Speaking of lemons, I can think of an endless list of things that can be done with that sweet yellow ball of citrus and zest.

Be it marinades for roast, a fizzy lemonade, a hint to baked cheesecakes, a hot glass honey-lemon drink for the unwell, sauce dips and more.


But what exactly does lemon and beer have in common?


 I wonder what you can do for my Tiger Beer, little guys?


Received a huge parcel last week from Tiger Malaysia.


Imagine my excitement when I unboxed the package! Laughing

Very coincidentally, I was having a rather bad day and the message that came with my surprise came at a perfect time.

How apt! Cool I couldn’t agree more.


Though I don’t particularly like lemons by itself – DAMN, SO SOUR I CANNOT BRAIN THIS.

But one has to make the most of everything that life throws at them!


At once, I could sense that a new range of Tiger Beer was imminent. 

But all I could do was wait…


A week later, this package arrived from Tiger Malaysia!

Double refreshment, eh? Let’s check it out.


When you just can’t decide between an ice-cold beer or a tropical lemonade to cool yourself down on a hot day, the all-new variant of Tiger Beer – Tiger Radler – fills that how-now-brown-cow dilemma! Wink

Count me in for a picnic with a carton of Tiger Radler, please?


Package unboxed. WOW. Just… wow!


Tiger Radler is an all-new variant of Tiger Beer that combines the crisp and easy-drinking taste of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice to produce a beverage that is doubles in refreshment.  Wink

With a distinctly cloudy look caused by its all natural lemon juice content, Tiger Radler is set to be the perfect beverage for almost any drinking occasion with family or friends.


 Behold the power of the mighty lemons.


Malaysia and Singapore will be the first two countries in Southeast Asia to introduce Tiger Radler!

Although Radler has already been a massive hit in Europe over the past few months – be sure to get the first taste of Tiger Radler at the upcoming launch party. This sophisticated brew will be launched in Malaysia on December 6 at KL Live.



Combining the crisp and easy-drinking taste of Tiger Beer with natural lemon juice for a distinctive beverage, the new Tiger Radler is set to bring double refreshment to discerning drinkers across the country. Cool

See you at the party this Friday! 



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