I'm still buzzing from Friday's massive David Guetta rave! My body hurts all over, but the pain is oh-so-good.

You know you've been to a hell of a wicked party when you wake up with a sore neck & shoulders, painful calves & aching arms. Friday night saw more than 20,000 revellers at the Paddock Parking of our famed racing circuit, the Sepang International Circuit.


I'm ready for a night of mayhem!



Didn't feel like lugging my DSLR camera around as I planned to party the hardest.

So all the photos in this blogpost are taken by the iPhone 4S 


Selca while waiting for boyfieKon to get ready – one of the rare moments I'm

ready before him because I've got so little clothes on LOL :P


When it rained all day on Friday, I was fully prepared to rave the night away away nonetheless.


Double outfit of the day!

I chose a rainbow-coloured coordinate while boyfieKon wore his comical Futurama tee


Come rain or shine, the show must go on, yes?

But thankfully, the EDM gods must've heard our plight & stopped the rain before the event even began!


I headed down to Sepang with boyfieKon along with my buddies Larry & Sabrina.


The crowd


We missed local electro-techno DJ Xu & Australian DJ Kaz James' set upon arrival. Bummer! :/

But we managed to watch the full set of Alesso, David Guetta & our homeboys DJ duo Blink & Goldfish. 


The very second I arrived, I put on my Ray-Bans & dived straight into the raging mosh pit, as usual!


What's a rave party if you sit at the sidelines and not get down raving, jumping, shuffling, headbanging your heart out? I just had to. The atmosphere was beckoning me – couldn't resist! 



We were trying hard not to get pushed and shoved even more when we took this photo! :D


Shakey shakey!


boyfieKon and I at the crazy mosh pit! 



Alesso was spinning while I was springing along with full gusto!

The energy in me was roaring to go all out tonight.



I went beserk when 'Raise Your Head' was playing LIVE before me.

Oh Alesso!! 



Met up some friends at the mosh pit and I was so stoked! :D

What are the odds? Bumping into your friends in a sardine-packed crowd of tens of thousands?


Buddy Hisham was one of them :D


So glad to bump into buddy Anis at the mosh pit!


No, actually, we didn't bump into each other 

She called to ask where I was and managed to squeezed through the violent mosh pit just for me!


Major love for my girl, Anis 


I was actually surprised she was here!

Looks like there was more of a partygirl streak in her that I didn't know :P


More camlovin'! 


boyfieKon joined us :D



Friday night was also the first time I heard 'Every Chance We Get We Run' – a collabo between Alesso & David Guetta – which you can check out on the latter's latest album : Nothing But the Beat 2.0.



Alesso dropped many familiar tracks including all his original tracks and shot us to the sky with the mighty ones that clinched the #1 spot on Beatport!

Do you remember which ones? The atmosphere was uplifted yet again with 'Years' and 'City of Dreams'.


Milkyway backdrop!



I looked up to the sky, raised my hands and sang (screamed, actually!) along to the beautiful lyrics.

Don't know about the rest. I was flying high as a kite to take notice of everyone else around me.



But I'm pretty damn sure everyone else enjoyed themselves during Alesso's set. I know I did 


Loving the cityscape backdrop!



He ended his 1.5 hour set with crowd-favorite, 'Calling (Lose My Mind)' – a 2011 collaboration with Sebastian Ingrosso, paving the way our main headliner, David Guetta to steal the show.

We yelled for an encore but Alesso didn't return :/


While waiting for the next act


Moving on….

David Guetta's entrance was nothing short of dramatic. See it for yourself! 



The helicopter-chopping sound effects & background music of his grand entrance reverberated from the giant sound systems surrounding the rave zone, invoking much suspense and anticipation from us all.

Thousands of us were chanting, "GUETTA! GUETTA! GUETTA! GUETTA! GUETTA!"


Finally… our World #1 DJ made his debut appearance in Malaysia!



He kick-started his 2 hour set with 'Titanium' featuring Sia which shot us all into a delirious frenzy.





I then started live-tweeting the songs he played for my friends, readers & followers who were unable to be there!



