Remember this blogpost and contest which I ran a few weeks back?

As one of the official bloggers for Kronenbourg 1664's L'aperitif Fashion, I shared the launch of Kronenbourg in Malaysia in that blogpost as well as the contest whereby one lucky reader wins 2 invitations to the French fashion event at The View.

Fast Forward- Ta-da!!

Whisked off to The View at G-Tower


I love this place. It's an open-aired bar up 28 stories in the air with a magnificent view of the city

Glad that Kronenbourg chose this place as it is sophisticated, classy and jives well with what their event is about!


Cheers, Kronenbourg!

Oooh the glorious Petronas Twin Towers in the background :D πŸ˜€


This time round, I brought along a guest with me to the event.

Meet my plus one for the night. my housie Pamela πŸ™‚


She's actually my childhood friend-turned-housie πŸ™‚

'Cept the fact that we hardly (if at all) ever talk in high school lol


Housie Pam and I at the L'aperitif photowall πŸ™‚


Showed the way in by the usherettes


Even more elaborately dressed usherettes


 Kronenbourg 1664 in their various packaging


Bar counter


Pam and I enjoying our Kronenbourg 1664 πŸ˜€


Catching up with some friends Dennis & Fay


With my fellow ex-redhead, Linora πŸ™‚


With Fateh whom I met at a barbeque beach party some months back

(My weird expression is a result of an expression refraining from pulling an

even weirder expression as Mike tried to rob me of my fedora!;(



Funtimes and silly moments never stop with Kronenbourg πŸ˜‰

Before we knew it, the event kick-started with a warm welcome by the MC and speeches by Carlsberg Managing Director Soren Ravn & world renowned luxury label designer Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo


Josiah Mizukami was the MC for the night πŸ™‚


Models unveiling the design by Gallo by Thian


Introducing the design of the Kronenbourg bottle 

by the official designer of L'aperitif fashion Teresa Thian


Closer look at it πŸ™‚

Sucha sleek and chic design for a French beer bottle methinks 


The VIPs and celebrities on stage making their special appearance at the event


A design from Gallo by Thian in the display window


We media were then ushered to a private zone whereby the sneak preview of Gallo by Thian's live mannequin show was held. It features her Spring & Summer collection for 2012! 


Ssssoooo cuuute! They were *actually* mimicking a real gardening routine



The first of its kind and inspired by Kronenbourg 1664's French Art of Pleasure, L'aperitif Fashion was launched with the unveiling of Gallo by Thian's concept designs by lead designer, Theresa Thian πŸ™‚



Well-known for her chic, feminine and elegant designs, the design combines vintage with elegance; reflecting French sophistication. A bold fashuon statement that is seductively French infused with Malaysian elements


Theresa Thian and her models showcasing the designs


LOL candid photo of me snapping photos of the fashion show (while still drinking Kronenbourg LOL)

and Josiah grinning in the background


The VIPs, Theresa Thian, the models and the fashion mentors & icons of Kronenbourg's L'aperitif fashion


Watched the lovely and adorable live mannequin show, mingled with the crowd and sipped on more Kronenbourg draught. Too fun! Glad I bumped into many familiar faces too πŸ™‚


International model Amber Chia of GUESS fame and I


Dato' Professor Jimmy Choo OBE (Order of the British Empire) and I


Just like my fellow Malaysians, I'm so proud of Dato' Jimmy, you have no idea!

Malaysian-born shoe designer hailing from Penang Island (hello, homeboy!) of Jimmy Choo couture fame – EST 1996 – is now based in London running his self-named luxurious designer shoe label, Jimmy Choo.

He has hand-crafted shoes to high-profile clientele such as the late Princess Diana and red-carpet celebrities across the globe. One shoe would cost at least RM3500 in my currency! To date, he has 140 stores in 32 countries worldwide. 


True story, bro


Haha enough gloating about how amazing he is!

Kronenbourg certainly made the right choice in appointing him as the mentor in the L'aperitif Fashion.


Way to go!


So much excitement πŸ˜€

And now it's time to chill by the balcony over some (more) drinkies and good food


Pam and I by the glass balcony







Couldn't decide which one was better πŸ˜€ 

Aaaaaaaaanyway, it was free-flow for a quite a number of hours so we just couldn't stop sipping the goodness of Kronenbourg. Pam and I both liked the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc better due to its sweet, cidery after-taste!


The Blanc version is the one on the left 

But my guy friends prefer the original Kronenbourg 1664 


Perfect way to unwind on a Thursday night 


Amazing free-flow of draught & bottled Kronenbourg, fashionable crowd, tapas food, picturesque sky-high bar, so much catching up and camwhoring with my friends & fellow partygoers πŸ™‚

Let the pictures speak for themselves!


Candid shot of Fay and I


LOL an obviously tipsy Mikey


With Charles and housie Pam


With Soren, Josiah and housie Pam


With Jess of whom I went with on my trip to Tioman Island last year


With housie Pam and Michelle


With Tim! Putcha drinks up!


With Josh and housie Pam


My two friends with amazing musical talents  So proud of yall!

Dennis (above) wickedly plays the violin while Shawn (below) beatboxes epicly.

Together, they steal the hearts' of the crowd


With American-Latin DJ Dean Richards, who brings us tracks of HedKandi and Defected in the House

He has continued making waves in the dubstep scene and house tracks locally too

Await an exclusive interview, dear readers! πŸ˜‰


Anyway, housie Pam and I stayed at The View till past midnight. Kronenbourg's definitely had it going

So much going around to leave so early just yet, hey?


Totally unrelated photograph but this beer rack in spirals at The View bar caught my eye


Oh before I forget, I'd like to thank photographers Jaz Khai (the unwatermarked photos belongs to him), Vince Khoo and Feroze Roman for their photographs.

Thankew for the lovely photos πŸ™‚ I didn't bring my DSLR to the event due to some unforseen circumstances πŸ™


Thank you Kronenbourg, for a wonderful Thursday night out


That being said, congratulations on a successful L'aperitif Fashion launch in Malaysia!