Ohai lovelies! It's Sunday again.

Feeling a little sleepy now but here's my weekly edition of The Sunday Times, as promised!


Apart from cooking & eating (LOL I sound like sucha fatty!), studying & working, I didn't do much fun this week except…

THE FREAKIN' WEEKEND! Friday night let's geddit on!


DOUBLE outfit shot! Guess where we're all dressed up to go?


Future Sound Asia presents David Guetta LIVE in Malaysia!


Our World #1 DJ made his 4th stop right here in Sepang International Circuit during his Asia Tour 2012 with special guest DJs Alesso & Kaz James. I had my mind completely blown away that night. 

We went with boyfieKon & two of my buddies, Larry & Sabrina. Major thanks for the carpool too! 


We truly enjoyed ourselves raving away like no one's watching!

*Full blogpost coming soon*


Dinner date with boyfieKon at a Manhattan-townhouse inspired restaurant : Ben's KLCC

Food was terrific! We had Mum's Cottage Pie, Wild Mushroom Quiche & the Roasted Tomato Soup.


I would fully-recommend the ones we had! Food & ambience deserved a 5/5 rating from me 

However, the service was deplorable (Foursquare was right!) The waiter & waitresses (except one) were hardly attentive towards their customers and even forgot to serve us our Chargrilled Rack of Lamb which we ordered along with our other meals – to which he gave 101 excuses as to why it wasn't jot down. 


Moving on…



Had my first ever swimming lesson thanks to Swimin12! Check 'em out 

I am now actually able to swim properly/correctly instead of paddling like a drowning puppy


Corporate outfit again. This time, to attend a rather corporate/business/formal event in KL city!


Congratulations PETRONAS on the successful launch of your

first solar photovoltaic installation system! *Full blogpost coming soon*


Having many massive solar panels – largest in the region, mind you! – on the rooftop of our iconic mall KLCC Petronas Twin-Towers allows electricity to be utilized from the sun's natural solar energy to power up the building 

So proud of my country & its efforts of going green with effective sustainable development!



On a random note…



Had been waiting for months on end for the season finale to premier.


Outfit of the day! Donned a smart-casual yet edgy wear tonight for…


The official launch of Samsung's latest tablet-smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II

I was impressed by the really cool features & user-friendliness! *Full blogpost coming soon!*


This week, as usual, spells being domesticated & self-sufficient again. 

Yup, cooking healthy, low-calorie food strikes again!

Fluffy Omelette with Old El Paso salsa, tomato ketchup & lotsa ground black pepper!


Black Peppered scrambled eggs with Tuna Chunks, Baby Romaine Lettuce & Oregano!



Oh and yes, I discovered a new-found love for beans in my cooking escapades. 

Yup, lentils are the way to go! Full of protein & fibre 


Haricot Beans baked in tomato paste & rock salt, Romaine Lettuce, 

Omega Eggs, Oatmeal flakes with lots of Thyme & Oregano!



Stir-fry garlic Iceberg Lettuce & Moroccan Chickpeas 

on buttered Wholegrain Toast + Roast Carrots glazed in Raw Maple Syrup


Middle-Eastern style Chickpea Stew with Spinach, 

Carrots, Basil & a Sunny Side Up Omega egg!


Combo Salad of Iceberg Lettuce, hard-boiled Omega Eggs, Steamed Chickpeas, 

Onions, Mashed Tuna & Ranch with Tomato ketchup & Parsley!


Sounds good? I had so much fun in my kitchen cooking all those delightful, healthy bites :)

Speaking of which, I just returned from doing some grocery-shopping at Jaya Grocer


Some of the foodstuff that will keep me going throughout next week!


My apologies for the delay in certain overdue blogposts, will have them up throughout this week & the next!

I have an exam tomorrow & during the little time I was ever at home, been trying my best to slot in the most study-time I could. Can't believe I had to forgo my gym trainings all week too. Bummer!:/


Pretty short edition tonight, I've really gotta go! Imma burn the midnight oil tonight to make sure I'm well-prepared for tomorrow's exam.

Have a superb seven days ahead, dear readers! 






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