Despite being a nail art enthusiast, I am hardly the type of girl who would book herself a nail spa or manicure-pedicure session.

Why? You ask. Perhaps I prefer or am pretty used to doing it for myself, on my own, all this while?



But guess what? My visit to Amante changed my mind entirely.

My lovely french manicure with a pink twist courtesy of Amante Nail Spa & Body Care


enlightenedTRIVIAenlightenedCan you believe that I used up my  pocket money (meant for buying food in school) to buy myself a fashion magazine when I was only a kid of fourteen just learn how to do a DIY manicure-pedicure? I then forked up more pocket money to buy myself the kit and little tools needed for a home nail spa. 

Yeah so that’s where all my money went. Sorry, mom!

Thanks to the lovely team behind Amante, I was invited to try out their Nailtek Spa Manicure and Pedicure session.

They were celebrating friendship that month itself. So I brought along bestieJoyce to enjoy this session with me!heart

I picked their Bangsar outlet as it was the nearest for both bestieJoyce and I

Walked up to the 1st floor where Amante’s outlet was located

The moment I entered Amante, I was wowed by the warm and subdued concept of its premises.

A Victorian interior design, mahogany flooring and ornaments such as chandeliers, floral armchairs, vased flowers and velvet footstools were in sight.


P/S The balloons and the strings were from the party Amante threw the day before.

We arrived slightly late due to the Sunday traffic jams but wasted no time in choosing the colours we wanted for our nails.

There was a wide array of colours by O.P.I available but we bolted to the reds and pink hues.


After checking out all the palettes available, we decided on what suited us best! laugh

I took my pick heart

The friendly staff of Amante then ushered us to the nail spa room.

It was spacious, warm and cosy.

We then took a seat on the giant armchairs and propped up our legs in sheer comfort.

Let’s begin with mine first, shall we? smiley


Hello! laugh This is Jessicat reporting to you from Amante.

STEP 1: Aromatic Salt Scrub

The first thing they did was to rub an aromatic salt scrub all over my hands and lower arms.

This aimed to remove all dead skin – leaving it soft and smooth.

STEP 2: Lotion

She applied a generous amount of lotion and began to massage my arms,

wrist, fingers, palm and the back of my palm so well!

This is to ensure all areas and parts of your hands are not spared from the moisturizing and calming lotion

STEP 3: Cling Wrap

My arms were then wrapped with cling wrap all the way to my fingers!

This is to lock in the moisure and the benefits of the hand lotion that she applied earlier

STEP 4: 15-minute Heat

My hands were inserted into two big warming mittens radiating with electric heat to allow better absoption of the lotion

I could feel that my palms were sweating inside! It was like a sauna – only for my hands!

BestieJoyce with her pampered feet (more about that shortly) and I (with my robotic hands)

STEP 5: Nailtek Anti-Wrinkle Lotion/Mermaid Mask

A cooling, creamy gel-like and bluish-green mask was applied onto the back of my hands

She carefully rubbed it in circular motions.

And peeled it off after it solidified into one sheet

This mask guarantees wrinkle-lifting effects! She showed me a before and after of my supple right vs my wrinkly left

It was proven true. surprise I was amazed!

My left hand’s turn!

By this time, she had already begun giving the fingernails my left hand a manicure as we were waiting for my right hand’s mask to dry.

Let’s get on with STEP 6: Manicure now! wink


After spraying softener and anti-bacterial liquid, she began clipping my

excess/hardened cuticles and pushing the rest of the cuticles in

She also got rid of any dirt trapped beneath my nails before

 filing my nails down to a very neat squarish-oval shape

With the colour of my choice, she applied two coats of O.P.I’s Peru-B-Ruby nail polish onto my nails.

I observed the way she painted my nails. So meticulously smooth and quick.

Hey, I could take a lesson or two from her!wink

Empty nails vs pretty nails! And we’re not even halfway done yet smiley

Applying it onto my right fingernails now

I opted for a French Manicure but I honestly dislike typical French manicures bearing a boring, nude colour which didn’t at all jive with my gregarious personality. So I asked if I could have a dark pink base instead of beige. 

To my joy, she said it would be no problem! devildevil


Here we go! heart

She applied the white tips so neatly and swiftly that it was so interesting to watch her do it!

She then wrapped up the entire session with coatings of cuticle oil for better nail heath

Thanks Amante! kiss

Now, let’s take a look at what bestieJoyce was occupied with the entire time I was experiencing my manicure.

She was experiencing the Nailtek Spa Pedicure sessioncool


Hi! This was my view of bestieJoyce from my armchair beside hers

The pedicure procedures done on her feet were similar to the ones done on my hands during my manicure.

But here are the photos anyway! For the photos taken from Joyce’s angle, respective photo credits to her


I spotted her feet being soaked in lukewarm water in the very beginning and scrubbed with the

same aromatic salt scrub for dead skin and callus to be loosened and washed off

The next step, just like mine was to massage the lotion onto her skin

It was also wrapped with clingwrap and later heated up with electric warming booties

When it was all over, it was time for the manicure

Clipping, pushing in the cuticles and filing them to the desired toenail shape

It was time to paint her toenails!

She chose O.P.I’s Quarter of a Cent-cherry

A happy Joyce with to-be pretty toenails once its all done and shiny! laugh

All done and cuticle oil was applied! Leaving it to dry now

Our colours are almost similar but hers had a more metallic shine to it

I loved my dark pink French manicure so much! heart

Wished it could stay like this forever. Maybe I will return for a gel manicure for a longer-lasting one? wink

Two very contented girls. Thanks for a wonderful Nail Spa experience, Amante! heart

We headed off for lunch nearby soon after our session to continue our girly day out laugh

We’re darn busy people. But we do make time to meet up! I’ll be seeing her again for dinner tonight

At night whilst at dinner with theboyf Konzy, I couldn’t help but to vaingloriously admire and show off my lovely nails

Hey, it isn’t everyday I walk out of the house with beautifully done nails, right? wink

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To book your appointments at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care (Bangsar), you can:

Contact them (phone number): 03-2287 9089

Drop by their outlet (address):

28A-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi,

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

It isn’t too hard to find! It’s right above Pusat Pakar Wanita Bangsar (Women Specialist Centre)

FYI their opening hours are: 10am – 8pm (Closed on Mondays)

For more information and updates about Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, you can:

Visit them on their website/blog at:

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