Speed blogging from Ipoh right now as we speak.

So I drove back to Ipoh – in the goddamned rain! – last night to attend an event right after an event in the city. 


ELEVATE hits downtown Ipoh @ Sensation of Sound (S.O.S)!

*Full blogpost coming soon*


Talk about a back-to-back schedule on a Saturday! Geez. But it was all worth it.

Coming back to the place I spent half my childhood in is always something to look forward to 


Heck, it's practically my first time partying/clubbing in Ipoh! 


Was taken to supper after the party! I shall eat what the Ipoh-peeps eat :)


Popular for their Bak Chiok (baby octopus) & Yuet Gong Hor (Raw Egg "Moon" Koay Teow noodles), Restoran Tuck Kee along Jalan Yau Tet Shin is the place to go.

We also had Braised Chicken Feet – I didn't eat it but the others did! – , Herbal Boiled Eggs & Pork Balls

People patronize them during dinner and it's also the to-go place for "after-clubbing" hours.


Coming back to the comforts of home means being spoiled by comfort food as well.

A gift from granny. Kieldsens' original Dannish butter cookies! 


Discovered excellent news that made the raver in me jump for joy!


The legendary God of Trance music, Armin Van Buuren will be making his way to Sepang, Malaysia for A State of Trance (ASOT) 600!

Mark your calendars fellow EDM-kakis, for March next year will be so fun!


Cuddles & playtimes with my babyChivas 

He's the best cat in the world, my one & only –  I love him to bits! 


If you can ever read this, lil one, mommy loves you a whole lot

So what else did I do earlier in the week? Let's see..


Woke up early to have quite an elaborate breakfast Tuesdate with boyfieKon

at La Bodega @ Bangsar Shopping Centre


I fully recommend the Club Sandwich, Big Breakfast and Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon on Toast.

It was sucha hearty breakfast and much chattering over coffee & hot chocolate. 


Tues outfit of the day! Casual with an edgy hint on a day out 


Fri outfit of the day! Played it girly with a childlike, Japanese touch. Matched my iPhone with my outfit too!


Oktoberfest with the buddies! 

Drink up on a Friday night to kickstart the weekend 


Made Organic Wholewheat Durum Spaghetti with Roast Chicken,

Button Mushrooms, Chopped Basil & Asparagus for dinner


Breakfast like a king! Had O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar @ The Curve

The Big Club Sandwich & Classic Triple Decker Sandwich were real winners! 


Brunch! Fruit & veggie platter of mangos, watermelon chunks and celery


Dinnertime. My fave mix of oven-roasted Zucchini, Baby Potatoes, Australian Carrots, Pumpkin,

Shallots, Garlic and a generous amount of Rosemary & Black Peppercorn seeds


Dinner again! Organic Wholewheat Durum Pasta Carbonara with Broccoli,

Button Mushrooms, diced Carrots with lots of onions! 


Replaced cream with a healthier alternative – a nice blend of low-fat yoghurt, egg-whites & milk.

And when I do decide to eat out, Japanese food has always been at the top of my list.

Check out the Grilled Gindara Codfish in Teriyaki Sauce I had at Sushi Zanmai @ The Curve


Another one of my all time favorites – the Caterpillar Maki Roll, also from Sushi Zanmai 

Can't ever say no to Grilled Unagi (eel), Omelette & Avocado 


Imma let you in on a little secret 

You know how I always share the healthy, clean food that I either homecook or when I eat out, right?


Truth is, that's as close as I can actually get to my ideal diet.

A whole lot of my sweet-tooth snacking, overindulging & unhealthy food enters my system too. 


Hey, I'm only human – just like you.


But the very moment I've set my mind to propagating health & fitness, by inculcating this idea and motivating all of you, I have to first set an example. 

One always have to practise what one preaches, right? 


And I'm glad I've managed to drive this point home, from the feedbacks I've received and by mere observation. I see more and more healthy eating & an obvious increase of a fitter lifestyle in all of you.


So proud of ya'll! 


My favorite bowl of Mac & Cheese. Just one of the many sins I indulge in. Don't we all?


I hope this doesn't demotivate you, but rather motivate you even further with the truth.

So don't be discouraged or think you've failed and have to start all over again, whenever you succumb to that burger, pizza, chocolates or nasi lemak – I do too. 



The moment you make an attempt, you're one step closer to your idea lifestyle, ya hear me? ;)


Oh and yes, some good news to share!


I've been invited to a fully-sponsored trip to Cambodia to attend BlogFest Asia 2012 held in Siam Reap! 

Simply cannot wait – Angkor Wat, here I come! 


Before I go, as usual, a song of the week for your listening pleasure 

Got this one stuck in my head since last Friday at David Guetta's rave party . 



The lyrics. Just six sentences, but means so much. Just… yeah. 


Have also been plagued by an alarming, inexplicable occurrence in the household that is seemingly responsible for my missing belongings and finding those said missing belongings in the possession of others :/:/


There is a fine line between having absolute trust in someone and

having to believe in the supernatural. I can only choose one. :/


No matter. Whatever it is, I'll have it dealt with. SMILE! That's all for this week's wrap-up.

Have a lovely seven days ahead of you!  I will too.


Sleep well, ladies and gents. Let your dreams take flight *yawns*



Much love,




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