When you have neither the leisure nor luxury to jet-set yourself to world-touted party centrals like Las Vegas, Miami, Ibiza and more, you'd be a fool to miss Club Asahi parties transported right to your doorstep.

Such was the case for thousands of Malaysian hardcore party-goers as Club Asahi's series of parties returns this year after its debut instalment of Club Asahi Tokyo in 2012.


Today, I bring you Club Asahi Miami by Asahi Super Dry, Japan's No.1 beer!


On Friday afternoon, I was whisked away on a chartered roadtrip up to Penang island to experience a weekend of the infamous Miami heat. Let it burn, baby!


Already feeling the heat before I even arrived the shores of Penang


Brought Konzy along with me.


By late evening, our entourage arrived Penang and checked into our hotel for the night. heart

I was given a lovely suite in Northam All-Suites Hotel Penang sponsored by Advertlets Malaysia!.

More about my weekend experience at this hotel and a room tour in the next blog feature.


After taking a short nap (one can get pretty lethargic after a long journey on the road!) a hot shower and a quick dinner, we started getting dressing to the nines for the night ahead of us.


Candid mirror shot Konzy took of me fixing my hair


Sophisticated glam rock was my intended look for the night.

How did I do? wink


Just a closer look. 


Made a short Keek video before I left my hotel room.

Yup, community service message included hahaha! I have done my part cheeky



Jun 21, 2013 | I still prefer #keek over #instavideo so here's my keek too! 🙂 See ya party Penangites at Club Asahi Miami! xo by imthejessicat on Keek.com



We headed out the door to wait for our chauffeurs to the party venue!


Arriving Soju Room, Penang Times Square


It was impossible to miss the party venue for Club Asahi Miami as the entire forefront of the underground Soju Room was plastered with decorations, red carpets, spotlights and of course, the booming music that can be heard from a mile away! wink


With the Asahi SUV!


With buddy Casey at the enormous ASAHI 3D signage


My mandatory photowall shot wink


As it was my first time partying in Soju Room, Penang (Don't chide me! I usually party in the clubs lining Upper Penang Road), I got a little lost in this meandering underground passageway full of escalators, turns, routes and rooms.

I'm not complaining! It heightened a sense of suspense in me! cool


Where to? Obey the signs ahead!


We finally got closer and closer!

We followed the sounds and it lead us to the heart of the party.


The Asahi crew passed me my VIP tag upon arriving. International Superstar Jetsetter: Jessica Tan?

Why, thank you. Ya' got that right, Asahi! Hahahahha. cheekycheeky


I'm ready to sizzle with this infectious Miami heat.


Upon entering.


We headed upstairs to the VIP zone where our table was. This was my view from the top!


Let's roll out the first batch of party pictures I took upstairs with my buddies, shall we? laugh


Olivia / Jessicat / Rosalyn


Daniel / Jessicat / Grace


Amanda / Jessicat / Audrey


Jessicat / Erica / Rosalyn / Josh


We clinked our bottles of Asahi, took in the headbanging music and turned our party dials on.

Actually, my party spirits had already began soaring high the moment I stepped into the partyzone.


The crowd was kept growing and growing as the night progressed


Hot Russian stunt-dancers literally filled the air!


I shot to euphoria and started headbanging vigorously when the live band started performing a very impressive vocal version of my all-time favorite drum and bass track, Pendulum – Watercolour as well as heart-throbbing heavy dubstep, hardstyle, liquid dubstep, complextro, trap, glitch hop, drumstep and more drum and bass! yes

Well, well, I was beyond impressed that such niche EDM music sub-genres were the choice of entertainment at Club Asahi Miami as most events I've attended are almost always catered to mass music listeners and permeated with remixes of more popular and mainstream, American Top-40 songs. 


Now, THAT'S music to my ears. Good job, Asahi!

You just shot my night above and beyond even before I got started.


This ripped bad-ass guy covered in tattoos in the red mohawk? 

Who is he? Gosh, he was the man! heart


He had a voice to die for. It complemented those fast-paced electronica tracks so well! yes


More performances and dances ensued by performers brought in from Miami


He and his bevy of dancers fed us with a deep and booty-shaking performance – serving after serving!


We were partying really hard upstairs until I decided that I'd join some the rest of my buddies downstairs!

Yeah, you guessed it. I'm a sucker for the dancefloor cheeky


I hope you're ready for another batch of party pictures!

After all, what's a party without your buddies? wink


Minny / Wayne / Jessicat / Kon / Lin Chong


With the bestieJoyce heart


Ken / Jessicat / Kon


Jessicat / Erica / Rosalyn


Mr. Nasty and GuruGuru took over the revolving decks!


My favorite notorious local DJs took the party by storm as they helmed the night with their deep, dark sounds of hardstyle, electro, dubstep and big, experimental 150 beats per minute sounds. yes

It's no wonder I absolutely love them. My partymates and I had our fists pumping the air like we just don't care!


Party punters armed themselves with glowsticks and committed their souls to the dance floor


Drop it nasty like you always do, you wicked, dynamic duo cool 

And we be partying till the morning light!


Jason / Jessicat / Kon


Minny / Jessicat / Kon


Jessicat / Joyce


Aptly named Club Asahi Miami, what would this party be without Miami's popular DJs?

It would be incomplete without tonight's headliners – DJ Henrix and Kyroman straight from the US of A.



DJ Henrix' lush melodies, pumping beats and funky tunes took Club Asahi Miami to another level! 

Talk about versatility. Hell yeah.


Dressed to represent, DJ Henrix came decked in a red Miami Heat basketball jersey!


Dear Asahi, I wish to personally tell you that the music for tonight was impeccable. 

Hands down! I was flying that night; high on Miami's music, remixes, sets and tracks!


Towards the end of the night, we began having fun with the photobooth. 

Here's photographic evidence cheeky




If you thought the temperature couldn't get any higher, Club Asahi Miami certainly proved us wrong.

For another energy-driven, party spirited performer had us in raptures. Let it flow! yes


Kyroman joined DJ Henrix on stage!


So honoured to have watched the half-man half-robot himself in the flesh, Kyroman.

He has always been the link and energy that ties the artist with the audience. Such an entertainer!



Spectacular sounds, electrifiying energy and the true spirit of Miami's party scene was on the high that night.

Although we were treated to the best of electronic dance music, ambience and entertainment according to the Miami theme, tonight was probably just the tip of the iceberg of how they actually do it in Miami, Florida.


Looks like I gotta go there for myself if I wanted more! wink


Thanks to Asahi, I now know how hard the Miami partygoers drive their weekends at the very least – and I'm loving it!


Taking a short rest on the very comfy armchairs at the patio of the VIP deck


Let's party again until the sun comes up!

Brace yourself for the final batch of party pictures wink


Jason / Jessicat / Kon


With my babe again, Minny! heart So happy to see her everytime I return to Penang


Chonke / Joyce / Jessicat / Kon


Amanda / Jessicat / Audrey


As our entourage were about to adjourn for a late night snack before returning to our hotel, 

the party was still roaring to go! I too, wasn't ready to leave just yet!


Many thanks to Asahi Malaysia for having us at your night! heart


I had a great time letting my hair down, chucking my high heels to a corner and jumping along to the fast-paced beats resonating from all corners of Soju Room.

Wow. I haven't partied this hard and nor have I taken the meaning of clubbing to such an apex during a glamorous night in a while! yes



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