He made her a promise that your love for her will be everlasting and this relationship will be forever.

That pledge carries the weight of the world. But he had to be somewhere else… for a while.


She held on to the promise until she couldn't hold on anymore.

One can only have this much patience. She's only human.


And then, there's another. Let's call him Mr. New Boy.

They look happy together. Unlike the former, the latter could always be by her side. 


Oh dear. What's the safest bet?



Now that he is back, should she cut off ties with Mr. New Boy to fall back into the arms of Mr. Boyfriend?

OR should she go back on her promise with Mr. Boyfriend to start a new life with Mr. New Boy?

OR should she just not choose and let nature take its course and see what happens next?


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Episode 3


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Episode 2.



So after all we’ve seen in the long distance relationship between Amy & Nick and his promise to her, it's plain to see that he is very committed to their love and loyalty.

But what about her? What if she doesn't feel the same… anymore?

Now… there's Joe.



Whatever her decision is, it's her life to live. Ultimately, she shouldn't need to be answerable to anyone.

Whatever makes her happy will channel her next step.


But on the hindsight, it’s obvious that keeping in touch is extremely important.

Despite being busy, dropping a short & sweet message just to say hi or a quick chat with each other wouldn't take too long, yes? :D


Uh-huh. Overly Attached Girlfriend agrees. 


In this digital era, everyone is connected via data.

Instant messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, WeChat, LINE, BBM and even Social Media's private messaging system like Facebook Chats, Twitter DMs makes a world of difference! ;)

This is why it’s always important to fuel up on data to constantly stay in touch with all our loved ones to maintain the perfect relationship.


That being said, may the best man win.

Or, she can just two-time both LOL. Not that I condone that but it's still a valid option LOL


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