Just before we ushered in the new year, I was invited by Resorts World Genting to witness their new resident show: a multi-million ringgit production of Ice, Magic & Entertainment aptly named 'FREEZE'.

I haven't been to Genting Highlands in over a year so I thought, hey, why not?


The journey up to the 'Fun City Above the Clouds' was a winding one. 

T'was cold when I arrived (to my surprise!) and a hot cuppa from Starbucks was all I needed


I brought my buddy & housie Pamela to the show with me as well

As soon as we got up there, we started dolling up for the show


As I was booked into First World Hotel, it was quite a fair bit of a walk for us. But no matter!

'FREEZE' was to be held at Genting International Showroom, in the same building as Resort Hotel.


YAY Finally arrived the showroom!


But first, we decided to dine before the show to avoid being cold & hungry in there!

So we went for the buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace Genting courtesy of Resorts World Genting! Thank you 🙂


At the entrance of Coffee Terrace Genting




There was a plethora of food available during the buffet. We were delighted to find a host of both international and local delights.


Alright, dinner beckons us! :D

Here, lemme show you some of what we had




Watching Chinese people cook really, really intrigue me.

Just look at those oppressive flames amongst the food –


Frying food with gigantic flames inside the wok for so long without burning the meals!

Cooking level : ASIAN


We were spoilt for choice looking at all those food and more! 

Here's something that got me ticking :


Not just an ordinary chocolate fondue fountain… it's a


Here were some of the choices we recommend from Coffee Terrace Genting :


Roast Turkey ham slices


New York Cheesecakes


And from our plates:


Butter Fish, Grilled Dory, Chicken & Beef Teriyaki, Seafood Aglio Olio, Tempura, Fried Soft Shell Crab


Tiramisu, Sushi & Maki, Chicken Sausage, Bread & Butter Pudding


Fresh Garden Pasta, Black Pepper Roast Beef


Other food worthy of not (which we didn't snap photos of) were :

Carrot Soup, Nyonya Chicken, Teochew Siakap & Century Egg Broth, Baby Prawn & Red Snapper, Lamb Kurma, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with White Chocolate Sauce, Thai Green Curry & Beef Rendang. 


A definite must-try! 


We adjourned to Genting International Showroom at sharp 9PM




Too excited to be spellbounded by world-class performers! 


Behold, the never-been-staged-before production is about to begin



The showroom has turned into one of the largest ice entertainment venue in Malaysia



This million-pound ice-rink was specially constructed for 'FREEZE', operating at a permanent -8°C



We were entertained with a vast array of magic, entertainment and acrobatic stunts all on ice!



It was stupendous, to say the least 



Apart from stunts and whatnot, there was a musically inclined performance

on the violin and graceful dances from a fusion of performers from Ukraine, Europe & Asia


Introducing the enchanting illusionist Anastasiia Birch from Ukraine!


She appears through an empty crystal box


Captivating us with her brand of illusion


We were wow-ed by many of her talents


Anastasiia performing her double levitation act


Anastasiia performing the World's Largest Turbine Illusion 

So dangerous my heart sank when I saw her disappear into the turbine and emerge from the other side!



To think that it has sank enough, I was so very wrong.

I literally gritted my teeth and had my fists in a gridlocked clench the moment I saw this – 


Anastasiia performing the World's Largest Drill Illusion



Loved it when everything was set in flames


The Huachen Acrobatic Group from China induced a jaw-dropping and eyebrow-raising reaction from me

These flexible and limber daredevils blew me over with their agility, energy and nimble movements!!


They spun so fast and in so many degrees and angles I was seeing stars after they were done


Don't know how yall do it but, bravo!


They have most definitely set the bar as they fluidly contort, perform aerial trapeze acts, silk aerial acts and high-flying acts.

Wish I could've shown you more pictures but my eyes were really concentrating on their insane, rapid movements


The cast


It was such an amazing 75 minute production, it left us not only starstruck and beyond impressed.

'FREEZE' is one I'd truly recommend.


The photos and the experience I've just shared simply cannot do it justice!

If you wanna watch it for yourselves, details are as below:


It's often a full-house show, so log-on to www.rwgenting.com or call

for availability and booking to avoid disappointment 


And if you wanna indulge in the buffet just like ours, look here :


That's all for now. An amazing experience, no doubt.

My housies and I had so much fun at the themeparks and the casino thereafter.


'FREEZE' You heard it from me!

Don't miss any of those never-seen-before acts! 🙂