By just glancing at my updates on this blog or all my social media profiles, anyone can easily point out and safely assume that I live a very active lifestyle comprising sports and working out in the gym. That is correct.

But only those who really know me well enough would know that I love taking part in charitable causes and helping the less fortunate.

Because really, it's not something you can document everyday.


Keeping track of the distance I've just ran with my new companion on my iPhone.


Ergo, I was delighted when I found out that I could combine the benefits of running and being charitable at the same time, all in a single app on my mobile phone.

Guess what I was introduced to?

Enter: Rexona


After downloading it, you get a little walkthrough on what Rexona Move is all about and how it works


Basically, this app is a fun initiative to yank you out of your seat and be active. Work up a sweat, baby! yes

Our movements will be turned into distance to help underprivileged children in every state in Malaysia – yup, your help will be channeled nationwide!



How? You ask.

It records our distance when we move from one point to another via GPS, tracks them, and turns them into contributions. Yeah, it calculates and submits all the contributions for you.

All you need to do now, is to get up MOVE.


I selected the 'running' mode yesterday evening to accompany my daily runs.



So far, I’ve been using it for a lot of different activities like shopping, running errands, jogging, walking home from the nearby grocery store and especially when  I do my runs around the neighbourhood.

So let's see how I fared on my first run with Rexona Move.


As a heath and fitness enthusiast, I always encourage stretching those quads and hamstrings before a run.

Warming up will do you good!


Another muscle group that will be heavily used during this run are the ones in your calves!


Staying hydrated before my run!


And it's time for the flag off! Am I ready for this race despite being the only participant? cheeky

So it's me against myself. I will show no mercy.


Run like the wind!


You know what I really love about this Rexona Move app?

It rewards me with badges whenever I hit a new milestone. Yay! Such gives me motivation to run and walk more for the sake of achieving more distances.


Got my first badge! devilyes


Taking a short break while exploring the app further


Let's continue running!

Rexona Move on my iPhone is snug in the palm of my hand.


Even if you are not an avid runner, don’t like any form of sports, don’t like sweating, you can still be part of the cause by just living your life as per normal, doing the things you like.

It’s zero effort to help others. Why not?wink


There are a variety of activities available that won't impose on your daily activities

You walk, and climb the stairs at least once a day, don't you? smiley Heck, there's even a 'shopping' mode!


By doing absolutely nothing additional, you can go about your daily lives while simultaneously being part of a huge, collective effort of charity for underprivileged children across Malaysia!


Malaysians are amazing! Look at how much we've travelled so far!


Apa kata kita berganding bahu untuk menolong kanak-kanak yang kurang mampu?

Sounds like a pretty noble (and easy!) thing to do, if you ask me.


Running one swift step at a time!


I urge all of you to follow my footsteps (quite literally LOL) and download the Rexona Move app for the greater good of people in need. 

Rexona Move is available on your iPhone’s App Store and your Android’s Google Play store.


Install it and make a difference to others. I sure did!wink


Haha I like this photo. It looks like I'm running straight towards an oncoming vehicle, right? LOL

The aswer lies in camera angles. SO don't worry at all; I'm obviously not attempting suicide. heart 


The lovely rainbow I saw across the sky that evening.

It's a good sign, innit? Heaven approves cheekycheeky


Nine minutes into my run!


Hi. laugh


Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’ve ran a 10 kilometre marathon or walked for 5 metres just to cross the  road to buy some food, because each movement counts… it matters! angel

Every little contribution is donated to help all the underprivileged children in Malaysia.

Sedikit lama-lamanya akan menjadi bukit, kan? cool


All tired out after running for almost 10KM!


But I know it's worth it. 


It’s that effortless. Can you imagine hardly lifting a finger to contribute to charity and to turn someone's life around for better days aheadsmileyheart


Anymore preaching and I'll feel like Mother Teresa already.

So you get the drill, right?


Hand-in-hand with Rexona Move, let’s do this together and sweat to change lives… so get moving!



For more information on Rexona Move, you can:

Visit their official website at: