That Saturday was a superbly busy one for me!

Thanks to Global Sound Masters, I found myself speeding down the highway to attend Global Sound System all the way in Sepang International Circuit, right after another event (more about that later).


Safely arrived at Global Sound System in Sepang.

Thank you Nelson, for getting us there safely! heart


This what what I saw from the afar as I was entering the party zone. Wait for me!


Managed to snap a quick photo and immediately ran to the front to be part of the rave!

I was so upset that I missed the earlier acts, as I arrived rather late. frown 


Dahla tu, sampai lambat sangat! crying

Was looking forward to watch them spin so much. This was what I missed:


Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru


Judge Jules


Felix Da Housecat


Alex Kenji


Fortunately, I managed to catch two of my favorites, Shogun and B.T perform alongside the host of the night, MC Stretch. laughlaugh

With these powerhouses, I have no doubts that the remaining hours I have left of the night will be blast!


It was a hive of activity and a psychedelic dance arena in there!


The Global Sound System music festival was deemed a success with big support and attendance coming from both true blue music enthusiasts and party goers alike.

You know how we electronic dance music party punters are like – to never miss a rave! cool


The energy brimming from both the DJs and the crowd was spectacular!


Over 5000 revellers filled the mosh pit and all corners of the party zone to catch the stellar mix of international talents of electronic dance music. I was no exception.

Hurriedly, I went down into the mosh pit to let my hair down and go absolutely beserk riding the waves of progressive music that was blasting from the larger-than-life sized speakers! devil


The ever-so-amazing Shogun!


Shogun, a popular Asian American DJ-Producer of Armin Van Buuren's Armada Music record-label fame, turned up my party dial the very moment I amalgamated with my fellow ravers into the mosh pit – right in front of the stage!

As a ardent fan of Shogun's tracks, I was always hoping that he would come to Malaysia to perform, and guess what? Global Sound Masters made my wish come true. wink


Shogun slamming bass-jacking tracks for the night


The legendary music maestro definitely did not disappoint as he spewed an incredibly extensive set of progressive as well as uplifting trance beats.

I found myself singing along to the vocal tracks and furiously fist-pumping the sky when the beat warped a notch heavier. cool


Clearly, we were in a world of our own raving to Shogun's music


Despite raving on the dance floor till the skies come down, I made my way back to the VIP deck to party there with my buddies as well.

Here are some photos of me and two of my girlfriends! kiss


Yuki and I


Take two.


They say the third time is a charm smiley


Sam and I with our Asahi cans


Zana and I stayed in a corner when the boys began to pour beer onto each other's head

Yikes! Count us out of that! surprise


The crowd showed no signs of stopping even after hours of mad raving!


Right after Shogun, B.T took to the decks and showed us what he was made of.

As if the party couldn't get any heavier! We welcomed B.T on stage with roars of cheers and whistles cool


Helllllllllloooo Brian Transeau


The highly reputable Grammy-nominated music producer, platinum-selling artist, film composer and technologist Brian Transeau (B.T) wasted no time in delivering wicked tracks and addictive beats.

His big sounds boomed tonight's party scene to the next level! yes



B.T's electronica dance-floor destroyers got the crowd raving like there was no tomorrow.

His set included my favorite track of his, 'This Must Be The Love', a fine collaboration with Arty and Nadia Ali.


Look at him go! heart 

Lihatlah kehandalannya. Hebat sungguh BT nih!


Somewhere on the center-left, was where I am. If you can spot me, I applaud your eyesight! yes

Actually, don't even try cheeky It's an impossible feat when we look like grains of sugar on the screen.


Take a look at B.T himself instead



His tracks transcended the dance floor all the way to the VIP deck where my buddies and I were.

Sometime into the night, I think the drinks began to do the talking.






Yup, affirmative. Crazy times with my buddies ensued, made even better with endless flow of Asahi Beer.

B.T was still taking on the night in full swing! cool


The motion of the laser beams spun faster than all our heartbeats combined!


Just Sam pouring Asahi beer onto my hair. Yeah, thanks angry

Malam tu, i kena basuh rambut kuat-kuat tau? Semua habis berlekatan dengan bir! angryangry


I wasn't the only one! crying


Throughout the entire night, Global Sound System featured a very recognizable and special guest, MC Stretch to catapult the party scene to levels of infinity and beyond!


If his name doesn't ring a bell, I'm pretty sure you would have heard his VOICE.

Nada suaranya yang mengagumkan dan kebolehannya sebagai pengacara pasti

meninggalkan kesan pada hati-hati kita yang terlibat dalam kemeriahan ini! heart


Magisterial, loud, authoritative and clear voice at music festivals of international fame? wink


Yup, it was the voice of MC Stretch that boomed throughout the entire rave of the famed Tomorrowland 2012 in Belgium, Armin Van Buuren's Armin Only World Tour and countless dance music festivals around the globe. 

Hearing his voice at Global Sound System made me feel like I've traversed oceans to party in Europe's world-class rave parties!

Don't know how; don't know why. But he just has this effect on mewink



Thanks to my buddies and Define, I also got to party at the DEFINE VIP deck. heart

Like you have saw earlier in this post, we were treated to free-flow of Asahi and a perfect, elevated view of the stage and crowd!

Here are some photos:



That Saturday spelled an exciting one for me. devil

Good drinks, good company of friends, great music and great line-up! We sure had a lot of fun dancing, headbanging and partying our weekend away.


Don't stop the music just yet! The night was still young.


To see how epic the night was, check out Global Sound System's official after-movie!



The very same organizers will also be bringing down one of my favorite Trance producers and World #7 DJ Dash Berlin, to crank up the rave party scene for us here in Malaysia! 



I've watched Dash Berlin twice, but I've still not gotten enough of him just yet.

This Dutch DJ is amazing with vocal trance, uplifting trance and infectious progressive trance beats too. My favorites from him include 'Better Half of Me' and 'Disarm Yourself'.

His world tour is certainly something you shouldn't miss. Make sure I see you there! devil


I had a kick-ass time that night. Thank you Global Sound Masters!

Looking forward to the next rave cool  Pergi, faham? Jangan tak pergi! laugh



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