Ohai there! It's 4 am now and I can't sleep. Insomniac much?

Anyway, here's the weekly snippet of what I've been up to again, condensed in one blogpost!


Ducati Monster 795 World Premier @ Rootz KL

Superbike helmet – in my possession 

Anyone up for a ride you'll never forget? 😀



Haha! The only time I've ever ridden on a bike was back when I was still in highschool.

Pretty badass, if I do say so myself, albeit the fact that I was only the pillion rider hehe 😛 😛


Picked up my gurls and off we went


Kelly and I grabbing a photo in my car 😀


The Ducati Monster 795 World Premier was pretty big.

Heaps of people everywhere and the food was just amazing! 🙂


Helen and I inside the VVIP lounge


Oh and I forget to mention that the theme of the party was white; hence most guests were seen in white

No matter how hard I stared at my bursting wardrobe, no articles of white clothing seem to strike me as suitable for this particular event. Heck. I hardly wear anything in white – at all! 

Eventually, I decided on something which I found rather stylish, a Lady Gaga inspired short dress and wore it with sheer black stockings, my dark red boots & a white top hat! 😀 😀 


Rebecca and I chilling on the couch


And here's us at the photo wall, pitched someone's helmet just because it looked cool 😀


The Ducati Monster 795 still mysteriously covered from the eyes of the public….


has been officially unveiled in Malaysia!

Isn't she a beauty, mate? 😀 😀 

It sure blows your mind the moment you lay eyes on it!


Congratulations on a successful launch! 




So one Thursday on ladies' night, we just decided to hop into the car and dance the night away


Let my hair down and hit the dance podium without a care in the world

Sometimes, a girl really needs to do whatever makes her happy like no one's watching


I sure did that very night! Was busy shuffling to all the amazing tracks that was thumping so hard on the bass

Boombox magnifique!  


And I'm glad I wasn't alone 😀


Had a few drinks with the rest of the Monash peeps at the table

and supper & shisha after the sesh as usual


Phuture weekend benders!

Pre-drinks: Absinthe, Vodka, Redbull, Tequila, Jack Daniels & wine


Still standing hey! 😀


Phuture's jumping tonight!


Okay to be honest, I hardly go to Phuture anymore.

All because it just feeds us R&B and mainstream shit that is repetitively played on radio anyway. I might as well put on Hitz.FM or Fly.FM in my room all alone and dance or party by myself cos it honestly makes no diffie.

Barsonic is the real shizz right there, with heavy bass, incredibly talented DJs/spinmasters producing uplifting music which never fails to putcha in a state of trance and bring turbulence to the crowd!

But since we always go to Barsonic each time we hit Zouk, we kinda decided to something different for a change. 

Which was ironically, something we did for a change a long time ago & never look back since – until tonight.


To go to Phuture.


My gurls and I 😀


Swedish buddy David and I


Couzzie Kelvin and I


Couzzie Madelene and I 


The housies and I 😀


Just another weekend of fun and all things trippin' 

Have a good week ahead lovelies!