In conjunction with the release of their 4th and latest album 'Get Your Heart On!', we were lucky enough to have Simple Plan right here at our Malaysian soil as one of their stops for their tour just yesterday afternoon.

Yup, you read right.


The band rocked Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 8pm in KL Live last night!


I arrived at 2.30pm to attend the press conference with my assistant of the day, Pamela 🙂

Thanks for all the help & company!


Wow. Talk about dedicated fans.

There was already a queue as early as 6 hours before Simple Plan's concert!


CEO of Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid, Jason Lo, welcomed us and spoke extensively regarding the concert and what to expect for the night. 


"This is the first of many to come! Our next acts will be Avril Lavigne, Jessie J and more,"

Jason Lo shares


I bet all Malaysian Simple Plan fans were ecstatic being able to catch their favorite punk rock band perform right in front of their eyes.

Well, guess what? This is just the beginning.  


Jason Lo speaking



Simple Plan was brought down to Malaysia thanks to Tune Talk – in collaboration with JS Concert Productions and Fat Boys – as part of their 'No Big Deal lah' series of concerts.

Next was local band 'The Revellers', winner of the band search competition to open for Simple Plan's gig


They were personally handpicked by Simple Plan


When asked why they were chosen, Simple Plan said that it was "all about the music…"

Good on yall, guys! 🙂 Make Malaysia proud hey?


Simple Plan being welcomed by the MC


During the interview, I managed to ask them a couple of questions.


Jessicat: What is your favorite song from your latest album 'Get Your Heart On!' and why?

Pierre: "I would say 'Can't Keep My Hands Off You'. It talks about getting down, know what I'm saying, gurl?"


Nice one! Oh I definitely know what you're sayin' Pierre. *winkwink*



Next question:

Jessicat: Where's your next stop after Malaysia and what are the future plans?

Pierre: Singapore is the next stop.. then Indonesia, Japan. We'll be doing a Canadian tour, a European tour, Australia… all over the world.


Cool beans. Looks like there's no stopping the band after 10 years! Amazing 

They were part of my teenage years, my friends' and I's all-time favorite punk rock band ever.


I'm sure many can relate!


Members of Simple Plan sharing a light banter with the MC

When asked, they mentioned that they loved the Malaysian heat!



Chuck Comeau (drums & percussions) speaking:

"It's -15 degrees in Canada, a snow storm at home right now.

We're very happy to be here, wearing shorts & Tshirts, it's awesome!"


Bumped into Jason (and his adorable son)

(his head happens to be at the bottom of the photo LOL!)


He asked me, "Are you ready for tonight? You better be!"

Is that even a question? Hell to the yeah I am! 🙂 🙂



Their concert was amazing. Take it from me, a true Simple Plan fan since their old skool days of 2002.

As a teenager, I used to have posters of them back then, compiled all my favorite songs of Simple Plan's albums and blast them in my room, rocking out all by myself while jumping on the bed playing an air guitar 



Stay tuned for the coverage of Simple Plan's concert last night.

Heaps of photos + videos coming your way! 😉