I grew up a die-hard fan of Harley Davidson superbikes… boys' toys or not.

Those sleek, wicked, mean machines zooming at top speed leaving people blown away by their envy-inducing trail are no match to any two-wheeled demons on the road. 


Or at least, that's how I feel.


Ergo, needless to say, I was over the moon when I received an invitation by Harley Davison Malaysia for an exclusive screening of Marvel's Avengers with Harley (in IMAX 3D!) experience one fine afternoon 


#AvengerswithHarley GOGOGO!


I was thrilled when the day finally came & got my aviators, leather jacket, studded boots & bag out 

To ride my dream two-wheeled monsters in a bikerchic outfit and leave my dust behind?



Brought along the other half to join me in my adventure!

We were both extremely excited 


When we reached Harley Davidson Malaysia's headquarters, I could already feel the suspense kicking in.

Brace yourself, Jess! Here we go 


Harley Davidson Malaysia


Entered the premises. The interior consisted of a shopping, decorative & a superbike display corner

Saw this gorgeous one right in front of me in shiny, blood red.


How is it possible not to fall in love? 


We just HAD to take a photo with this beauty right here


Rode it too (albeit not on the road) :D


Clearly, we're both loving this

But this is just the tip of the iceberg!


Thanks for this fish-eye photo, Tocky! 


Spotted some really cool miniature motorbikes on the cashier counter too.

Take a look! :D




Same bike – from the other angle!


Bumped into some familiar faces there.

Yay! The more the merrier :D What's a thrill ride without friends? Among them were :


Buddy Tocky and I. One of my first buddies here ever since I relocated to the city.

We go a long way back! 


Rina! She's a popular local TV host here in Malaysia btw 🙂


Jehan Miskin sure had a great time on the bikes too!


Anyway, I came across another scarlet red beauty.

One day, I will get a Harley for myself and it can sit prettily at my front porch on the days I don't need a powerful, extraordinary riding experience (or simply to intimidate people on the road) :P


Me gusta.


More models on display!


My rocker boyf on on of the edgy Harleys!


And that's me on one of them!




I noticed that every different model has a distinctive Harley Davidson logo 

Take a look?


Pretty damn cool, right? Which one is your favorite? 🙂


Spotted these three monsters.


Gorgeous. But…now, doesn't it look like something is missing?


That's better *giggles* 


All lined up in their utmost glory


Waiting for an equally hardcore owner to take them home, methinks? 


I want one too! ;(


Here's a classic looking one.


Made friends with one of the HOG group boys 🙂


After all the admiring and enthusing over those high-powered motorbikes, we had a buffet teabreak.

A little trivia game was being played. Questions were asked about Harley Davidson bikes and the Avengers


And I won myself an orange Harley Davidson cap! 

Was so happy, I initially wanted to purchase one of their caps as well


After the meal, we decided to check out the rest of the bikes parked outside.

All those bikes already have hardcore, biker alpha-males that own them and ride them in style!


Posing with another gorgeous Harley!


The owner was smiling at me while I was taking photos with his bike LOL

I think he can tell I love it heaps :P


The other half and I at the giant poster of Harley Davidson 2nd Anniversary of KL




As today was the Harley Davidson x Marvel's Avengers day, check out this specially designated bike!

Looks like Captain America was gracious enough to lend us his superbike for the day hehe :P


Rina and I with our other halves, Jeremy & Kon! 


Saw this at the front of one of the bikers



This will be my bike for the day


And with me, is my rider 


All safety was ensured and locked in before we began our Harley Davidson convoy to Sunway Pyramid!

I was roaring, rolling and ready to go! The thunderous roars of these superbikes also proved that our mean machines were equally as ready to zoom down the highway 


And we're off in full swing!


Traffic stopped for us and couldn't take their eyes off us.

For a second there I felt empowered and liberated… LIKE I'M THE QUEEN OF THE ROAD!


Yep.. riding a Harley Davidson just does that to you.

It was exhilarating :D


We were surrouunded by police and road marshalls body-guarding us.

They did a fantastic job making sure the traffic is smooth just for us.

We took up the entire middle lane in the three-lane highway.


Us cruising along the Federal Highway


It was a roller coaster ride indeed. The adrenalin rush in me was like no other!

I was the speed demon and the road warrior I envisioned myself to be.


We ruled the highways 





Our convoy arrived at Sunway Pyramid after what felt like such a short time on the road!

The experience was amazing and riding those Harleys really leaves you craving for more :/




We were loud and definitely made a statement with our grand entrance.

Throngs and throngs of people gathered around us and kept cheering us on!


We really did steal the limelight; arriving in grandeur with our Harley Davidsons!


Leboyfie and I with our 3D glasses at the screening of The Avengers in TGV's IMAX theater!


The End! The credits rolled and I must say, I certainly enjoyed the movie.

My childhood came to life upon watching these dudes on the big screen again


We exited the cinemas and adjourned to the streets again.

There, our Harley Davidsons (and our riders!) were waiting for us :D


Made friends with the HOG (Harley Owners Group) boys!


Check out the badges they've collected over the years


I simply cannot believe we were going home… ALREADY? :/:/

Well.. at least we're going home in style. Guess I better enjoy my final ride on the Harley today!


The Avengers Harley Davidson parked at Sunway Pyramid


Night riding on the Harley Davidson superbikes cruising along the highway was amazing. 

The chilly night breeze blew against my cheeks as the superbikes went at almost 100KM/H (unfortunately we have speed limits on this particular highway). I wanted this final joy ride to last forever.


We have arrived the Harley Davidson KL's outlet once more.


Today, Harley Davidson made me a very happy girl.

And for that, I am eternally grateful 


I checked off one thing off the bucket list –

To speed down the highway in a lean, mean Harley Davidson superbike 

If you've not ever rode on a Harley Davidson before, you're surely missing out. 


One ride on a Harley's will make you feel like this


Inside, your biker soul is burning in full intensity like this


Take my word for it, it is ONE . HELL . OF . AN . EXPERIENCE.

Harley Davidson superbikes are certainly a class of its own 


To Harley Davidson Malaysia & Echosphere, I truly experienced the ride of my life 

Thank you, guys! 


Now I want a superbike. Hmph.