Happy Saturday peeps!

My week was amazing. I just returned from Genting Highlands.

Here's what been keeping me busy. Too good not to share. So, let's go!




In conjunction with the Genting International Magic Festival 2012, I was invited to attend the Media & Celebrity Night of  Superstars of Magic 2 one fine Friday night :)

For those not in the know, Superstars of Magic 2 is the second instalment of the 90-minute production incorporating spellbinding magic, incredible talents, comedy and unbelievable illusions by a magician cast of 11, around the world all in one stage tonight.


Be prepared to be amazed! 


Here are some of the fellow guests that were with me for the show.


The four of us! 


Dennis, Me and Kon


Buddy Joe and I


Us with David and Andrew!


As it was already almost 9PM, we were ushered into Genting International Showroom where the show was about to begin.

The entrance itself was ethereal and had a glow of magnificence resonating from its walkway.


I'm so excited! :D


We made our way to the VIP seats (thanks Genting!) and was prepared to be well-entertained and amazed.

The show started right on time! 


At 9PM sharp, our emcee of the show Chipper Lowell made his entrance and brought us lots of laughter with his hilarious banter!

He was chirpy and loud! Chipper made us giggle so much with his silly antics too :D:D



He then introduced the first act of the night, Charlie Frye and company all the way from Las Vegas!

So happy to be able to watch the World's Best Variety Act right here :D



His first show, Lord of the Rings was really cool. He held many interlocking large metal rings and somehow managed to separate them all and put them back together so quickly! 

It was comical when he entangled himself and then detangled himself again!



He did a second show called the Flying Bowling Ball.

Charlie made that bowling ball float all over his body and roll across his shoulders effortlessly!


Even balancing the bowling ball on his coat!


He also juggled so many things!


Come to think of it, I've never really mastered the art of juggling. 

I think I can only struggle at two tennis balls! Haha. Good job, Charlie! 


This stunt was the best one from Charlie!


He placed his vest and hat on the broomstick and balanced it on his forehead.. before dropping it all into the right places.

The moment Charlie dropped the broomstick, the hat automatically fell on his head and the vest on his body


Our emcee, Chipper Lowell, came back on stage to tickle our ribs and introduce the second act

One of dazzling dexterity, Nestor Hato, the card manipulation champ all the way from France! :D



When the lights dimmed and his music began to play, something jolted me right outta my seat.

Out of the thousands of dubstep songs I have, my ringtone was chosen to play right on the stage by someone I don't even know!

How coincidental! 


As I am a hardcore dubstep fan, I took a double take at this guy in front of me


Which magician performs to dubstep anyway? NO ONE. No one but Nestor.

He was performing to Porter Robinson & Knife Party as well as Kairo Kingdom. 


Nestor shooting sparks from his fingers and creating explosions of flames from his palms :D



I head-banged throughout his entire act while I watched him make cards fly everywhere like they had a life of their own.

The decks of cards swooshed out like a torrential flow from his fingers.. non-stop! 


I paid solid attention as he made cards vanish into silk cloth and confetti.

Such an excellent effect!  


There was just something about him that struck me. I didn't know what it was.

I felt an inexplicable connection with this stranger that night. Something that I've never felt before.


It was an epiphany. Like communication de pensees, thoughts spoken without saying a word. 

Wow. What was that?


I then observed him flicking cards into the air and straight into his mouth and pocket perfectly

Bien fait!! 


I felt my body moving progressively to the rhythm. It was crazy!

As he danced and performed his card tricks, I was dancing along with him in my seat LOL!


Flying cards!


Before we even noticed, he spun around and changed the colour of his t-shirt and hair.

Yup. From black to white. 


Voila! That was amazing!! :D:D


Bonne Chance, Nestor! 

