I live and breathe parties, especially rave ones of booming electronic dance music with wicked basslines

And FREEDOM, proved to be one of the most stellar series of rave parties yet again.


The previous FREEDOM event I attended was the one 4 months ago in the lovely island of Penang

The party had a blue theme, but this time round, the theme was one of my faves ever!


FREEDOM rave – with a spooky twist! 


As you might've already known if you're a loyal reader, I simply adore costume parties – or fancy dress parties – or whatever you call it, cos it's so much for fun. Just as long as there's a theme to adhere to, count me in!

The more extreme or outrageous, the better 


Be afraid. Be very afraid.


When I arrived the venue, I had a tremendous – albeit pleasant – shock of my life! 

Not only haven't I stepped foot in KL Live for as long as I can remember (as I was abroad most of the year), but FREEDOM has certainly transformed the place into a dungeon of horor!


Greeted by the Count Dracula + stone gargoyles + tombstones + cobwebs at the entrance


Stepped inside to see an extensive graveyard barricaded by spiked fencing + ghouls dangling from the ceiling

I could even hear (pre-recorded) eerie screams & laughter from the corners!


There was a smoke machine in motion too.

Aye, foggy foggy, misty graveyard!


So what am I? A devilish, flesh-eating zombie with Freddy Krueger claws haha!


When I brought my clan to party with me, I implored that they ALL dress up for the occasion.

I know it's the Malaysian party-culture to get lazy/uninvolved in such active participation of themeparties whatsoever but no, I shall not condone going to a themeparty in a pair of jeans & tshirt.


And neither will my friends! 


It's time to up the freak factor!


Darryl and I bleeds it out!


Vic and I, bloodthirsty vamps for more of your blood


So…. who says Malaysians don't dress up according to the theme?


I'll kickstart the revolution if I had to 😉


Say hello to one (amongst many others) that will!


So as I said before, about how FREEDOM's Scream Your Choice party set-up was really impressive, check out more of what they've got done up. The entire stage was adapted into a giant tombstone!


With loads of spooks roaming around everywhere!


Just as you thought Halloween was over, yeah? 😉 

No. Not quite over, methinks.


I liked the 2 giant gargoyles mounted atop the stage which flanked the DJ spinning for the night


Dutch DJ Ummet Ozcan was one of the DJs spinning for the night


I checked out his tracks on Youtube. My faves are Arcadia and Timewave Zero!

He's pretty damn good. Could see the crowd tearing up the dance floor already


My buddies and I


What really got me going, apart from the deep, dark trance/electro/house beats of course, was the fact that this terror dungeon was full of party mascots mingling with the crowd! They were the side-acts of the night.

Here are a few which I managed to catch for a photo :


The Mummy!


A Pontianak (Malay vampire)


Guess who? It's my all-time favorite bad-ass villain!


None other than…….. Chucky the murderdoll!


And heaps more 🙂

Now that's such an awesome way to freak the shizz outta partygoers 


We were treated to a freeflow of bloody cocktail, Cranberry Vodka for the night

T'was yummy… and the lychee reminded me of floating eyeballs haha!


Anyway, more random party photos of ze clan and I from the horror rave night!




Ze clan and I 



Before we knew it, the next Dutch DJ of the night, Leon Bolier took to the stage!

He was just as electrifiying as the previous DJ if not better  Summernight Confessions was cosmic!




Neon, colorful laser lights were bounding all around the walls in sync with his wicked beat drops




Another one of my rave kakis Reze!


My entire party entourage of the night, altogether in one group photo! 

Major loves and scares!


Thank you, once again, FREEDOM, for bringing down kick-ass electronica DJs and for an amzing party experience!


I got home just as bruised, battered and bleeding as I was when I first stepped into the party! 😉


Alls well, end's well.

It's never too late for a spooky thrill!