Since many of you have been asking, here's a post to update you on my progress of the IPL treatment!

Remember the previous entry I wrote about here and here about my sessions at My Body Secrets?


Those were only the first few treatments that you saw. Now I'm almost to the end of the package!


4th session

Only a few zits on my cheek! 😀


I must say, even at the 4th session, it did improve quite a fair bit!

My complexion used to be way worse. As of now, I'm only battling scars and occasional zits phew! It may not show well in photos but I was never blessed with flawless complexion at all. Bummer!


My Body Secrets always gives your face a thorough cleanse at every session


See the zits on my cheeks? IPL helps to kill all the bacteria causing acne problems!


After the session in the changing room!

You can actually see the scars and open pores I have on my face in the above photo 🙁


Two weeks later, I came round again for my 5th session.

My Body Secrets recommends 2 weeks at least for the skin to regenerate and the cells to do their magic!


Ya gotta change into the treatment robe before all sessions


Session 5

My complexion is slowly getting better, except for zits that attack me every now and then!


The light rays didn't make me twitch or cause as much discomfort anymore because a rubber roller was used

Don't get me wrong. IPLdoesn't hurt, it's just this jolt of light that makes your body go WOOOH!


This time round, My Body Secrets staff used the rubber roller thingy on my face before every few shots

It did help heaps! Apart from the cooling gel they apply generously on your face, the rubber roller cools down the skin surface and soothesit from the light rays 🙂


Much better now 😀


My skin is almost clear. Yippee!


Today, after 2-3 weeks, I went for my last session 😀 😀

After getting changed and my face washed by the friendly staff, it was time to do the final shots


Session 6

The cooling gel was applied on my face like mayonaise to a hotdog LOL!


To be honest, my complexion is noticably clearer and brighter.

It is much softer too.. also due to those products I was recommended (Blogged about in the first post!)


This time, they used a much more advanced roller to calm the skin before the lightshot

It was a metal/steel roller which is much bigger! 😀 I like it!


This session caused me no discomfort at all. Pretty damn good, I must say!

Lucky you! When you go for your sessions, it will hardly have any sensation 😉


They applied the Rehydrating Oxy Mask (which I've also shown you in the first post!) on my face after the session. As the skin's absorption rate rises after the IPL treatment – due to active cells – they recommended I apply this mask to restore my skin's hydration 🙂


H20, come at me! 😀


Then, they applied a double mask on top of it


Haha this photo is pretty freaky I know!

The 2nd cooling mask was so cold and so soothing 😀 😀


They left me mask-ed for half an hour.

But since I was rushing for an appointment, they were smart enough to do the IPL Underarm Permanent Hair Removal for me while waiting for the mask to be finished 🙂


My 3rd session for the underarms!

Begone with you, hair! 


The underarms made such a brilliant progress! I used to pluck my underarm hair twice a week because I just hated the sight of any hair growing there at all.


Ya know the saying "Putcha hands up in the air!!"?

Can't really do that with liberation if there's icky hair there, right? Gross.


But now, at the 3rd session, I only need to pluck it once a month! Excellent!

Can't wait for it to be completely gone  


Thank you, My Body Secrets for the amazing and effective sessions!! 😀 😀


When I was back in Penang to visit during the weekend, my parents mentioned, "Jess, your complexion improved so much!". I was over the moon upon hearing that 😀 😀 Shows that it is really proven effective yay!


I can finally say goodbye to my acne-prone skin


There, a clearer photo for you of my naked complexion


Fortunately, the promo price for the package of 5 sessions is still on! Here's the detals:


IPL Acne Treatment


First trial is only RM38

The package is RM400 for 5 sessions instead of the original price of RM1200



IPL Underarm Permanent Hair Removal


First trial is only RM45 now

Promo price is now RM 800 for 5 sessions off the original price of RM2000



For both treatments, you can now pay by instalments & if you're a student, you are entitled for a student price! :D 

Call +603-6142-4898 to ask any further questions or check out their Facebook page for more information


Don't say I didn't tell you about this okay! And at the end of your sessions, I know you'll thank me for your hairless body and fabulous complexion 😀 Teehee!