I’ve just returned from my beloved island from an immensely hardcore party!

But no, I’m not going to write about that just yet.


Instead, I’ll be sharing with you a star-studded and posh night made of all things glamorous.

Just a quickie blog feature though. Enter: Hennessy Artistry Penang and Hennessy Artistry KL!


Ahhhh yes that oh-so-familiar bottle of rich, smooth blend of cognac

My fave blend amongst all Hennessy cocktails.

Unlike the previous one held at Straits Quay Convention Centre, Hennessy threw this party with equal force at the other end of the island instead, at the Subterranean Penang International Conference & Exhibition Centre, or fondly (and conveniently!) known as SPICE Penang.

Again, I looked forward to returning to my quaint yet exciting island for another round of epic parties.


Arriving SPICE Penang for Hennessy Artistry.

As I reached the venue rather late into the night, I missed the earlier performances and only got to watch the two DJs of the night, Andy Murphy and Nicole Chen. But hey, I was cool with that! Electronic dance music has always been my thing. heart


DJ Andy Murphy on the decks with his thumping electronica set

I was lucky enough to have a word with him when I spotted him sitting on the couch beside mine at the VIP Zone. What are the odds?

Usually, DJs hangout backstage. But he was also given a table to party and host a bunch of his friends who came.


DJ Andy Murphy and I

Upon posting up this photo on Instagram, an Australian DJ friend of mine told me that Andy is really one of the nicest DJs he has ever met and spoken too. I couldn’t agree more!

Not only was he talented on the turn-tables, Andy was such a sweetheart! So easy-going, friendly and fun to talk to! We managed to strike a decent conversation that night. laugh


I had a brilliant time raving to his music while catching up with my homies from the island!

Here are some party photos with my Penang buddies and I.


Ivyonne and I

Chris and I

Krystal and I

Alton and I

and a whole lot more whom I didn’t manage to take photos with! blush

I think this shows how much everyone was enjoying themselves that night.

The final DJ of the night Nicole Chen

I actually had heaps of fun with her music!

Her set was versatile with much emphasis on Dutch-house, slightly wicked and very progressive.

More party photos anyone? wink

Here are some I managed to snap with my KL buddies!

Don / Jessicat / Benjamin

Yuki / Anna / Jessicat

Ash / Jessicat

Dennis / Jessicat

Benjamin / Jessicat / Anna / Bok

The night was a fantastic one; lots of catching up over good music and Hennessy’s signature cocktails.

I personally had a lot of fun for those good few hours with all my partymates and even bumped into old friends. Yup, you tend to get that a lot if you’re from such a warm and cosy island like Penang – where everyone knows everyone LOL


May 25, 2013 | Thank you @HennessyMY for another great #party! I had a great time ❤ #hennessyartistry #penang by imthejessicat on Keek.com



With that being said…


Three cheers to Hennessy for a fun night! Hip hip.. hurrah! yesyesyes

Moving on to Hennessy Artistry KL!

Though it’s pretty late to post this now but since we’re on the topic of  Hennessy Artistry Penang, I figured that I’m not gonna skip making a quick post about it at the same time. wink


Arriving KWC KL with my fave partymates of the night! heart

BF & the BFF.

Haha adapting a totally different style than I did for Hennessy Artistry Penang!

As compared to one of elegance in the latter,I was decked out in a more edgy look tonight.

Hosts of the night, Julie Woon and Nadia Heng giving us guests warm welcome!

The line-up of the night was undeniably a stellar, show-stopping one of international recognition.

I could remember not putting my drinks down as I rode high on the waves of all the performances!


The performers of the night were:


Mr. Nasty and GuruGuru

They’re arguably my fave DJs in Malaysia!

Playing a deep, eclectic, bass-jacking and much faster electronica beats like techno, hardstyle, hard trance

and the like, this dynamic duo certainly got me fist-pumping all night.

Beatboxer Koujee takes the stage pumping up the atmosphere with his vocal beats!

The dancers were off the hook as well!

I loved their outfit for the night! So simple yet dark and speaks a volume of attitude.

When Dutch powerhouse Eva Simons took to the stage, the crowd came to a near rapture!

She literally took over control of the night as she belted out her collabo track with Afrojack, ‘Take Over Control’.

We continued dancing and partying hard to Eva when she sang

‘This is Love’ collaborated with Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas fame.

Don’t stop the partaaayy!

My party levels shot to an even higher scale when Angger Dimas blasted his two-hour set.

Told you. I love listening to deep, electronica acoustic sounds of DJs of all sorts.

He performed, as usual, a hard and progressive set which nailed it completely!

Progressive trance, electro-house, big room and dubstep permeated the scene that night.

Angger Dimas / Jessicat

Just like the previous Hennessy Artistry parties, I got to grab a quick photo with the DJs that made my night.

Mad respect for you! Such talent and impeccable taste in remixing fresh sounds of original tracks.

Also stole a picture with the boys of B.A.T.E

The night went on and partygoers were seen brimming with energy even in the wee hours of the morning. I was no exception! Angger Dimas’ music kept me going all night.

It was like fuel I was feeding off from. yes


Make way for some party photos with my buddies before I head off to bed!


Jessicat / Rob

My boy. No introduction needed heart

One drink too many? laugh

Pammy / Jessicat

Jessicat / Kevin

There were so many other partymates and friends whom I bumped into but didn’t manage to grab a quick photo. Perhaps I was enjoying the music too much by the middle and towards end of the night! yes

Once I was on a row, raving to the music and downing shots of Hennessy was all that mattered.


Thank you Hennessy Malaysia, for having me at all your Hennessy Artistry’s since 2009!

It’s a party I’d never want to give a miss wink

Check out the other places I have went to such as Zouk and Envy if you want more of my adventures.


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