Friday night was beyond exhilarating. My fangirl life is complete.

I was an arms length away from one of my favourite, renowned DJs in the world. Ranked World #16, he is none other than the Dutch hottie Sander Van Doorn!


Let’s get this party started!

We shook hands and he autographed my hand!

SVD -Looks like I’ll never wash the back of my hand again 😛


As he was signing my hand with his lil Sharpie marker, I told him he was awesome.

He looked up & gave me a million dollar smile. I swooned. Sander is adorable! 


Okay. Enough with the gushing 😀

Sander Van Doorn’s gig was scheduled at 2am, and opening for him was DJ Terrence C.


Picture taken during Terrence C’s set

I attended the event with my gurlie & fave rave-kaki, Pammy 

Yay yay! We be partying with Sander Van Doorn

As if we never have enough of raves!

Nope, never. Bring ALL the world class DJs and we’ll be there.


When the clock hit 2 in the morning, the crowd became so rowdy!

Everyone had to get a closer look at Sander, to give him a high-five, to shake his hand, to get photos of him, to just be right in fronta him!


I was squashed, elbowed, and jostled against the uproarious crowd.

But was loving it. After all, that’s how a mosh pit should be; what’s a loud, crazy crowd made of if not for its unrestrained hustling?


Sander droppin’ it sick

He got the crowd so wild with his rambunctious spinning


The level of energy went 10 notches higher as Sander rocked the house with ‘Koko’

He also spun a few popular favorites like ‘Rattle’ by the Bingo Players


We love you Sander! 


Birds eye view : taken from upstairs in the VIP section


Deadmau5 spotted amongst the crowd! 😛

It’s a little different raving in the VIP area as no one really jumps madly.

So I went downstairs again to join a group of friends I spotted from the top!


How Ash & I would probably look during the day

How we look during the night 😛 😛


Keep it going till the sun comes up, Sander!

The night ended on a high note. What can I say?

Best Friday the 13th ever.


Got home at 7am, smiling myself to sleep. Indeed a night to remember




Probably kinda late, but what went down in Febuary?


Another EDM powerhouse, Hardwell! Leaning more to Electro & Progressive music, the Dutch-born DJ is certainly on top of his game!

Ranked at World #24, Hardwell has pretty wicked tracks under his belt 


Hardwell acknowledging his fans

Hardwell dropping his co-track, ‘Zero 76’ that he made with Tiesto

I went there with my usual rave-kakis to watch him perform live.

Neither of us could miss watching this talented DJ spin that thang! 


My gurls Venessa & Pamela

The other half & I


My party peeps for the night

My gurlie Pam & I 

Bumped into more buddies! Kelly & Cherina

We went crazy

Arms waved furiously in the air, heads banged in unison and the entire Zouk mainroom was escalated into a hub of energy!

Hardwell dropped his ‘Encoded’ and ‘Cobra’ as well as other popular tracks apart from his own.


Grainy picture of Hardwell from my phone

Only 23 years old, he has been making waves, collaborating with EDM giants and not forgetting releasing Top Tenners on Beatport!

So ecstatic to finally meet him 🙂


Boyfie and I were drenched with perspiration

Epic night with Hardwell indeed




Back in December, we had Ferry Corsten perform for us right in the middle of our city that never sleeps.

Everyone was in the Christmas mood & ready to Get Merry with Ferry!


It made my night watching Ferry Corsten take the night to full swing right before my very eyes.


Having him as part of my wallpapers for the past year and now seeing him in the flesh?

Indescribable. ‘Nuff said. 


Take it away Ferry!

Watch him roll!

Ferry upped our party-mood way off the ground as he blasted his popular mixes ‘Punk’, ‘Feel It’, ‘Holding On’ and ‘Into the Dark’

Don’t stop! The party enthusiasts haven’t gotten enough of being merry with Ferry just yet 


Ferry Corsten at the turntable

Closest photo of mine with Ferry

Thanks for the photos Ed! 😀

Drop the bass & watch us rave!

Hey, it’s not every day you get a world-class DJ performing for you. 

But World #18 DJ Ferry Corsten is right here, right now. So ya better bask in his house & trance beats!


My partypeeps for the night 🙂

Pammy & I again 

What’s that Ferry? You want a toast with your people of tonight? 😀

Why, gladly! 





Now where ma party peoples at! 😀

Thanks for a great night Ferry!

The pleasure is all ours.

Keep up the good job in bringing international acts & world class titans of the music industry, Zouk!

You certainly know how to make your party people happy campers every night don’tchall? 😀 

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