Have you ever been challenged to do something ordinary, BUT in a very extreme, out-of-the-ordinary way?
Well, I might just have.

A few nights ago, I was asked to up my game and to take a challenge in sharing this competition with you, dearest readers, and to produce a video of myself playing badminton – as creatively as I can.


Taking a short break during the shoot.


Truth be told, I am no skilled badminton player, but I’ve had my fair share of badminton almost every week during Physical Education lessons back in school and of course, the once in a blue moon, casual badminton session with my family.

So I suppose it is safe to say that I can play badminton quite decently, should my skills not betray me. I might be rusty!


The next morning, I had to borrow a badminton racquet and a few shuttlecocks

from Mr.BFF and we began shooting it over the weekend.


I gave it a long thought on what video I'm going to come up with, for my own version of upping my game.

Considering the fact that I often push myself to the limits and up my game with every gym session, I decided they were of similar nature which I could relate too. Combining these two together would be a brilliant idea! (At least to me, la :P)

After more than an hour of shooting and several hours editing + rendering the footages & video, here’s a VLOG and the video I managed to come up with:


Hope you like it!


Everyone in the gym were were giggling and giving me awkward stares. The nicer ones were asking what this was about, so I had to explain, as I was causing quite a racquet in the usually-quiet gym. (Haha. Geddit geddit?)

Now, I'm contemplating posting up a compilation of blooper footages that didn't make the final cut. It's so ridiculously stupid, I can be such a monkey sometimes.



So, that was how I upped my game. What about you?
Produce a creative video that shows your passion for badminton! It’s time to put your thinking caps on.

Watch the few teaser videos here to get your creative juices running.


I personally LOVE the Badminton in the Dark one.

Major madness!


Prove your worth by taking this challenge at www.AxiataCup.tv!


Show your badminton skills (or lack thereof!), your creativity, showmanship, any unique talents you possess or anything badminton-related that exemplifies your passion for badminton, for a chance to win amazing prizes.


  • GOLD: Cash Prize Winning of MYR 5,000
  • SILVER: Cash Prize Winning of MYR 3,000
  • BRONZE: Cash Prize Winning of MYR 1,500

All winners also get:
An exclusive ‘VIP experience’ to attend the Semi Finals & Finals of Axiata Cup 2013 all happening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 13th and 14th of April 2013, as well as gifts from Axiata & their sponsors of Axiata Cup 2013!


Good news for my Indonesian readers!

If you win, this prize includes return flights

from Jakarta, Indonesia to Kuala Lumpur for two (2) people.


So that was my version of how I upped my game.

What’s your meaning of ‘Up Your Game’ in badminton?


You decide. It’s your turn now.
Have fun while you’re at it! I surely did LOL.


Check out the teaser video below!


And for your submission, here are just some extra pointers… just for you! wink



Upload your video at www.AxiataCup.tv. Contest ends on the 25th of March 2013.
Be sure to get your entry up by then! Winners will be announced on 9th April 2013.

So, keep your fingers crossed and all the best, dear readers!