Let’s face it. Accidents and mishaps happen almost every minute in different parts of the world every single day.

BUT what really bothers me the most is how regular average Joes flock at the chance to turn into conspiracy theorists, keyboard warriors, overnight reporters and aviation experts who spew and share nonsensical bollocks regarding the already pressing issue at hand.


Please. Just stop.

Pointless escalation of untruths and uncertainties. Really? Nobody needs more drama.



I’ve gotta say though, I refrained myself from posting anything on social media (except condolences) or on this blog about said tragedies simply because I just did not want to contribute to the already congested, air-tight sphere of drama when I had nothing to claim, assert or say that people didn’t already know through the grapevine. 


The question is, how true are the things you share online? Oh Really?

The kind of journalism I was trained and taught stems from credibility, amongst other key ethics. Social media, however, despite being an integral and instant alternative to traditional media, is unfortunately a realm of open-sourced poppycock.

A domain where every Tom, Dick and Harry possesses equal power in their hands to be a (loud) mouthpiece to say anything their mind conjures. 

Some even go to the extent of uploading digitally manipulated images and YET, pools of scoop-thirsty morons turn to believing and worse, circulating such fabrication.

Hit with Brick



It’s like walking into a morning market where gossip and small talk fill the air and where people chat for the sake of empty conversation. 

I don’t blame them. But what about you? Doubt it!

Pretty sure your productivity at work or school pulled either an MH370 or an MH17 on you, yes? Not funny at all, but either way, not pleasant as well. Get back to work.


The convenience of being spoonfed online subconsciously leads to the refreshing of your newsfeed every five minutes and voila! You find yourself reposting anything you find bizarre and ‘newsworthy’, namely graphic images of dead bodies, horrifying video footages and speculating unverified news.



Surely you have more important things to focus on? 

I’m not going to get onto a moral high horse here but honestly, with disasters permeating our lives barely months after the MH370 disappearance, I begin to somewhat question the entire spectacle of online behaviour and ethics.

With the Israel-Palestine wars in Gaza, the raging steering lock-wielding Kiki woman of Peugeot CDM25, the suicide case in Bangsar Shopping Center, and now the MH17 attack all happening co-currently, I just couldn’t help but to notice how people let petty jibber-jabber, dramatization and rumours surrounding such tragic mishaps consume their lives as if every conversation they have depended on it.

Heck, even some broadcast media (the four radio stations, you know who you are) turned to sensationalizing and creating undeserving headlines out of this debacle. All for a jump in ratings? /facepalm

Such a fiasco, methinks Too Sad



Don’t be too quick to believe everything you see and read on social media.

Be a better gatekeeper, I implore you. The next time you want to share news, think again. How true is it? Is it from a credible news source? Is it substantial with enough evidence?

Don’t be too caught up in the wave of such idiosyncrasies and end up making a mountain out of a molehill. You’re really not helping the situation and instead, making it worse by propagating more speculation.

This can be very disturbing and confusing to the public, and even more so to the friends and families of those involved. Yell



Putting rants aside and on another note:

To my 3 friends whom I lost on 3 plane crashes in late 2013 and 2014 alone, may your souls rest in peace in a place just as beautiful as you have ever been. Heaven’s got a plan for you.



In light of the MH17 incident, 298 lives from different nations have perished in this tragedy, and to the loved ones of the casualties who are deeply affected by the loss, my heart goes out to you.

May the memories which come from the good times shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead. Pray I also hope and pray for international and diplomatic help in joining hands for justice to be served. 

But for now, Malaysia, let us stand together in solidarity and strength in this darkest hour.