I've always liked the sea/seaside/beach concept of things.

Complemented with awesome music, bass, drinks & crowd, you can never go wrong; which is why I was convinced that Alumbra was my favorite club in Melbourne!


I swear I don't remember painting my nails pink? 


Alumbra's tagline is Music, Life, Culture.

It was pretty apt for a club of its kind, as you will see soon enough.


Located along a harbour, it's no wonder you can see heaps of boats, ships and yachts around


The canopy walkway before we arrived the entrance

Good for rainy days


Okay, so what's with the culture part of the tagline?

I was shocked upon seeing this MASSIVE BUDDHA HEAD inside by the bar




Although I doubt this club as anything to do with or affiliated with Buddhism, the concept just blew my mind.

Apart from the bar, there were more statues and heads of Buddha at the main dance floor too.


But it's fairly awkward, no? It's like, the Buddhists would probably think "oh no, Buddha is watching me drink"

Likewise, I'd feel uncomfy if a statue of Jesus was watching me drink and party away.


Get ready for some shots!


There was just an amazing variety of drinks to choose from!


Tim was awesome enough to bring me here!

Thanks heaps 😀



Met some really cool people too. Culture fusion indeed!

Italian guy on my right, Japanese guy on my left. 


Thank you for the fabulous evening, Tim! 

I enjoyed myself.


If you guys happen to be in Melbourne, do remember to make a stop at Alumbra.

You won't miss it! It's by the pier, just follow the sea and it'll lead you here 😀