Throughout the past month, I've been playing host to many caucasian buddies of mine here in Malaysia.

December felt like a month of not only sharing & introducing Malaysia, my culture, my lifestyle, my food and my people to friends from abroad but also getting more in touch with my own country on a totally different level.


Believe it or not, being a constant tour guide does have its profound impacts on a local. 

I can vouch for that in its entirety. 


But to be honest, being a tour guide/host is not an easy streak as constantly going out and about to never-ending places of interest is more than likely to render me strapped for cash; draining my wallet of its dosh. $$$$$$$


En route to Batu Caves!


Don't get me wrong. I enjoy it regardless – well proven with my 1st Australian guest I hosted last month.

So…. bring on round #4 of bringing foreigners around in a month! 


Batu Caves, the 400 million year old sacred Indian hilltop temple of worship

was one of the touristy destinations I took 'em all to


That 140 feet Lord Muruga statue we have is the tallest statue of its kind in the world! 🙂 *proud*

Currently it's not so pretty as they are re-doing paintworks – hence construction scaffoldings around it.


Birds will flock together in unbelievable amounts! 

I've seen the entire walkway covered with a sea of birds on certain evenings


Oooh tiny boy chasing pengui – – wait, I totally meant pigeons.

Honest mistake there. Unbackspaced for shits and giggles 

Anyway, I've been frequenting Batu Caves so many times in a month that I think I could totally climb up the stairs in under 5 minutes now. It's not exactly that tough, trust me 

300 steps all in all – 272 steps to get up there and another 20ish steps inside the cave.


But seriously, please, what can 300 do to you?


Oh wait…. right. 




Right, so…. the next time I pay a visit to Batu Caves will be to bring le boyfie for the (much dreaded) staircase hike, the Ramayana cave, the Dark Cave tour, the Indian blessings and to simply witness the picturesque sights of KL & the Klang Valley from up above


Only a halfway mark? I kid you not.


What's also wonderful at Batu Caves is the fact that you will see so many tourists/foreigners/expatriates flock from all over the world; curious to know the ongoings within the walls of our sacred cave. 


My Aussieguests Allyce & Lauren attempting the climb!


Armed with their cameras of all sorts, maps and escalated enthusiasm, people of different races and religion come to this limestone hill which bears home to arguably the most popular Hindu shrine in South East Asia


Incidentally, I made few new friends up on the steps too

This is Anamika. She hails from India and is in Malaysia for a holiday & to pay her respects to Hindu Lord Murugan


Finally arrived the peak! Batu Caves beckons us


Amazing view of nature from waaaaay up here!


And part of the Klang Valley from the look out spot


inside the main cave of Batu Caves – the Cathedral/Temple cave!


Stalactites and stalagmites come in abundance!



So much more to see inside! Ancient Indian paintings line the walls of this enclosure 

Intricate statues and devotees getting their blessings by the Indian monks as they murmur spiritual incantations and sprinkle by holy water onto them are not to be missed! I watched closely too :D


Not gonna show you anymore – you have to see for yourself!

So here's a photo of the staircase as we head back down to the foot of the hill again


David – my Swede buddy and I having a refreshing coconut drink after the climb


Insane amount of pigeons were still around!


Cave visitors and devotees often buy food to offer these pigeons



I shall now award this t-shirt to a specific someone




Amongst the flock was a rather aggressive – AND HUNGRY – monkey


Who I felt was rather indignant that they get all the food and he doesn't


He took some for himself


Correction : took ALL the food to himself


And the birds soon surrounded him. Hah! You're outnumbered now, lil monkey 😛 😛

It was quite the spectacle, if I do say so myself. A funny sight to see although eventually, more visitors started to bear them more food. That certainly put an end to the food wars LOL!


Batu Caves has never failed to be an experience for me.

Neither will it ever be for anyone – both believers or non-believers! :D


Here's to hoping that the paintworks on the Lord Murugan statue will be finished and the scaffoldings will be taken away by the time I bring le boyfie to visit. He arrives Malaysia in 3 days!! *eggcited*