Ahhh! I spent the entire day yesterday batch editing all the animal photos I shot at the zoo.

It made me realize how similar animals are to human beings.. in many ways!


For those of you following, this post is a sequel to this sneak-peak blogged here

Konzy and I wanted to check out most, if not all, of the animals residing in Melbourne Zoo. Guided by the map, we started from the left and went anti-clockwise, ensuring every area is covered.

Holy crap! Gave me a shock. Easy, kitty, easy.


The Snow Leopard was the first animal we saw high atop the makeshift cave of its den.

T'was a beautiful animal, with an equally beautiful coat.

But the poor thing looked rather bored


Heck, I will be bored too if I were to be sitting in a man-made den all day and all night.

Somebody, find me a live animal to hunt! 

My point exactly.


Goodnight kitty, we won't disturb you anymore.

On to other animals!

Stopped by this huge den


What animal could possibly inside?

Most certainly not a small animal, considering the sizable space allocated for this enclosure

Oh, hello there, you cuddly fellow! 😀


It's nice watching how this bear malevolently lumbers around; without a care in the world.

I wanted to take a photo with it!

Obviously, this was the closest I could get lest it rips my head off


Turned around to peek at the Snow Leopard again to see…

LOL okay. Go ahead. Don't mind me.


Walked past a smaller enclosure, with lots of dried leaves and gravel inside.

Ohai! Would you puff out your tail feathers for me?


Hmmm.. maybe not.

Artsy photo of Konzy taking a photo of the peacock


We waited for ages ans ages for it to puff up its tail feathers… to no avail!

Hmph, maybe if I was a female – a peahen – it probably will try to impress me LOL

Us and the stubborn peacock!


There was some other creature that was sharing the den with Mr. Proud Peacock here

Konzy didn't know what it was (neither did I) so he started exclaiming, "Quick! Take a picture of that crawling thing!! It's crawling away!" 

And I did. In the midst of crawling away from over-enthusiastic people like us


We soon found out that it was something lika groundhog

The next enclosure was made to look like a massive cave that we had to enter.


UGHH. A reptile/amphibian farm – as I had expected.

Green chameleon!

Turned brownish-green

Into entirely brown chameleon!


Bah. Why are you afraid of me? I know I shoot, but only with my camera 😛

Moving on….

Look at this baby crocodile!!


The top of its head and its eyes are floating while the rest of its body is submerged underwater

Saw a smiling tortoise. Something must've made its day 

Here's a different kind of tortoise.


My slithery, slippery friends! How are you?


 For those wondering, I was born in the year of the Snake according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Okay, no need to count my age. I've just turned 22.

Gawd knows what bird is this.


Whole flock of them scurrying away from me -__-

I may eat KFC but sorry lah, you don't qualify. So don't be scared!


I stood outside in the field for a while. Just HAD to get away from the creepy-crawlies in the cave, while Konzy happily continues taking pictures of Monitor Lizards, Beetles and Tarantulas FML.

LOL cool.

Scary face OMG. Looks like some mutant 

Went inside the butterfly farm


OMG what is this! T'was SO HOT AND HUMID 10 times worse than Malaysia!

Had to remove my overcoat immediately! I guess butterflies breed best in tropical climates


There were millions, perhaps trillions of butterflies fluttering all around us!


Nope, they weren't caged up at all. Oh wait, technically they are, but..


The most massive, elaborate "cage" ever! LOL


Didn't even feel like a cage. It was more of a large greenhouse.

We left soon after. Konzy was amused by all the butterflies and started videoing them.

I'm like OMG IT'S SO HOT CAN WE GO NAAAAOO? hahahaha 😛

Don't know what animal this is but saw it in The Lion King before


Probably some kind of gazelle or an antelope.

And and and…. I rode an elephant!! 😛 😛

A wooden elephant. So? Still an elephant nonetheless 😛

Awww… momma elephant teaching baby elephant how to drink water through its trunk!

Konzy and I with the elephants!


He made some sort of cynical joke about elephants and a person. I refuse to reiterate.

But had to admit, it was funny. As much as I tried not to laugh.

Baby elephant, open wide! 😀

Konzy took a sneaky picture of me taking a picture of the elephants

But I managed to sneak in a smile! HA!

Okay, you should know what's coming next


I absolutely love tigers.

Well, they're essentially kittycats 😀 


Just… very big and dangerous kittycats capable of having me for lunch, that's all

Konzy and I outside the cage


Of lions and lionesses! 😀



Climbed to the top of the cage to see a dingo/hyena-like animal

I wish I could ride a zebra to university and be the coolest kid on the block

Hello Giraffes!! Super-tall creatures!



Also, I've learned that you can't take a giraffe seriously.

Wanna know why?


How to take you seriously liddat???? -____-"

Fell in love with a female Orang Utan that smiled at me


Orang Utans are wonderful creatures, very much like humans.

But, I fail to understand why that particular Orang Utan chooses to wear cloithes


Maybe he doesn't fit in with his peers.

Should try going naked too. Maybe then he'll fit in 😛

Mother & Baby Orang Utan portrait!


When she smile for the camera, I melted.

When I showed her the photo, she looked at it and smiled at me again.


I was smitten by her until…..

She spread her legs wide open for me -___-"

Oh you skank 🙁

On 2nd thoughts, maybe she spread her legs for this Orang Utan 😛

Kangaroo!! It reminds me that I'm in Australia


Okay lemme recall a funny incident.

Poor joey wanted to come out of mama roo's pouch but mama wouldn't let her.


Mom : "No."



Kid : "FINE"



Okay 1 more kangaroo photo

Lazy Koala Bear was hibernating throughout the day!

Probably still baked from Eucalyptus LOL

Don't know what adorable animal this is but Konzy took its photo

Looks like a weasel/meerkat/civet cat to me


The Seal was delightful to look at!


Cos it goes both underwater and on land! 


Also saw penguins who couldn't walk nor stand straight

Neither could I. In this photo


Saw the caretaker feeding Percy the Pelican!



Ta-daaa! Found a stray peacock.

Don't know what animal this is but it reminds me of a skunk LOL


The entrance/exit


By the time we realized, it was already close to 6pm!

Geez. Looks like 5 hours isn't enough to tour the entire zoo.


But imma take less than 5 minutes of your time to watch a VLOG I made!

Enjoy the video :) 🙂



Watch till the end! 😉

Managed to stop by the souvenir shop for a bit



Konzy surprised me with this adorable fluffy, furry tiger hat! 

Although I have no where to wear it in Malaysia, It's in my car now! Yay tiger gets to go everywhere I go!


T'was an amazing afternoon spending time with all the animals of the animal kingdom!

I love animals, do you?