What happens when you’re in the mood for some buckets of ice-cold beer with your buddies or a night out partying hard to infectious Gaga + Timberland remixes and booming bass beats? You hit the clubs.

But what if your lazybones refuse to take you all the way to KL City where the mainstream clubs are located? You go to Envy in Solaris Mont Kiara.

Dance performances during the opening

As everyone knows, Solaris is home to some pretty awesome F&B eateries and its suburban nightlife. In that square itself, there are many places to choose from various fine dining restaurants, clubs & bars and abundant cafes.



When gurls go wild with good food and even better music.


A group of bloggers were invited by the management of Envy Club to attend a media&bloggers tour of the premise itself on a Wednesday night. Buffet dinner was served to us and there was a free-flow of beer too!


At the entrance


When I got inside, I was actually impressed with the large and spacious layout of the double-storey club plus its state-of-the-art interior design. Can anyone see the pole in the middle? LOL that’s for the aspriring pole dancers out there to do their thang!



Here’s a shot I managed to get which shows you both the floors of Envy. Captured this in a very awkward position, of having myself doubled over the stage floor right below the DJ Console.


Photos captured with the camera pointed
180degrees apart from the same position


Speaking of DJs, we had a very talented combo of a DJ and a beatboxer too on the night of the launch. Believe or not, the latter is only 18 years old and is ranked #9 in the recent beatboxing competition held in Berlin!


Music was relatively good, as most AT40 R&B clubhits were playing as well as some popular trance & house beats. A blend that never fails to work at any given party!

The DJs used Scratch Live on his laptop too

When we had enough of downstairs, we then went upstairs to check out what it has in store for us all.

Just before we adjourned upstairs


Wow! I especially liked how it looked all more comfy upstairs. There were plenty of sofas and it was likened to a lounge – a very large area occupying the entire row.

I like!

Myself, SarChan, Shawn’s friend & Shawn


What I also found rather ingenious, albeit a very sneaky idea was to build a glass bridge connecting the two sections of the 2nd floor.
Watch out ladies! Don’t wear your fave dresses or miniskirts and accidentally walk right through it.

… for I forsee a heightened level of noise under the
transparent bridge each time you walk by.


Anyhow, I was lucky enough to be coincidentally wearing my pair of baggy pants on that night. So I stood on the glass bridge comfortably with the rest of the dudes. Heh.

Shot this from upstairs. I think I’m addicted to lightplay now

And the best part of the 2nd floor just has to be their Nintendo Wii. There are 2 flat screen monitors for you to play Wii Sports and the rest of the games installed inside.



My fave game was Tennis on Wii Sports. Melody, Kristine and I were challenging each other. LOL That’s me on the left and Kris on the right… jengjengjeng guess who won?

Pwn-ed joo, Kristine!

The special part of Envy is that it had a seperate section for VVIPs. And I mean, a really seperate section where cigars and wine bottles rule.

Casa Envidia

It was so exclusive that it even had a private staircase leading right to the center of this room. However, there is a side door (if you’re smart enough to find it) which will give you access directly from the club into the room.


These VVIPs even have their very own wine room all to themselves. Pretty cool for the creme of people who appreciate the finer things in life. Champagne, cigars, wine and tapas. Check out this other Shisha place nearby.




I can’t help to think that this place reminds me of the 1st class seats on an aeroplane.


It was brightly lit and extremely spacious
with leather upholstery for their armchairs.


I think I spotted a GH Mum premium wine bottle on display

In a very short while, I exited this seperate I-feel-so-royal-and-important place to head back to the mainroom of the club.


We helped ourselves to more free-flow of drinks. There was much merry-making in the club! By the time it struck midnight, more and more people started to roll in.


We bloggers had fun messing around with our cams to produce crazy lightplays from the laser lighting of Envy and of course camwhoring in the vicinity.




Kudos to
Leonard, Event Manager & Zai, Communications Manager
and the rest of the Envy team for making this evening a blast


If you think you’ve had enough of the club atmosphere and want to opt for something more relaxing and breeezy, Envy’s got just the right thing for you too.


It’s their outdoor lounge just beside the club, again with my ideal picture of comfy sofas and fluffy cushions there at your disposal. The ventilation here is just perfect, with huge-ass oscillating fans and of course the natural breeze.


Just perfect to sit down with your buddies
or loved ones and down some Corona

Sometimes I stiffle the urge to fall directly asleep on those sofas. Really now, things can get so comfortable and cosy that I could just catch my 40 winks on the spot.

Oh and randomly,

Yes I steal Fedoras when I’m being fed with some rad drinks.
In the mood for some Envy yet?
It’s the total package in the heart of Solaris