Have you heard?

Paris Hilton, along with stars Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, Australian tenor and winner of Australia’s Got Talent, Mark Vincentso, will be gracing the Malaysian stage in January – so I’ve heard from the grapevine.

So… Paris Hilton coming to Malaysia?

No surprise if you see her on our end of the globe, if you ask me.


She does, after all, have romantic-financial ties to our Malaysian tycoon, Jho Low. 



And if this is true, I wonder what her performance will be?Wink



DJ-ing? Hmmm… in my (rather frank) opinion, let’s just hope that socialite sticks to she what she does best, eh? She should totally pop a few more champagne bottles and party it up with us!

Pretty sure she’d turn up the heat…



How many people in the world can attain the bragging rights to say
“I’ve partied with Paris Hilton. Have you?”


Also, imagine rubbing shoulders with her. Yes… just imagine. Wink

Let’s admit it… she IS indeed a glamorously hot platinum-blonde bombshell.


And if the rumours of her debut in Malaysia is really, really true, you know, your star-signs have aligned and I could hook you up with a few exclusive, invite-only passes to the Party of the Century. Cool


Ladies! This could be you beside Paris Hilton:


I’m not gender biased!

Gentlemen, this could be you:


Yup. I’d definitely would want a selfie with Paris Hilton herself. Big Smile



I’m not joking. Or maybe I am? I’m rather keen to go there myself too..

Because really, how often would you catch Paris Hilton in the flesh?



Actually, I do know why. Laughing


After so many mixed and contrasting opinions all around the world about her DJ-ing,

I would honestly want to hear it and judge it for myself.



Stay tuned to find out how 20 of you can come along!