For every day of the week, I am thankful for what every new day brings me.

So here's a new once-a-week series; published every Sunday night to recap the highlights of my week, capture what piques my interest and to share recommendations for to-go places and to-eats throughout the week.


These are the bucketful of things that made this week more awesome than the last!



Had fun watching my little boy Chivas playing with his new fluffy toy mouse that theboyf bought him! 


Had some pub grub with my gurlfriend Pammy at Tom, Dick & Harry's @ TTDI

We had a pint of Blackthorn Cider, Breaded Button Mushrooms, Pork Ribs Curry, Chicken & Mushroom Pie


Needless to say, you know what it is despite the fish eye distortion! :P

Succumbed to my Swedish meatball cravings at Ikea @ Mutiara Damansara


Hey, did you know there is an app called REAL LIFE?  That's right.

My buddies & I surrendered our cellphones & piled them up in the middle of our table for

a more personal social outing!


Lunchdate with theboyf at Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid

We had Beef Sukiyaki, Japanese Potato Salad, Sesame Squid, Soft Shell Crab and lots more!


Chanced upon this and I couldn't agree more.

I think everyone should heed this about everyone!


Made some healthy lunchies at home!

Buttered Toast with Tuna, Hardboiled Eggs, Fresh Lettuce & Avocado mash



Checked out the latest outlet in my suburb – My Burger Lab @ Seapark Petaling Jaya

Had their best-selling A+ Beef Burger and the Hangover Burger! 


Breakin' a sweat on Wednesday evening!

5KM run clocked in at 35:00mins at Celebrity Fitness @ One Utama


Cooking up a storm in my kitchen! 

Citrus butter-baked Salmon with Roasted Carrots, Fresh Lettuce & Orange Wedges


At Godiva Chocolatier @ Pavilion KL. Our little Sunday evening out in the city! 

Chocolate makes us happy; what about you? :D


Tried out the new Absolute Chocolate from Secret Recipe @ Uptown Damansara

I loved how my teeth sink into different levels with each bite. Definitely a must-try! 



My current earworm : Leventina – Champagne Nights  Especially 1:15 onwards!


A hot latte on a cold, rainy afternoon helped me stay warm throughout the gloomy day!


Just some camlovin' 


Made early dinner!

Honey & Oatmeal Baked Spanish Mackerel with sides of Poached Eggs & Boiled Carrots;)


When hunger pangs got the better of us – Iranian food & shisha on a Thursday night!

Caspian : Persian Fine Cuisine @ Neo Damansara


LOL drew Barney at Draw Something


My Greek other half made us dinner – a popular delicacy in Greece!

One of my faves, it's μελιτζάνες παπουτσάκια  (Melitzanes Papoutsakia) 


Got woken up by babyChivas this morning! :D


Just got back from some shopaholic time at Pavilion KL

Cheers to my new cream coloured wedges  So comfy too!



That's all for this week. Looking forward for more exciting things in the next! 

Have a great week ahead of y'all! 



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