Like many of my fellow girls, I love my high heels.

Sky high, if I may add. The sexier, the higher, the better.


However, as I am blessed to stand at a height of 1.70m, (5 feet 7 inches), I don't usually wear high heels as I despise sticking out like a sore thumb amongst my Asian friends.

If you didn't already know, Asians, in general, aren't really known for their height or stature.


For Asian guys, if you manage to hit 1.75m, you are already considered lucky to be "tall"

For Asian girls, if you hit 1.65m, you are considered "tall" as well.


So more often than not, my high heel collection are put aside just to sit there and look pretty.

Which is why I need my pumped-up kicks for all occasions.


Now, who's got some sexy pair of kicks on yo? 😀 😀


My gurls and I were at the Royal Sporting House mega sale just the other day and we sure know how to rock ourselves some wicked pair of kicks.

And I meant that in plural form; we left with 9 pairs altogether – which you shall be seeing soon.


Us girls with our matching neon pink kicks! 


Best part is, check out the rainbow-neaths!

You don't see everyday sneakers like these hey 


Slap on more neon stuff and let's get ready to rock Barsonic babeh!


Okay last photo of the same variant, I promise haha! 😛 


Pam & I 

She bought 4 sneakers while I bought 3 sneakers + 2 trucker caps



Get ready…



Wait for it……….


Ta-daa! We'd be rockin' the awesome kicks, you bet! 


Okay, lemme show you a close up of each of the ones that belong to me


Firstly, here's my stash 🙂


1. Puma cap in neon yellow

……and my babyChivas sitting prettily


2. Adidas trucker cap in neon green

(try to ignore those awesome blue kicks first!)



3. Adidas mesh sneakers in neon yellow-green

I wear this to gym everyday!


4. Ermmm………….. excuse me, kitteh


I know it's too striking that even my cat can't get enough of it


4. My favorite pair of Nike kicks in neon pink with rainbow-neaths


Yup, kick-ass without a doubt


5. Nike ghetto kicks in blue

TBH, I was never a fan of blue. Don't know what got into me. I guess this pair was too irresistible too!


This girl loves her new pairs of kicks! 

Well, today marks another extra 3 to add to the collection of my sneaker-family 


Apart from us girls, housie Darryl also bought himself a new pair of footwear!

It's this durable, ironman, boots of steel LOL


His new pair of CAT…. with my cat beside it.


So…. would the REAL cat please stand up?


For casual Sundays or during weekday blues, you'd see me kicking back with these sneakers.

I demand a rest from my skyhigh heels! 


After all, a girl could always do with her fave pair of pumped up kicks