All things bold, stylish & delivered in black can only be epitomized with the Black Circuit Label series of exclusive parties. Yupyup, it's THAT amazing and more.

Think classy partying with fellow invited guests (money-can't-buy-passes!), free-flow of delicious Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch whiskey and its cocktails, tapas food served to all & a stellar selection of entertainment line-up.

Jason and I at the entrance 😀


Two redheads in the house! 😉

Bumped into Linora and was surprised she dyed her hair red too!



There were heaps of mighty fine rides – owned by the rich & famous –  parked at the jockey area.

T'was all nicely in line as though partaking in an exhibition of sleek automobiles!


The official car for the event – a sexxxy Porsche Cayenne!


There was a whiskey appreciation booth as well. 


So… how do you appreciate whiskey?

Sip it slowly , let it stay in your mouth for a bit and savour it.


Bumped into Kevin at the entrance! 😀


Had a very lovely official photograph by the photowall

(ignore random person on the right)


Walked into KL Live where the party has already started.

The stage was elaborately set-up and decorated with 2 regal lines of Johnnie Walker Black Label


Photos can't do it justice!


When I arrived, Mr. Gin had already begun playing.


He was good, got the party started pretty well!

But his music just ain't my kinda thing – R&B, hiphop and AT40 mainstream stuff


Chilled by the bar and indulged in Johnnie Walker's trio of signature cocktails

My favorite was the one named 'Black Circuit'. The Mojito one wasn't too bad, hey! 


Had the cocktails alongside the bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label


Brought some of them back to the table with me where my buddies are


Thanks for the photo, Radius! 

Although it is beyond me why he would turn the photo monochrome 


LOL okay back to colours! 😀


Performances soon began, there was a fire-twirling crew in the house!


Keep it flaming high guys!




We were entertained with a Brazilian samba dance too!

Heaps of Belly Dancers and super-flexible dancers wootwoot! 


What's a party without bumping into your friends from everywhere? 🙂



At 11pm, t'was time for the next DJ of the night!

It was DJ Von Kiss hailing all the way from the US of A 🙂


I immediately took a liking for her when I saw her Skrillex-quarter-shaven head 


Had the feeling she was gonna drop some wicked basslines throughout her 2 hour set

And I was right! 


First time I see a group of dancers dancing to electronic music!

Not bad! They sure know how to rave 



DJ Von Kiss played most of my favorite EDM tracks, electro-house-dubstep ones ranging from Steve Aoki, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, UKF, Benny Benassi, Laidback Luke and more!

My rave kaki's and I had a ball of a time. You go, gurl! 


Then came the Brazilian belly dancers again

Our local percussionists were thumping away as the dancers shook what their mama gave them hard!


They even mingled amongst the crowd and lured some of the partygoers on stage to samba away with them!


Bumped into some former colleagues & friends from the industry as well! 🙂


Ken Wei and I!


Ben and I! 🙂 


Bervin and I 😀


Flanked by Vince and Ash ;)


Don't stop belly dancing yaw!


There was such a huge camaraderie on stage! It was fascinating to watch 😀

The entire stage was filled with dancing, music and so much hype!



But the star of the night was yet to make his way to the decks….


Clinton Sparks – I swear he is arguably one of the best performers I have *ever* seen LIVE


Why? Because he is unlike any other.



Never have I ever seen a DJ like him before. He spins, he scratches, he announces, he raps, he runs to the front of the stage and dances, he hypes up the crowd with his incredibly energetic ways, runs back to the DJ decks and drops an insane track, wickedly remixes a few versatile tracks from various genres and eras, jumps around, invites the crowd to the decks & stage and so much more which I really can't describe unless you watch him LIVE yourself.

Clinton Sparks is truly a performer, a talented DJ and an excellent entertainer all in one.


We were all amazed by his flawless performance!



And he grabbed my hand & shook it too! 😀 😀 😀 *swoons*


Even more partying as all the performers shared one stage to perform their expertise


Haha our local percussionists and the belly dancers really made me fell like there was indeed a melting pot of cultures on stage! Where Brazilian samba-belly-dance culture meets Malaysian kompang drummers! 

It was indeed a sight to see  



Shower of confetti! 😀 😀 


As I left at 4AM, I spotted this booth.

Impressive! Looks like Johnnie Walkers really take their Never Drink and Drive policy seriously.


They provided heaps of mineral water alongside the breathalyzer test

Drunk driving is an absolute no-no!


Couldn't help taking another piccie of Johnnie Walker's Porsche Cayenne!



And yet again, Johnnie Walker Black Label proves an excellent indulgence and an eclectic mix of both partying and entertainment – not to mention delicious food as well! 🙂 Keep Walking, yo!