! That’s a wrap for le folk’s 2013 birthday celebration.


Thanks for sticking around with me during the long car ride. It’s fast-forward to the year 2014 now.

We’ve just arrived Penang. Did you forget that I was still on the North-South Highway heading back home? 😛




Dolled up for brunch for mom & dad’s birthday!


Needless to say, I didn’t have even a wink of sleep, but I didn’t want to fall into slumber upon arrival because the time taken for my snoozes could very well be used to spend time with le folks on this shortened trip.

And I know it’s gonna be worth it. Cool



This year, mom, dad and I  went to our all-time favorite buffet place, Coffee Garden in Hotel Equatorial, Penang.

I don’t remember how many millions of photos we took here in our lifetime. Surprised

My family has  been regularly patronizing this place ever since I was a toddler, to a kid, to a teenager, and finally, to the young adult I am now.


Almost two decades have passed and we still love this place to bits.


  I’m genuinely amazed how the food standards are impressively maintained (if not better!) and even more so, how this place can remain this evergreen after all these years. Thumbs up!


Greeted to this upon entering the restaurant!


Here are some of the choices from the continental and local spread.

Didn’t manage to snap all of them as hey, tummies were a priority here.Tongue Out


See Kor Theng – a Chinese delicacy that I’m not to familiar with


The Hungarian Beef Goulash was fabulous!


Nasi Lemak table with lots and lots of condiments!

Yum yum!

Appease the oriental side in you.

More mouthwatering delights!


The sashimi & cold cut table – one of my favorite platters of the buffet!

Equatorial Hotel certainly has a breathtaking view of the residential bungalows, the condominiums in the near distance and of course, Bukit Jambul Country Club’s golf course.


Aerial shot of mom & dad’s selection.


More random choices!


Just HAD to snap this picture of mom & dad with the superb view behind them.


Hi! Mom & dad aren’t the only people enjoying the food. Hehe!


Satay tops my list!

Fruits! Fruits! Oh, glorious fruits!

You’re probably wondering… where’s the meat?

Well here it is! Tasty and succulent no doubt!

Happy tummy today! #cheatday Ahh!


Here’s some more of my fave picks!



Can’t be more blessed to have parents like them. Also, I was really glad I made it back despite the circumstances. Smile


We had a very intimate family lunch and shared lots of banter as well as deep-diving into serious discussions of life, love, politics and other general knowledge. Such a gathering between the three of us is indeed priceless!


Okay, dessert time. How can anyone not have space for desserts? Ahh!


Ice Kacang!

Happy mama at the dessert table!

Oh my goodness, they serve New Zealand Natural ice cream. Love it!


Our favorite dessert of all – Bread & Butter Pudding!

No idea how they made it THIS IRRESISTIBLE!

*mental note to self: gotta attempt making this one day*


Family selfie to end the celebration!


Happy birthday again, mom & dad. May you both stay young at heart and brilliant in more ways than ever!