Keep up the brilliant act


He blew my mind. It wasn't just his act nor the music. But him, as a person


My instincts proved me right; our empathy was mutual. Needless to say, close friendship developed between us instantly after the show and we found ourselves having a lot in common! :D

Not only is he talented & fantastic on stage, he is an amazing person & a wonderful friend to me as well 


No doubt, Nestor was my favorite act of the night 


The third act of the night was Christian Lindemann, all the way from Germany :D

He is Europe's Best Pick-Pocket Artist. Everybody, hold on tight to your belongings! 


Christian picked Dennis from the crowd!


Haha! I loved how he played a little game with us about the



Christian was great and had such quick fingers too!

He managed to distract all of us and slowly but surely, pick-pocketing all of Dennis' belongings 


Look at Christian's right hand! That's one of Dennis' cellphones he took!


Dennis obviously was not aware that his items were being taken away from him one by one!


He relieved everything from Dennis. You name it, it's taken!

His iPhone, his Blackberry, his cellphone, his wallet, his belt, his credit cards.. even his underpants.


I remember shouting "UNDERPANTS!!!!" when Christian asked the crowd what we wanted him to steal next

Such a naughty girl I am! Mwahahhahahaa! :P Sorry Dennis!


His signature tagline of "I LIKE………………………" made me laugh everytime!

He also stuck a Facebook thumbs up "LIKE" on his coat after his show LOL


Whilst up in Genting earlier this week, I got to know Christian personally as well. :D

Apart from being great on stage, he's a really fun person, down-to-earth and such a nice guy too!


The forth act of the night was an adorable young boy, Tigran Petroysan.

One-half of the World's Youngest Manipulation Artists from Germany, give it up for Tigran!


I loved his little schoolboy look and the umbrella


So cute! Oh and, today is his birthday too.



He performed a really deft act with ping pong balls which kept disappearing and reappearing all around his fingers

I love watching young talents.. a star in the making perhaps? :D


Gogo Tigran!


When he ended his act, I gave a loud applause!

Much support for this young kid :D


The fifth act of the night was his older brother, Sos Junior Petroysan!

Sos Junior, also hailing from Germany, is the other half of the World's Youngest Manipulation Artists


I found this 16 year old very talented for his age!


More and more and more cards spun around and defied gravity when they were tossed high up above!


He also made cards fly everywhere


I seriously wonder, where do they keep their cards? LOL

From the audience's point of view, card manipulators appear to have cards sprouting outta their hands everytime!


This reminds me of the Matrix!


Our bubbly emcee, Chipper Lowell came back on stage to tickle our ribs again.

He made an attempt to guess a card that the audience picked… and got it wrong. (But just wait!)


Chipper's volunteer helping to pass him more and more wooden blocks to balance on his CHIN


When he turned around, the crowd was cheering loudly!

He guessed the card right and there it was, in bold, black ink written at the back of this wooden blocks :D


The sixth act of the night was none other than the World's Best Escape Artist, flown in all the way from Canada!

Was so nervous to watch Dean Gunnarson attempt a death-defying act


Dean explaining what he is going to do



He's going to be hand-cuffed, locked up and chained inside that tiny red tank.

In attempting this dangerous act, he would have to hold his breath for as long as he can escape from the shackles and breakthrough the enclosure.


After getting a volunteer from the crowd to inspect the chains, Dean was ready to be held captive


Good luck Dean!!! You can do it! :D:D




We were asked to hold our breaths along with him.

Dramatic music then ensued. Spotlights and flashlights shot across the stage. 


After 2 minutes and 20 seconds.. he was still in there. OMG!


We were all at the edge of our seats already. 

Will Dean escape victoriously before he runs out of breath? 


And he did!!



Though it was expected that he could escape, the nature of his act was so tense and frightening.

If it was me, I'd probably shiver in claustrophobia haha! That was terrific, Dean! YAY!


In those few days I stayed in Genting, Dean and I became friends too. He told me that he has been doing this for decades now! Plus, I also spotted his fingers, or lack thereof!

This daredevil lost a few of his fingers while doing his dangerous escape stunts throughout the years. 

Impressive, yet scary! :D


The seventh act of the night were the Grand Illusionist duo from our brethren down south, Singapore!

