On one of my voyages to Melbourne city during my first week in Australia, I hit up the ever-popular Southbank aka Crown Entertainment Complex.

Heard so much about it prior to my arrival, and now, I'm right in the heart of its vicinity.

The sights are even prettier at night all lit up! 😀


I could still remember being like a little kid lost in the big city on my first day in Melbs.

But thankfully, a few awesome people showed me around…


Aunt Ket included! She brought me ALL around Melb city 


At Melbourne Central.


It had a Metro Train beneath the mall! Wait a sec — I shouldn't be surprised. There's an LRT Train underneath our famed KLCC Twin Towers too.



Shopping at FCUK. Gawd I love this brand. Nice play of the acronym too 😛


Always works for me! (Besides the gym, of course)


We kept walking and Aunt Ket wanted to bring me to a picturesque spot on top of Burke Street Mall (or was it still Melbourne Central? I don't recall) to take pretty photos of the city from an aerial view.

And so we went to this rooftop garden!


So pretty! 😀 😀


I also reckon it's a place where heat is conserved at an optimum temperature for the plants.

The moment I stepped inside, I felt so warm! Almost like in Malaysia hehe.


Part of the city on a Saturday afternoon


We just kept exploring the city until evening. 

Oh and, funny how the sun begins to set around 5.30pm in Australia!


And by the time it hits 6.30pm, it'll be dark already


Nawwww horses along the streets of Melbourne!


There were horse carriages around. Just like the olden days.

I didn't ride it for some reason; reckon it probably costs a bomb 


Liquor shop!


Oh sorry, I forgot to warn you about this PG-13 photo,

Too bad you've already seen it! 😛


Shotbuckets on sale! Perfect for parties.


Tried on a coat with busy motifs. Liked it. Didn't like it

Liked it again. Changed my mind. Liked it again. But didn't buy it


Stopped to grab a lunch break!


Continued walking till we reached Southbank.

So pretty, right? T'was a great idea to go just before sunset.







By the time we crossed the bridge to the other side, we were greeted by lots of buskers!

Some were singing, dancing, painting, juggling and all sorts of different things


Impressive street art!


Sat down inside Crown Entertainment Complex to have dinner


Yes, if you're wondering, that's all I'm having for dinner


Can't help that the Australian currency is triple times that of mine. ;(

How sad! It sucks always feeling like a pauper overseas. I finally how it feels like to be poor. 


Artsy shot 😀




And before we realized it, it was nightfall


We were just in time for the fire flamethrower show!


For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Southbank boasts a display of flames every weekend at a specific time. I think I was there at 8pm? It lasts for about 10 minutes, tops.

Yeah, if you're ever in town, try to catch it with your very own eyes!



Here's a short snippet of it.


The heat was so intense at some points that you can feel a very mild burning sensation!

Everybody (especially tourists) stopped and watched it in awe


Just a nice silhouette 🙂


Southbank was buzzing with people even late at night!

Now that's what I'm talking about 😉


Lovely sights!


Stopped by the bridge to take picture but was constantly photobombed by drunk boys 

OMG leave me alone! They insisted a picture anyhow. Reminds me of what one of my readers once commented, "You always seem to attract weird men huh" LOL. That made me laugh!!! 


ZOMG! Trying not to ruin my smile.

Ok photo over. You can go now kthxbai


Gave up trying to take a solo picture as they wouldn't leave me alone unless I joined their nightly drunken crusades or left the spot.

Obviously, I politely declined their offer with an awkward smile and chose the latter. We adjourned home soon after. Phew.


Back at Flinders Street Station


So that was my 12 hour day out at the city.

Didn't feel so lost anymore when I went downtown again the following weekend!


Can't wait to go back. Countdown: 55 days!