Oh hey! It's the month of June already.

If you ask me, this year flew by really swiftly. Before I knew it, we're already almost halfway into the year 2013. 

Where did all the time go?

Hmmm… maybe getting starting my new job made me feel like time had fleeted by so fast.


Cold days at work. When the advertising industry debilitates me whole by the end of the day, all I can do is to curl up with my fave mug of hot chocolate


As keeping busy takes up most of my time, my days aren't as dreary and long as it would probably feel if I were to be jobless or bored at home with absolutely nothing to do. To be honest, I do miss being bored sometimes. 

I could only wish for more hours in my day. blush

My life is so fast-paced, especially this year, that I don't even have the time to feel bored anymore! 

Masaku betul2 berlalu dengan laju sangat. Alangkah baiknya jika kita mempunyai lebih masa setiap hari? Katakanlah 30 jam sehari berbanding dengan hanya 24 jam. Lebih banyak kerja yang dapat diselesaikan dalam satu hari dan perkara akan dilakukan secara jauh lebih berkesan, kan?


Ahhh, wishful thinking at best. 

Anyway, this week was relatively mundane with a sprinkle of colour towards the weekend. Okay, recap! wink


Daily trainings and awesome post-workout meals.


It was upper body: chest, shoulders, back and arm day


Made organic fusilli pasta bake with honey glazed eggplant, carrots & tomato,

tossed with grapeseed oil, basil and cottage cheese.


Rolled wholegrain oats with soy milk, banana slices and golden kiwi

Organic brown rice with chicken chunks, button mushrooms & flax seeds,

steamed in spring onion, garlic-ginger-onion-herb paste made from scratch! 


Tonight's outfit of the day.


Was invited to Longchamp Paris' Exclusive Preview of their Fall/Winter collection.

Full blog feature soon!



May 29, 2013 | Amazing new release by #Longchamp #Paris! Here are my favorites from their 2013 Fall/Winter collection! ❤ by imthejessicat on Keek.com


Randomly, just randomly, I'm vaguely aware of how my sense of dressing has mellowed so much. Ugh.

Although sexy tops, tight skirts, mini dresses and belly bearing tops still appeal to me, I noticed a paradigm shift in my taste in clothing as of late – probably since the beginning of the year. I have to admit, this "change" scares me a little.

I think this means I'm succumbing to the ravages of time and age. OH NO. 

Aku rase aku sekarang nih dah makin tua. frown Jadi, tidak hairanlah apabila aku semakin berpaling kepada cara berpakaian yang lebih klasik ataupun sedikit sebanyak konservatif, jika berbanding dengan fesyen yang biasanya aku dilihat memakai.

Nowadays, classy high-cut tops, demure outfits, long dresses, classic, elegant pieces and the corporate OL (office lady) look strikes my fancy. Umm. really Jess, since when?

What happened to that wild, partygirl look you often portray? surprise


Date night out in the city. We chose El Cerdo KL Spanish Restaurant, Changkat Bukit Bintang


We had tapas. Gambas Al AjilloCalamares (above) and A La Plancha (below)

Loved its freshness and mild but delightful flavours!




May 30, 2013 | #Night outs! #Dinner in the #city. Drinks by the #bar ❤ by imthejessicat on Keek.com


We also met up with some friends for a bit of Wednesday night partying 


One person is missing from the picture! I guess I'll have to photoshop bestiePam's head in LOL


Bumped into an old friend, Anu, from Penang!

We were squash players back in high school


Excuse my vanity. I don't usually have the time to doll up laugh


Take two.


I have a new addition to my arsenal of gadgets now. Say hello to my new sexy white thing.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Camera heart


Fancy some cat pictures for the start of the week?

What you are about to see is my furkid, Chivas, in compromising positions cheeky



The weekends finally loomed closer; about time it did!

Friday night saw me packing my bags and heading up to Ipoh to spend some time with the family for the weekend.


We had a sumptous family feast. Japanese dinner at

Zento Sushi @ Festival Walk which left us full to the brim and beyond satisfied.


Full blog feature/review coming soon!


Being away for the weekend didn't deter me from carrying out my routines.

Here's a makeshift circuit I did at the porch of my home.


Oh, this Ipoh trip marked my first time boarding the Electric Train Service (ETS) from KL Sentral Railway Station.

I came to a conclusion that I didn't want to drive two hours to Ipoh and another two hours back. I just can't be bothered, really.

The train ride was incredibly smooth and gave me a pleasant experience!

It was punctual – arriving on the dot! yes

The carriages/coaches were clean, spacious, comfortable and had on-board entertainment (hurray for Mr. Bean!) to boot.


Instead of spending a taxing two hours squinting into the distance when I drive at night and speeding (being me, admittedly) down the highway at 140km/h, all I had to do was to get to the railway station, board the train, pop up my laptop and do my work or leisure for the entire two hours.


Arriving with zero stress.


Sounds like a much better option, no doubt! yes

Thumbs up to Malaysian public transportation! 

Architecture-wise, I was pretty impressed by how the railway station looked.

Fringing the railway tracks were high-rise horseshoe and orgee arches plastered in white. It had this British heritage look and feel to it.



You know the concept of crisp-looking whitewashed buildings of moorish designs, pairs of columned porches, symmetrical windows flanking the main, arched entrances?


Yeah the whole train station boasted that entire notion; and I loved it.



It felt as though I was stepping out of the Hogwarts Express train into London's King's Cross railway station.


Before I got too carried away in my reverie, I stopped myself from running into the wall in hopes of traversing into a secret, hidden platform to Hogwarts HAHAHA.

I'm deluded like that.


On our way to the Ipoh Railway Station



Jun 2, 2013 | Whilst on our way to the #Ipoh railway station to head back to #KL #city! by imthejessicat on Keek.com


Farewell, Ipoh Railway Station. I'll be back!


The sunset on the way back was breathtaking

This photo does no justice to the deep vermillion, purple and crimson hues that illuminated the evening sky


Theboyf and I decided to pig out and grab some Mexican cuisine for dinner upon arriving KL.

Actually, it was his idea. We were starving by the time we arrived the city.


Chilis Grill & Bar Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre



The Chicken Club Tacos were superb! 

Wrapped inside the tacos were grilled mesquite chicken breast, ancho-chile ranch dressing, diced tomatoes, mixed cheeses and lettuce served with chopped beef bacon and black beans.yes

Eating it left me wanting more. It came so juicy, the chicken was tender and it was a perfect burst of Tex-Mex flavour with every bite.

We also tried their new starter, the Spinach Queso.

Those tostada chips were warm and crisp, to be dipped into a spinach-cheese dip and house-made salsa. Just heavenly! yes


So that's a wrap! Here's to hoping your weekend was just as eventful as mine. 

Have a good seven days ahead heart

I'm going to leave you with a song that's been stuck in my head for as long as ever. Sharing is caring wink



Much love,



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