The first 5 songs Guetta performed were :

'Titanium' feat. Sia, 'She-Wolf' feat. Sia and a remix of 'Quasar' by Hard Rock Sofa, 'Sexy Bitch' feat. Akon and 'Craissy 2k12' by DJ Obek.



The moment I heard the very hint of 'Metropolis', I went absolutely crazy! 

I loved the song so much. It was a collaboration between Guetta & Nicky Romero



A colossal burst of shimmery confetti then filled the night sky as David Guetta dropped a deeper, pulsating beat to move our feet.

He sure had the bass tomelt the face!


Silly selca with confetti paper which landed on me


I traversed into a state of ecstasy and raved like no one was watching.


LOL candids that boyfieKon snapped



Being amongst an exuberant crowd jumping in unison felt like we all came here for one sole reason.

To gather in the name of EDM and muster all our energy to rave the night away 


Guetta's crowd interaction was fab. He even jumped onto the DJ console and jumped along with us!


Among the rather touching and heartfelt things he said was:

"I'm so happy to be able to be here and play for you for the very first time"

"This is my first Asian tour. Looks like tonight is going to be the best night and the biggest Asian tour I've done. Over 20,000 people. WOW! Thank you for making it so special"



At one point he even brandished his French flag and waved it in the air!


Guetta also pumped up the crowd with his original tracks 'Sexy Bitch' feat. Akon, 'Love is Gone', 'Bad Girl'. 'Without You', 'When Love Takes Over', 'Turn Me On'. 'One Love, 'Memories' feat. Kid Cudi, 'Where Them Girls At' and a truckload more!

Other songs he remixed were 'Fix You' by Coldplay, 'Apologize' by One Republic, and I Gotta Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas among many others.




Some of Guetta's older songs actually reminded us of our late teenage years where those famed songs will be blasting non-stop in all the clubs every weekend. 

FLASHBACK!  Think 2009's 'Sexy Bitch', 2007's 'Love is Gone' and 2009's 'When Love Takes Over' 



We sang along with him when his track went "I'M DAVID GUETTA, BITCH!" instead of "I'm in Miami, bitch!"

I found that very amusing; he was chuckling while playing that too. We could all see his smile from a mile away!



Here's a video I made of the event. Do watch it! I've spent quite a while on it :)

Watch out for the parts where David Guetta spoke to us in the crowd & jumped right on to the DJ deck with the explosion of sparklers and confetti bursts!



David Guetta & Alesso LIVE in Malaysia 2012. Enjoy! 

As Guetta clocked in his last 20 minutes of his set, boyfieKon and I decided to withdraw from the crowd & *finally* help ourselves to some ice-cold Heineken, hang out with some buddies and get a comfy place to sit down.

I didn't realize we've been standing & dancing for more than 3 hours! 


Hisham & us


Steve & us


Ben & I


Fireworks shot away from the stage and sky-rocketed into the air several times as David Guetta's set came close and closer to the end. It was magnificent! 

Looks like boyfieKon and I made the right choice to sit back and enjoy the more laidback crowd at the back lounging around compared to the insanity of the mosh pit.

Got an official photo taken for us! :D


Goldfish & Blink took over right after as the closing act of the night. They dropped various tracks by Hardwell, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Knife Party and many hours in their 1 hour set.

The DJ duo also included a never-heard-before song booming from the speakers. It was 'Flags', their latest, original track produced in collaboration with Sidney Samson.

It's not out yet, but we all heard it first! 



Here's a little snippet to how it sounds like


We left soon after Goldfish & Blink finished their set. 

Wasn't looking forward to throng through the crowd all leaving at the same time but we made it.


We had some dimsum at Jalan Ipoh thereafter… and its good night to all!



So yes, that made my Friday a notch more exciting than usual. 

Raving & soaring to progressive, house & trance amongst 25,000 fellow EDM-ers.

A night of world-class DJs spinning, an impressive stage set-up & lighting, and good company.


Bring on the next rave! 


Thank you Future Sound Asia for a phenomenal night!