Get ready to be wowed by JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning :D


After Magic Babe Ning locked  & chain JC Sum into the glass enclosure…..


Guess what happened after 2 seconds?


Yup! They magically swapped places!


Their next performance included metal blades in a large metal box.

Again, they managed to swap places when there was clearly nothing and no one inside!





Their final stunt was a winner.

After locking Magic Babe Ning into a small box (with her hands clearly visible!) guess where she reappeared?


Big swipes of flames 


Are we ready? P/S – You can still see Magic Babe Ning's hands from the box


JC Sum then sliced the box in half and pointed to the crowd 


And Magic Babe Ning appeared in the middle of the crowd!


Gosh! Did she just teleport there or something?

That was pretty cool and unbelievable, no doubt! 


Our eight and final act of the night was World's Best Quick Change Artists, Sos & Victoria Petroysan from Germany!

Watching quick change acts can be very entertaining and puzzling at the same time :D


Now you see this outfit


Now you don't!


Gosh, looks like this woman doesn't need to take an hour to dress up or get ready whenever she wants to head out huh? :P

 I can just envision her doing a quick change and ta-daaa! She's ready in 1 second LOL


What's next?


Sos performed a fiery act and immediate changed Victoria's clothes in a blink of an eye


And again!! What the….??? WOW.


They continued dancing and Victoria stepped inside a little portal-looking-thing and she changed again!


Next, she didn't step into any portal this time.


Sos placed a cloth around her and poof!


She flashed us this outfit!


So funky! The next outfit was also done in a split of a second


Victoria wasn't the only one that had her clothes changed, Sos has his outfit changed from black to white as well!


To save the best for last, Sos & Victoria made their final change of clothes and astonished us all.

She didn't walk into anything, nor had any cloth concealing her.


Sos threw a motherload of silver confetti around her…


And she appeared in a matching white wedding gown!


That was simply amazing. Hey, I wish I had those skills too. :D

Then I'd probably only need less than 1 minute to get ready before I go out.




After everything was over, Chipper announced for the entire cast to come back to the stage one by one, for the finale.

A thunderous applause resonated from all corners of the theatre as they joined hands to take their final bow.



I was mesmerized by the entire 90 minutes of the show, and I'm pretty sure the entire audience felt the same!

Having wonderful acts from all over the world to perform for us in Genting right before our eyes? Priceless.


Tony Hassini, President & Founder of the International Magicians Society

was flown in as a special guest for the evening


Managed to get a photo with him! :D


Two people who deserved their Merlin Award!


He presented two Merlin Awards for two very talented people, David Lai for Best Producer of the Year and Tigran Petroysan for World's Youngest Magician!

Yay! Congratulations to the both of you for the recognition of your hard work :D


David on stage receiving his award


Thank you, David for a spell-binding production! Superstars of Magic 2 is like his little brainchild, his baby! 

You did a remarkable job, I must say!

My full support and love goes out to Superstars of Magic, always! 


Here are some photos I took during the Press Conference and interview session.


The Petroysan Family (Germany)


Dean Gunnarson (Canada)


Charlie Frye & his wife (USA)


Chipper Lowell (USA) and Nestor Hato (France)


Christian Lindemann (Germany)


JC Sum and Magic Babe Ning (Singapore)


Kevin Tann & David Lai giving an in-depth explanation of Superstars of Magic 2


Christian expressed how much he loved his Malaysian experience and the people.


Photo session and mingling time!







The night ended as quickly as it began.

I was still feeling enthralled by what I witnessed that very night. :D


Tomorrow is the final show.

If you want to be dazzled just like I did,  make sure you BE THERE on Sunday night!

Details on how you can purchase your tickets – here



I had a fantastic time at Superstars of Magic 2.

Thank you very much, Resorts World Genting and David for a stupendous, magical night.


Oh and guess what? I'm more than proud to announce that Superstars of Magic 3 is confirmed!

More details soon *wink* Stay tuned! :D