Hi lovelies!

Here’s a short announcement that I’d like to share.

I was recently invited to attend the LIVE LIFE LARGE LG Blogger event this Saturday morning at The Curve to check out LG's latest and coolest invention yet!



This is held in conjunction with LG’s roadshow to promote the world’s first 84-inch Ultra High Definition 3 Dimensional TV.

Wait, what? Not just the regular Full HD that we all know but ULTRA HD? And… 3-DIMENSIONAL as well? Whoa. Technology's certainly soaring in this television right here. surprise



From the looks of it, I reckon the new LG Ultra HD TV has the technology and looks to put all televisions to shame.

What I look forward to the most is of course, the vivid and crisp visual display it is capable of producing. 


With a finer resolution (4X higher than existing Full HD TVs!), I foresee my series and movies to be coming to life with the loud, built-in speaker system as well as ultra-details and ultra-clarity from its 84” gigantic screen.

Can't imagine what It'll be like watching from FOUR SCREENS conjoined! yes

Gee whiz! And here I thought a 42” TV was as big as televisions can get! blush

I can’t wait to get up close and personal with LG’s impressive 84 inch HD 3D TV and witness its wonders with my very own eyes



Imagine watching National Geographic on this new TV. Whoa!

I can only imagine how crystal clear and sharp those animals and nature will look on its display.


Looks like I’m all geared up for a cinematic experience this Saturday already!

Pretty excited, as there will be fun activities, games and prizes by LG to be won. 


I could get lost in my television yes


By the way, everyone is invited to the 3-day roadshow. Yes, it is open to the public!


What? LG Ultra HD 3D TV Roadshow

Where? Piazza @ The Curve

(That open air space beside the fountain in between The Curve & E@Curve)

When? 7-9th June 2013 (10am-10pm)


So drop by this weekend to check out and admire LG’s magnificent, new 84” Ultra HD TV for yourselves… especially if you’re thinking of getting a new telly for your crib or replacing your ratty old black box of a television. wink

See you there! laugh



For more information on the new Ultra High Definition 3D TV by LG, you can:

Log on to their website at: lg.com/my

Visit their official blog at: lgblog.com.my

LIKE them on Facebook at: fb.com/LGEMalaysia