Finally! After all the urgent commitments to other more important posts, I can finally continue where I left off from my birthday series. Ladies and gents, today’s post will be Part 4 of my birthday celebrations.

Here are the previous ones!

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I did mention that I did not want to throw a huge smashin’ birthday party again like I do every year as it somehow always ends up an imperative that I get drop dead drunk.



However, The Pool KL so graciously decided to sponsor me a smaller party at their premises and even gave me a bottle of Smirnoff vodka to enjoy with my guests.

How could I refuse such a sweet gesture?


Thus, I found myself making invitations to give my closest friends outside my social media circle.

Only because if I were to include buddies from my industry, I would take up the entire venue!


So with all my guests RSVPing (despite the last minute invitation, sorry!) the plans for my small, cosy birthday party was ready to rumble! Let’s just hope it goes regardless of the number of pax – it’s the company that matters after all, not the quantity!


We arrived in style at and waited for the rest of our buddies.


The Pool KL was looking really pretty that night!


Couldn’t help but to take photos with the bar, the pool and the pretty lights while waiting!


Not too long after, my guests started to arrive one by one.

Cue the party photos!


Yay! Larry, my first guest arrived!


Gradually, more and more of them began trickling in. Second and third to arrive was Jeffro and Hisham!




Then my girlies Pam and Ning arrived! 😀


Not long after, my long-time buddies Anis and Sharlyn walked in!


Wheeeee reunion photo! We go back all the way to 2007


Sarah made it despite having troubles with the cab driver. Mwah!


The more the merrier!




Apart from The Pool KL’s bottle of vodka, we also got ourselves more drinks!


All of us at the table!


Before we knew it,  we were treated to a “first class” full frontral view of a pyro act!

From fire-twirling, fire-eating, fire-breathing, fire-juggling and so much more.


What a daredevil act of bravery! I’ve always been intrigued by fire.

But little did I know that I would be picked by the folks of The Pool KL to join the stuntman for a fire performance.



As frightened as I was, I gave it a go. Performing with fire on my birthday? Heck, why not? Bucket list checked!

I recalled my similar experience fire-twirling back in Australia so I decided that I shouldn’t be as frightened anymore. Mustering all the courage I had in me, I then braved myself to lick the flames and to also do a little bit of fire-twirling – sorry, I was a tad rusty! It has been a couple of years after all.



Here’s a short video footage of my playing with fire in front of everybody!

I must admit, it was rather daunting but I hope I pulled it off alright.

Video credits: Jeff Ong

Thanks so much for the video Jeffro! x


After the fiery act, we continued partying!

I began to pour more rounds of neat vodka for my buddies.


Straight from the bottle!

(P/S: Damn I know I look quite cock-eyed here but alas, it’s the only picture I have of this!)


Pretty sure finishing this would be no problem, right guys? 😉


Bottoms up!


Selfie! Damn my huge fat face seems to take up almost half this photo.


Sarah love and I! xo


Big smiles to friendship and beyond!


Another one for the road!


Thank you so much, everyone for taking the time to come all the way here to celebrate my birthday with me over a couple of drinks, chit-chatting and music! Your company really meant a lot.
Thanks for the lovely birthday presents as well!


Last but not least, thank you The Pool KL for hosting me a great night and a great birthday experience.

Later into the night, we found ourselves moving on to Zouk for an after-party as I was given a 10 pax guestlist to fill in. Yay! So much for not wanting to party hard huh…


To be continued! 😉



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