Look, mom has just bought herself a new phone and I deign to tell myself how envious I am of her!

 Well, actually I shouldn’t feel so as I currently do not have any fond liking of any cellphone in particular. I still love mine.. sorta.. until my eyes fell on this gorgeous pink beauty yesterday whilst out shopping.

How lovely!

Uhmm.. Christmas is coming. uh-huh.. yep, Christmas is near….uhhmm… Have you gone Christmas shopping yet? well.. it’s just around the corner rite? Uhmm.. indeed it is! *winks to whom it may concern*

JIngle bells Jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun
It is to…

Alright, cut the crap.

Brick is officially 1 years old. Yeah uhmm.. for those of you in confusion as to whotha heck Brick is, it’s the name of my dear cellphone – W810i. The name is indeed apt for him/her/it because him/her/it has gone through more shit than any brick at a construction site.

Happy Birthday Brick!

Him/her/it dropped on the floor, pavements, sidewalks, roads innumerable times, gotten wet a beach parties, gotten scorched at my outdoor events, gotten ignored during my exams, gotten in extreme close proximity of my sweat in the gym and had grown accustomed to my many idiosyncrasies of handling a cellphone. Yet it still remained steadfast and loyal by my side. Impressively durable if I do say so myself.

I thank you, dear Brick.. for not reporting me to your council. I would be charged with a death penalty for the way I mistreated you.

Oh and for the record, Brick had been taking all the lovely pictures you see in my blog!

You make me laugh all the time too!
I love you Brick for keeping me entertained with your technological features!!
Exhibit A
My sleeping cousin. Isn’t delightful how Sony E cellphones have such amusing frames?

Look at Exhibit A in particular