Wake me up when September ends, you say? Well… the time has come!

Tomorrow marks not only the start of a new week, but a start of a new month as well.


Yup, it's OCTOBER! *throws confetti* 

Anyway, my week has been a very pleasant & busy one. I was back in Penang for a few days to visit my folks. 


Outfit of the day!


If you're wondering if I'm dressed more smartly & corporately than usual, I am.

Mom and I attended a High-Tea buffet event at G-Hotel organized by The Star. Full of who's who in the business & corporate world, mom hinted that I should probably dress the part as well. LOL!


We had delicious sweet and savoury high-tea meals in a platter on our table.

My fave was the mussels served in a spoon! They were so juicy 


And then we did some shopping at the adjacent Gurney Plaza right after. Just like old times.

It's one of those mother-daughter things we used to do, back when I didn't move out of home yet.


Having a good night's sleep with my Lavender essential oil from The Body Shop after I returned to KL

Mom somehow got me into the whole aromatherapy burning thing again.


It's quality times like this, that I miss immensely about home. I guess home is always where he heart is.

We must not forget that while we're busy growing up, our parents are growing old as well


Okay, enough nostalgia. On to the more adreanalin-pumping, body-rocking stuff, hey? 


Did Monday's routine at the gym in our clubhouse, Bukit Jambul Country Club Penang


Imparted some fitness tips to mom too. She's a great gym partner – at 50, mind you!

I swear, when I hit half a century, imma be as fit – if not fitter than – she is. Hats off to this lady I call my mother!


Burning approximately 500 calories after my cardio & workout routines kinda gives me the munchies.

I have a knack of indulging in VERY sinful food as well. But no matter, at least I burn them off almost everday.


Triple Cheese Mozzarella Garlic Naan from Murni @ SS2, Petaling Jaya


You think that's bad?

Wait till you see this. Oh and if you care, I'm also eating a rich Chocolate Fudge cake now as we speak.


It's the Double Down by KFC!!


Yup, it's here… it's finally here! The KFC Zinger Double Down 

BoyfieKon and I ate this in Australia sometime last year. I think I might dedicate a blogpost to this! :P


One of my godsistas came over to hang out & spent a couple of days with me.

Guess what we did apart from having dinners, doing our assignments and shisha-ing?


I brought her….. to the gym LOL


Part of Thursday's routine


This week, I am thankful for my cat

My prized possession. My bundle of joy. My forever-attention-seeking fluffball. My affectionate little boy.


No, he is not at all as fierce as he looks. He wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Chivas is the most docile cat I've ever known.


I guess babyChivas inherited those traits from his purebred Ragamuffiin/Ragdoll mother 

If I ain't wrong, that breed is well-known for their innate characteristics of having a very placid temperament.


Confused babyChivas as to where I'm taking him LOL


Brought him to the vet for his usual check-up.

Gotta make sure my boy hasn't got any dysfunctional illness or caught any diseases from anywhere!


Look at the new Witch Hat scratch post mommy & daddy bought for you! 


Came across this while surfing the web. Caught my attention and reduced me to giggles,

I can already think of a number of people whom can relate to this haha! 



Yup… better not marry someone like that.

Lest you have kids that go..




If you're a gamer and feel the need to smash my head on your grime-filled keyboard and sweat-laden mouse after reading this, don't. You won't score any points or go to the next level if you kill me

Obviously, I was joking. I've dated a few gamers before in my life & they're pretty cool, nonetheless.


On Friday, I caught sight of a very exciting yet dreamy-like spectacle in the night sky. :D

As I live on the highest floor of my condominium, I was lucky enough to have the kaleidoscope of colours and fireworks in my direct line of vision.



I honestly wondered though, what's the occasion on the 28th September ?



So pretty! I just couldn't stop spamming my shutter button!


Check out this pretty cute song by a Swedish artist.



Song of the week! Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers


 Although it is very unlikely of me to actually fancy an Indie Pop song like this, this is an exception. It was introduced to me by one of my French buddies. Stuck in my head since then! :D


Today is boyfieKon's birthday! We had a splendid celebration 

I bought him an Arnold Palmer wallet and double-buckled belt. Gave it to him at the stroke of midnight!


Could tell that he absolutely loved it! :D I'm glad.

Plus, he has this uncanny liking towards the smell of fresh, new 100% leather. LOL


Headed to The Apartment-cum-Malones in The Curve for a simple birthday lunch.


Outfit of the day! American Invasion 


The birthday boy had Jamie's Duck Pasta Fettucine 

I had Grilled Chicken with Creme Fraiche, Spinach with Dill Mash *highly recommended!*

Wouldn't recommend the Chicken & Mushroom Pasta Spaghetti that Pam ordered as it was rather bland to her


We finished off (or rather, started!) with the Chocolate Brownie

I'd have it again, it was that good! 


At night, we adjourned to our table-for-two affair

BoyfieKon & I proceeded to Concorde Hotel KL for the birthday dinner which I planned secretly just for him.


Outfit of the night!

Drew a little inspiration from Playboy Bunny


Last year, we celebrated his birthday in a full Playboy Bunny & Suit Up party in Melbourne!

So… that kinda explains why I wanted to re-live a little of last year's moments. 


Ordered their best-selling Chocolate Fudge cake & had GANGNAM BUFDAY KON deliberately written on it


It's an inside joke.


Dinner was simply marvellous. I cannot thank Concorde Hotel KL enough for our wonderful evening 

 *full blogpost coming soon!*


That marks the end of my seven days this week. What does October have in store for me?

October? Geez. I dread to be reminded that it's already October. That's two more months till the end of the year.

How time flies, right? Are you any closer to completing those New Year Resolutions already?

If not, you better get your arse moving. You only have approximately 90 more days to achieve that. 


Heading off to the gym now, dear readers




Oh, did you know that Psy's Oppa Gangnam Style has hit the Number 1 spot in the UK Billboard Top 100, making it the first in Asian music history?  Now you do 


Much love,





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