This just in!!!!



I just found out something that will really make everyone go WOWWWWWW WOWW WOWWZAAA!!!

Because it sure made me go WOW too πŸ™‚



Yup! You heard right, Reload & WOW

Unbelievably outrageous rewards to give away!



  This is a promotion by Celcom XPAX which rewards all their prepaid customers with a total over RM20,000,000 worth of prizes πŸ˜€ Now, how generous is that? Awesome pawsome!


All you have to do is to reload a minimum of RM20 in a week and you'll be guaranteed a prize, fo shure!


20 million bucks worth of prizes babehhhh!!! πŸ˜€
 Ka-ching $$$$



Here are some of the prizes that are potentially yours with each reload you make :

  • RM1,000 Cash (limited to 1000 customers)
  • Vodafone V541 mobile phone (limited to 100 customers)
  • Free Friends & Family SMS/Voice on-net (validity from 1 Day to 7 Days)
  • Free AirCash RM5
  • Free Mobile Internet for 1 Day
  • Free Airtime from RM1 to RM15 (valid for 1 Day)
  • Free Minutes to Celcom network (from 5mins to 60mins, valid for 1 Day)
  • Free Call Me Tones (for 1 month)
  • Free MMS (from 20 to 3000, valid for 1 Day)
  • Free SMS to Celcom network (from 20 to 3000, valid for 1 Day)

Full details at



Very attractive, right? πŸ˜€ And the best part is, it's a guaranteed thing that you'll defo get a DIFFERENT PRIZE each week!      

Which means it's better than a gamble yo    So exciting! You won't know what you'll get till you actually geddit. It's like those jackpot machines mannnn



Quickly now, let's go reload our prepaids! On the double! πŸ˜€

This fab promo is only valid till the 10th October



I don't know which prize catches your eye the most, but if it's anything that will make me keep aiming for, it's gotta be this :






For my free airtime, I would randomly call home just to surprise mom and dad… all for free! πŸ˜€

And we could "pou chuk" on the telephone for so long that it would make their day! Whee


And of course, if I win that thousand bucks in cold hard cash, there are plenty of things I'd do.



Imma break it down to you.

First, build myself a vault full of coins worth 1000 bucks and dive/swim in it πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Second, get my 4th ink done on the back of my neck

Third, shopshop till I dropdrop!


So, chopchop! Let's get reloadin' our prepaids. Thanks to Celcom XPAX, 20bucks is all we need to get a motherload of those outrageous prizes! πŸ˜€ Have fun and good luck!