How was your weekend everyone? 😀


I headed back to give my family a visit and while I was browsing through some piccies, I realized that I long for another well deserved holiday so much! Well, MATTA Fair will be up and running next week and I just can't wait to choose the awesome packages there.


So lemme recap my weekend in Langkawi with the boyfie Josh some time back 🙂 Realized that I haven't blogged 'em yet!



Departed from Swettenham Pier in Penang Island with the ferry.

Camwhored like crayyyyzeee!



When we reached, the first place we hit was the beach! 😀



And decided to photobomb each other in the midst of narcissism


it wasn't planned! Bwhahaha

What a coincidence


Fast forward!

After playing in the sand like lil kids, it's time for some extreme sports 😀


Motorboating yo!

That thing can go almost 300km/h yo


Took a ride! The seas were vicious but we still managed to squeeze a piccie

Thankfully, the speedboat didn't topple over!



We were speeding ala too fast too furious! Right in the middle of the rough waves

Take a look!



Josh superfreaked out lest I drop the camera into the deep depths of the sea




But I didn't lor!
 All safe and sound


Here I am acting all macho like I own the waves!

Bwaaaahaaha 😛



All done with riding the seven seas :P

What an adrenalin rush!



This overdue holiday was done at the start of 2010!

That time, my red highlights of 2009 had faded off already


Let the rain fall and wash away our writings in the sand!


Chilled out more at the beach and walked along the stretch of bazaars! I went absolutely bonkers shopping for sun dresses, bikinis, hair clips and whatnot!


And then nightfell. Had a good night's sleep back at the hotel



And before we knew it, it was the next day! A whole new day of activities lies ahead of us


Went for a traditional Chinese massage!



I did the reflexology! Ima fan of foot massages, in fact in every island I visit, the reflexology is a MUST do! 😀

Here I am getting tortured LOL



When you're laden with stress, I'm certain it'll hurt pretty bad!




And here's Josh getting himself tortured as well

I mustered whatever Mandarin I can to get the masseur to massage him harder! 😛



Did some shopping and dinner thereafter


Awwwwwww adorable max!!


And how can we forget, chocolates!

Here are some of my faves… Guylian's seashells


Dinner at a seafood restaurant! Langkawi's pretty fehmes for its seafood

Loved the Pineapple rice there too! We had calamari, fish, soft shell crabs and much more



Our last night at the beach.

Thought it would be nice to sit warmly by the bonfire


And it was huge!!! 😀

Not to mention extremely glaring too


A beautiful arsenal of fireworks made their way through the nightsky

The display lasted for almost 5 minutes!



Headed off to the Bird Paradise park the next day

So much birds! I had fun feeding 'em too





And it was time to go off already!

Time seems to stop whenever you're on a holiday ey. 🙁 🙁


Goooooooodbye Langkawi!

We'll be back again for the fun, the booze, the beach and the seafoooood!



Short weekends trippin' are the best way to renergize yourself for a brand new week ahead.

This year, I'll be heading to Pangkor Island, Tioman Island and Bali if everything goes smoothly as planned!


*crosses fingers*