Aaahhh!! So yesterday I came across some flyers about the MATTA Fair and was stoked looking at all the affordable prices!

I even put it up on Facebook and Twitter and gosh, you guys responded very well 😀


Looks like lotsa people in the hauz are yearning for a holiday just the way I do too.

Here are some pictures from my last holiday which I miss so much!


Looking all touristy in the middle of a busy street!

LOL with a map summore


And here am I in some ancient Rome lookalike place! 😀


So yes, I wanna go on a holiday again really baddddd! MATTA Fair officially begins today and I can't wait to get my hands on those good deals before anyone else takes it all up! Because I'm kiasu like that P 😛


And guess what? I found some awesome promos on Mayflower Tour's flyers and Imma share them all with you! Their Free & Easy tours covers ALL 7 continents like OMG 😀



Okay so.. where do we go first?

Since I'll be heading over to Melbourne next year, here's the deets on Ozzie which I've found.


So cheap!! 704 bucks for a 4 day tour zomg 😀



So what's next?

This one really sparked my attention though


Holidaying in Paris for about a thousand grand ONLY 😀

*thumbs up*


Hmm oh! Like some of my friends, if you're planning to travel the European countries for some sight-seeing, or to ride a strange creature, say… a llama, or experience snow…



or if you wanna hook up with a hot European dude like my Norweigian friend above, then European countries is the way to go! 😛

Here, Imma share some with yall


Super worth your bottom dollar right?

Don't say I didn't tell yall 😀



Oooh and and, since I'll be also heading to the UK to visit the bestie Joyce somewhere in the 3rd quarter of next year, here are some of the packages which I found really worth the money!


Yup, this is the one I've been talking about on Facebook. London for roughly 800 bucks! Where else can you get that on your own!? 😀


And do I hear Hawaiiiiii babeh!!? 😀

Fabulous for honeymoons. The prices are really rock-bottom. Melikes.


There are just so much more countries available for tour by Mayflower, but I can't possibly show you EVERYTHING lest my blogpost be lagging up your computer! So, you know where to go.. the MATTA Fair is gonna be held at The Mall, KL (opposite PWTC) from today till Sunday at 10am – 9pm.


Don't miss out, okay? 😀 You wouldn't wanna see your potential vacations flying out your window!


Good thing we've got Mayflower Tour the holiday and travel specialist to kautim all our holidays for us



Oh and before I forget, lemme share with you a few more.. closer to home ones!


I'm honestly sick and fed up of the same TWO people telling me "Ohh don't go! Dangerous riots!" over and over again each time I mention that I wanna go to Thailand. I declined different groups of friends THREE TIMES to tour Bangkok and Phuket because of this -__-

And everyone went without me, enjoyed themselves and came back with great memories 🙁 🙁

But thanks to Mayflower, I can take their words, stick it up where the sun doesn't shine and go ANYWAY 😀 😀


No worries! Thailand's political situation is very stable (and peaceful) now. So hey ho, let's go!


I wanna go also!!!!! 🙁 🙁

Very tempting lor! I think imma go tomorrow and buy the Bangkok one already.



Amongst all the holiday destination deemed islands in Malaysia, (I think we have 7 if I ain't wrong) Pangkor Island is the nearest to me!

Yup yup, it's located in Perak so it's only a 2 hour drive from our capital, KL City


Most likely, Best Western Marina Island Resort is gonna be my crib for

3 days and 2 nights sometime next month 🙂 🙂



Can't wait to check out that place and share it all with yall!

You can head to Mayflower's booth during the MATTA Fair and check out their promos of only RM78 per person (twin sharing) inclusive of breakfast yo


It looks so gorgeous from the pictures already, I wonder how it's really like inside! 😀

Well, I shall find out soon



Gosh. All this holiday talk is making me itching to purchase some already for this year-end and also next year! 🙂 Why, I've some travel packages in mind already *grins* I hope you have yours too.


Where? Mayflower's booth at The Mall, KL (opposite PWTC)

When? 2nd September  – 5th September 2010

Time? 10am – 9pm



Looks like my T-Rex is all up and ready to go on a holiday already!!

Down boy 😀 😀 We'll get our bags packing soon, I promise! 😀